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  1. PractiScore for Nook BNRV300

    How does it do in the bright sun? Is it temperamental in hot weather and rain? The idea sounds good and I'm familiar with the Amazon Fire operating system. I went with the Nook because it is so easy to see in the bright sunlight.
  2. PractiScore for Nook BNRV300

    HELP! I purchased a Nook BNRV300 Simple Touch Reader to get familiar with the match set-up process. The procedure to install PractiScore is WAY beyond me. Can anyone help with contacts, step-by-step instructions, or alternatives for setting up my Nook---that a 66 yr. old Luddite can understand?
  3. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I agree...but I think it will be difficult to keep them out of any sport (or pretty much anything) as the technology progresses. It would probably be a good idea to start thinking, now, about how they could be used safely and un-obtrusively. (I think the awesomeness of the video from their perspective will be very appealing to a lot of people.)
  4. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    One word...Drones.
  5. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Not trying to hijack this thread but to expand on the "competitors on the COF" issue, scoring and resetting behind an active shooter seems to be OK. I have witnessed situations on several occasions (one where I was shooting) where people were subjected to increased risk...especially when the COF did not lend itself to "active" scoring but the RO allowed it anyway (per 9.6.2). The real issue isn't the confusion, the elimination of the scorer from his true function, the squabbles, and the re-shoots...it's the disregard of safety for expediency.
  6. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    Just so I'm clear: MR location is the Start location, Barrel or table starts will, logically, have a different MR and Start location, Written permission in the WSB for additional steps to take a sight picture is not permitted, (??) The RO could grant some movement away from the Start location under but not for a sight picture. Once the "Make Ready" command has been given, the competitor must not move away from the start location prior to issuance of the "Start Signal" without the prior approval, and under the direct supervision, of the Range Officer.
  7. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    My confusion could have been resolved with something simple in the rules like"...the RO will designate the Make Ready location..." But since it doesn't say that, I see the need for a practical application of discretion on the ROs part in determining the MR location. I get it. As I said, if this is the general practice...I'm good. General area of the Start location. Couple of steps to get a sight picture…all good. Thanks all
  8. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    I agree...I always just MR where I'm told...no big deal. The question I'm asking is not how to deal with this situation as a shooter but, is the RO acting within the rules when he requires you to move to where he wants...it's just about the rules. I've never argued a call as un-important as this on the range, but I think it's appropriate to discuss it here on BE in the spirit of the rules.
  9. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    Do you think you were told to "step out" for the purposes of safety...because if it's not safe to make ready behind that wall, it probably isn't safe to draw and fire your pistol from that location. And, as far as expediency, the RO just added a couple of seconds to the MR time. What if you had decided on your own that you wanted to MR at that location and the RO said, "No. You have to MR at the Start location." That's happened to me in the past and it did get into my head (for a few seconds). Not a big deal but, where's the rule that takes the discretion away from the competitor and gives it to the RO when there is no safety or expediency issues in play.
  10. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    Since the time factor has been mentioned three times, I began thinking about it. How much time would actually be wasted by the few shooters who chose to Make Ready away from the Start location? Even if every shooter chose to Make Ready 10 seconds away from the Start location it might increase the total match time by around 15 minutes (10 sec. X 15 shooters/squad X 6 stages = 15 min). Now, realistically, only a few shooters will want to do the "remote" make ready, so it would probably be less than about 5 minutes of extra time. I think good stage management between shooters...resetting, scoring etc., is where the real time is saved. That, and good stage design, avoidance of re-shoots, and avoidance of un-needed controversies. Trying to eke out a second here and there between the MR and the RIC commands might look like an unnecessary effort on the part of the RO. I figure it's the ROs responsibility to maximize efficiency between shooters and let the shooter use the time he/she needs. That said, I don't think I've ever seen a shooter misuse/abuse his time on the stage. I've always thought that was my time.
  11. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    Sarge, How do you deal with the Open and CO shooters that want to dial-in away from the Start location?
  12. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    And you bring very sage advice to this forum. I, too, cope well with the idiosyncrasies...never really been bothered by the distractions...they certainly aren't what makes me a mediocre shooter! I just don't want to be the RO that does distract someone by not having a good understanding and application of the rules.
  13. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    A very logical explanation/example as to why the Make Ready location is not necessarily the Start Location! Wish I had thought of that.
  14. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    I'm suggesting that you don't need to ask the RO about where to Make Ready...it's the competitor's prerogative since there is nothing in the rules that says "...you must make ready where you're told." And if you need that last look at a target to get a sight picture (or whatever it is the optics guys do), that's where the one-step rule 8.7.1 applies. Then you holster your firearm and go safely to the start location and assume the position...all under the direction of the RO who is applying all rules correctly. I understand this might slow down the match a little but, with all due respect jcc7X7, consistency extends a lot further than "... with all the shooters at your stage." I travel to matches a lot and when one club is doing it one way and another, another way, it gets complicated. That's why this thread...to find out the right way, according to the rules. If the rules say that the Make Ready location is the same as the Start location, I'm good with that...no prob. It the rules say it is near the Start location...also good. If this is the general practice...I'm also good, but I'm seeing that there are several reasonable interpretations and it's a bitch to encounter those during make ready, both as a shooter and an RO. That's the issue here. Is the Make Ready location the same as the Start location? 8.7.1 only mentions the Make Ready location...I'm not sure you can stretch that to also mean the Start location.
  15. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    I couldn't count the times I have made ready from behind the shooting box or away from the barricade with the X's and then moved to the starting location. My reading of is that, once I have assumed the start position, at the start location, I am subject to I've never been called for this and I've never seen anyone called for this. Sometimes it is not convenient to make ready at the Start Location and you are forced to move from the Make Ready Location to the Start Location. I have also allowed optics shooters to take a sight picture away from the start location, at their choice of a Make Ready Location, as long as it is only one step from the "Make Ready" location (8.7.1). When they un-holstered their firearm, following the make ready command, I knew where the Make Ready location was.