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  1. CZ Shadow 2 Discontinued

    It's not actually fake because model# 91254 and 91256 are technically discontinued
  2. CZ Shadow 2 Discontinued

    Oh ok I see it now. B_RAD is correct. The part #s 91254 and 91256 were nitride only (black and blue grips respectively) 91257 is the new part number for Shadow 2 and it's nitride with polycoat on top.
  3. CZ Shadow 2 Discontinued

    http://cz-usa.com/product/cz-shadow-2-black/ Says discontinued in 2017. What gives? I thought these were pretty well in demand still. Is there gonna be a new gun reveal at Shot Show in 5 days?
  4. MSA Sordin Ear Protection Availability?

    you guys are making it really hard not to grab a pair from SRS tactical lol. Whats the difference between the Pro and Pro-x?
  5. MSA Sordin Ear Protection Availability?

    Hmmm... I have howard leight impact sports for years without issue (on long range days, I try to take them off as much as I can to let my ears "breathe"). Tax refund is coming back with some $$$ and thinking about upgrading my gear a bit. Those with the MSA Sordins, are they really worth the price tag?
  6. Triji RMR RM07 Verified Dot Size?

    This is the biggest difference to me. I originally got my Trijicon RMR 3.25MOA dot and thought, dang thats a large dot. Then I put on my glasses, and it's way way way smaller than I originally thought. Sucks to have astigmatism Thinking about laser surgery in the near future.
  7. SIG P320 striker force?

    Federal primers are my go-to, but if I dont have any on hand, I like to go with Winchesters. My buddy's P320 hasn't had any problems with winchester primer-loaded rounds that I've made for him. I can normally find winchester anywhere.
  8. Is a draw and one shot drill helpful for competition

    eh, I agree with the rest of the guys who say draw + 2 would be better practice as you can look at your draw + 1 shot time (on the timer), and also keeps you honest with a good grip for the 2nd follow-up shot. You can get a decent draw+1 time just from indexing on a "not so good" grip, but that second shot will let you know if your grip is rock solid.
  9. fiber optic rod

    Interesting thought lol. I generally pick red as i also use RMRs with red dots on other weapons (benelli M4, AR15), so a glowing red dot = go for me
  10. Whats your favorite coated bullet

    Bayou bullets, but have heard good things about Blue Bullets. Next order gonna be with Blue unless someone can absolutely sway me otherwise?
  11. Best Place Online To Buy

    TacTrainers looks sweet, but man are those targets pricey lol
  12. Sight Tracking Issue

    I get that, but is my thumb placement and resting it on the left side the issue?
  13. Sight Tracking Issue

    Hey all, Ok so I've been trying to figure this out for a while and it's killing me. When shooting my CZ Shadow, the sights track nice and smooth, nearly vertical up and down with that glowing red hot fiber optic. Being that it's a full metal gun, my own reloads 9mm with 124gr barely making PF, the recoil is quite tame. I was shooting around with my buddy's new M&P M2.0 Compact using factory ammo and the sights were manageable, but kept tracking up and to the right. Made it more difficult for follow-up shots. Can't figure out why it's going up and to the right. My grip is thumbs forward, and I rest my support (left) hand thumb on the slide/frame. It could be that I am pushing against the slide/frame during shots which is causing the front sight to drift to the right during the recoil impulse (but this doesn't happen with the CZ, at least not to the extent that it does on the polymer framed M2.0 compact). For all you that shoot thumbs forward, are your thumbs touching the handgun at all? I would assume so, but maybe I've been doing it wrong this whole time. Trying to figure this out. Thanks
  14. fiber optic rod

    Red works well for me, but now I'm intrigued by that link above and might do some experimentation lol
  15. Length of timer delay for training

    I use random 2-5sec delay just to give some variance while I'm practicing alone. I use 2-8 when practicing with buddys to throw them off