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  1. Any love for Guga Ribas gear?

    Thanks for the replies. The adjustability, being able to use for multiple guns, and being able to easily remove the gear without losing positioning on the belt are all pluses for me. It's also cheaper than having multiple traditional rigs.
  2. I ordered a holster/belt/mag pouch combo to use with both a Limited and Open setup. I liked the written and video reviews I was seeing. Any love for GR gear?
  3. Someone stepped up to help

    That's fantastic. Really excellent to hear.
  4. I resisted as long as I could and bought it myself. Pick it up tomorrow.
  5. New Member writes expository prose

    Welcome to the forums. It's always nice to see another sporting clays shooter join here. What shotgun(s) do you use? I had a DT 10 and Blaser F3 but didn't shoot them better than my Browning 725 SC, so I sold the others and bought more pistols!
  6. 9mm major spreadsheet

    Thanks for the clarity and posting it. It's nice to have for comparison's sake. I know I'm going to try 115 and 125 blue bullets with WAC in the 7.0 range.
  7. 9mm major spreadsheet

    Nothing specific and I know what I'm going to start with. In some online searches, I kept seeing references to a big spreadsheet on these forums where someone had worked up a lot of 9mm major data. The spreadsheet above has a lot of info but no WAC. Seemed a little odd as it's one of the commonly used powders.
  8. 9mm major spreadsheet

    Thank you. I'm really surprised that there are no loads with Auto comp. Was there a spreadsheet that had AC loads?
  9. 9mm major spreadsheet

    I'm looking for that spreadsheet that was here and the search engine didn't find it. Well, it sent me to some old links here but they didn't seem to work. Was all of the testing that was done captured somewhere that I could access?
  10. Were do I start

    I highly recommend some kind of light on the press. I reload in a room with no windows and the lighting is not great. I use this light in my 1050 and love it. https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/lighting
  11. Hindsight is 20/20

    Yes of course. Local talent can be an incredible source of wisdom. I know there are many forum members here who mentor others at their local ranges. Some of them I've corresponded with and they have readily shared their knowledge. That's awesome.
  12. Open or limited holster question

    Makes sense to me. Thanks.
  13. Hindsight is 20/20

    That's exactly my plan...well, a big part of my plan. I was talking to Steve Anderson and he recommended getting training sooner rather than later. One could say, that's Steve's biz so of course he recommended it. I see it more like Cha-Lee said and that's exactly what Steve said to me. He spends a LOT of his time undoing what people have done to themselves without realizing the issues they have created for themselves. I plan to spend a couple of days privately with Steve this year...in addition to dry fire, match experience, training materials, etc. Steve said let's make a plan that will save you years of trouble. I'm ALL for that. It's actually a very reasonable investment from my seat. I can see myself doing that once a year. I'm wired to look for the most efficient way forward. I know good coaching can accelerate me. There's no substitute for having experienced eyes to guide you.
  14. Double Alpha Alpha-X holster

    Anyone switched from Guga Ribas to the Alpha-X? How would you compare the 2?
  15. Open or limited holster question

    The Alpha-X looks great and reviews are good. With the adjustments being good, are some of you using it for both Open and Limited? Or do you find yourself getting separate rigs for each?