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  1. Which Division?

    I already am but I also work 12 days out of 14 which doesn't really leave myself much time to get out there
  2. How much do you spend a year on shooting?

    After reading all these, makes me think I'm interested in the wrong sport! lol
  3. Which Division?

    Still working up the nerve to enter some local events while practicing my dry fire lol. One day
  4. 9mm OAL

    So good news: I was able to get out to the desert today to test my first batch of homemade loads. 9mm, 124gr Bayou, 4.1gr N320, OAL 1.140", CCI small pistol primers, mixed random brass Shot out of a CZC Shadow Target 1. Did not blow myself up! 2. All loaded and ejected just fine 3. Was hitting steel from 10yrds as well as i normally do so i assume no accuracy issues (will have to do a formal benchrest accuracy test) 4. Loved the recoil impulse (may just be me trying to convince myself that these are better than factory) Overall, major win and it was quite fun for me to witness success. Thanks all for the help in this thread. I learned quite a bit reading here from you all.
  5. 9mm OAL

    Sizing up the OAL with only one round in the bullet seater position gave me consistent 1.140" OAL. However when running the press in full progressive mode, the OAL jumps all over the place giving me that variance. A short run of 20 consistently produced an OAL of 1.149". What gives? I assume that the press isnt fully pressing down on the boolit when all stations are running
  6. 9mm OAL

    Also, is there such thing as "too much crimp" for 9mm? for these first 50 rounds, I was going off some random youtube video that stated you want to get a decent crimp on 9mm with the Lee FCD. I can see that right on the case mouth is a tiny lining of what I assume to be crimping and it flows pretty smooth from the bullet to the case with minimal nail hangup. Then I come on here and read about how you shouldn't crimp 9mm, and just run it into the die enough to "remove the bell". Am I gonna blow myself up with crimped 9mm rounds?
  7. 9mm OAL

    I should clarify that I purchased the CZ Shadow from him lol. I'll take a look at the link. Thanks!
  8. 9mm OAL

    Hey all, Pretty new to reloading, just setup my Dillon 550L with Lee 9mm Dies and got some load data from a member here. He recommended 1.14" for my CZ Shadow. How precise does this need to be? When I did a run of 50, I found the variance to be from 1.135" up to 1.147". Being the OCPD type that I am, I went back and resized them all to 1.140 +/- 0.002. Too much? Thanks
  9. One or both eyes open while shooting?

    My eyes are pretty messed up and I learned to shoot both eyes open initially.. now doing the tape trick while dry firing and i feel it help my accuracy and still allows me that "situational awareness"
  10. Greetings and salutations

    Welcome aboard! Really awesome that you fixed up his Dillon 450. These Dillon presses last forever!
  11. New Guy from AZ

    North Phoenix area Ive been shooting my M&P9 and VP9 for a few years now.... just picked up a used CZ Shadow from a member that has all the works done by CZC. Its a very nice weapon with roughly 6lb DA and 2.5lb SA. Looking forward to learning to shoot this beauty well
  12. New Guy from AZ

    Hey all, Been shooting casually for about 8 years now mostly into tactical defensive training and SHTFantasy stuff but really looking at getting into the competitive scene to hone my gun handlings skills and push myself. I bought Ben Stoegers Dryfire Reloaded and setup a mini home range to start practicing. Haven't had time to get out to a match yet. Looking forward to meeting some of you out there - Michael