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  1. Best glock trigger Hands down

    Forgive my ignorance, but what is the heavy trigger spring? is it the NY1/2?
  2. Newbie question on 135gr rn bayous

    In my experience TG burning brass is normal. TG burns super hot.
  3. Palmetto State AR9

    So what's the remedy for this?
  4. Palmetto State AR9

    Thanks XD I'll give that a shot.
  5. Palmetto State AR9

    I just got my AR9 10.5 pistol(glock lower) together, and first time out with it I'm encountering an issue where I fire, the gun cycles, but trigger isn't resetting. It does this with hot factory ammo as well as my 147 reloads. Sometimes I can go through a whole mag without an issue, other times it does it every other round. It does it with pmags and ETS, I didn't try a glock factory mag yet. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!