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  1. Tactical Sport accuracy

    I thought those were replacement barrels, I'll have to call CZ Custom and find out about them, thanks for the help.
  2. Tactical Sport accuracy

    I didn't know they made match barrels for the CZ, where can I find one? Thanks, Dave.
  3. Tactical Sport accuracy

    What powder and charge are you using to get that Jmo2011?
  4. Extended firing pin

    Just received my firing pin from Cylinder & slide, .510, so I hope my problems are solved. Thanks for all the help, Dave.
  5. Tactical Sport accuracy

    They're right at 1120 god. I also found when my rounds got to 1100 fps,the group started to tighten up. I was thinking of trying a 125 gr. Hornady jhp, I'll probably load some up before I go to the range again.
  6. Tactical Sport accuracy

    I'm using my own hand loads of 4 gr. Of VV320 with a 115gr. Hornady JHP. The accuracy is pretty good, but if there's anything I can o to make it better, I'd like to get it done now. Thanks for the quick reply.
  7. Tactical Sport accuracy

    I shoot my 9mm Tactical Sport in NRA action pistol, and a PPC league, and want to know if there's any work I can have done to make the gun more accurate? I've already installed the Cajun 10x bushing. Any help is appreciated, thanks, Dave.
  8. Extended firing pin

    I received my apex firing pin yesterday and it measured .491, I hope that's enough of a difference.
  9. Extended firing pin

    Bosshoss thanks for the info, I'll try ordering one from Cylinder and slide.
  10. Extended firing pin

    Thanks for the help, just ordered the pin from Apex.
  11. Extended firing pin

    Just measured mine at .490, so I guess I would benefit from an extended firing pin. Any suggestions? Where would I be able to get a .510? Thanks for your help, Dave.
  12. Extended firing pin

    I bought a used revolver and wanted to check if it has an extended firing pin, Would like to know how long extended pin is so I can compare it to the one in the gun. Thanks, Dave.
  13. Small primer 45 cap?

    Thanks for the help, Dave.
  14. Small primer 45 cap?

    Is there any reason to stay away from small primer 45 brass? Starting to shoot a 45 in an informal league, would make reloading simple. Thanks, Dave.
  15. Bianchi 2017

    DWFAN thanks for the info.