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  1. Jeremiah's Ladder

    First week of early drills, work, classes. having a hard time budgeting my time. may trim PT back a bit, cant afford to trim DF. movement note: . been trying to break runners habits of long stride efficiency and momentum and instead get to short, quick steps. Found out my foot placement is partly whats holding me back. Distance running needs a mid-foot landing, roll, push off using ball and toe/calf muscle. I didn't have time to put on shoes this am did df barefoot, and found if I nearly tapdance across the ground on the balls of my feet, I can move surprisingly fast, change direction at will, and still remain steady, topside. It looks goofy as heck but who cares if it works. Will continue to experiment with this.
  2. For sale or trade

    In before the lock! DOOD... its works for me.
  3. Such thing as too heavy gun?

    Interesting. Do you find yourself overtransitioning without the weights, or are you still able to snap right to target during matches?
  4. Jeremiah's Ladder

    Canadian. As you said, Australian is no longer available.
  5. Jeremiah's Ladder

    parts for the gun came in Saturday, back on a proper DF routine. Practicing reloads on a stock 1911 has improved magwell loads noticeably Ran off and chrono'd a range of loads in Clays, VV N310 and Bullseye. Long story short, my 4.3 Clays load I've been running turned out an average 829.6FPS over 20 rounds with a SD of 26.9. Just slightly above PF. Loads were run indoors, over an Oheler 35P, 2' spacing between screens and incandescent illuminated diffusers Had the overhead lights turned out. Chrono was 10' from bench, 30 from target, and shot from benchrest. I cant get more consistent than that. Wasn't happy with the feel or PF of any of the other 9 loads tested, will play with them but keep what I've been using for now. I may have found that my COAL is contributing to my load failures, rounds are hanging up on the edge of the barrel and indenting the case. May be better off tweaking the length, not the load. case dings: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5qCNf6Yn9axb2JJajBEOUJCRzQ2ek9TX1NqNjFJSlUxdzdB burnt brass: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5qCNf6Yn9axZVduRFNJVWdkODNEajdrNm9sWS1RU0VpOE9j PT progresses, been bad about my runs. Up weights last week, good progress
  6. Such thing as too heavy gun?

    To summarize every answer to every question I've seen in USPSA so far: 1) consult the rulebook 2) more dryfire According to the appendix in the rulebook, there's a 43oz limit in singlestack for example. The rulebook should tell you the weight limits and anything else you need to know for each division. https://www.uspsa.org/document_library/rules/2014/Feb 2014 Handgun Rules.pdf That said, theres a subjective difference in weight and performance "feel". I shot a commander length 1911 just fine, and when I finally bought a proper 1911, the extra half pound seemed like I was trying to move a '74 Cadillac on transitions. spending the last month dryfiring basics with that gun, and now it feels almost normal. Any new gun will need to be "relearned" I suspect.
  7. Jeremiah's Ladder

    DF note- no reason not to practice mag changes while waiting for the parts. worked in an hour of mag changes on the old commander last night. Didn't realize how sloppy I had become until I tried practicing w/o a magwell. I may start doing no-magwell changes in the morning before leaving for matches...
  8. Jeremiah's Ladder

    Thanks for the suggestion. I only went with clays to begin with as everyone kept suggesting it as the end-all-be-all of powders. Probably going to move to one of the faster of the Vihtavouri powders, or at worst, back to Bullseye should this next chrono session not work out.
  9. Jeremiah's Ladder

    I have, but in less than optimal conditions. Looking to remedy that this week. I'm concerned I'm close to the powder mfg's max load already and may switch
  10. Jeremiah's Ladder

    I'll have to check the book when I get home but 200gr plated RN over 4.3gr Clays (Canadian), coal around 1.225, on a CE chrono outside in less than perfect lighting I was getting around 825, but with a considerable deviation, so its right on the bubble. I had been thinking something similar and wanted to test this week when the parts get in. I just finished putting together an Oheler 35P and have run off 20 rounds each of 4.2-4.5 clays to see how they read on a better box. I'm leery of going over the 4.4 max load in the book... I may switch back to Bullseye, unless you can suggest a better powder.
  11. Jeremiah's Ladder

    I had switched out the 16# stock spring with a Wolff variable power 15# spring as the gun was ejecting my lighter loads almost on my right foot. It seems to make for better, consistent ejecting, but seems really touchy about how dirty the gun gets. At that point I was only about 250-300 rounds between cleanings. I am getting some blowback from cases not fully expanding so thats not helping the dirt issue. I'm switching back to the the standard 16# spring for now as the short ejecting wasn't causing any FTE issues. may experiment with lighter conventional springs before trying a variable power spring again, and will be doing some load development with a different powder to see if I can find a happy medium where cases seal better yet keeps a reasonable power factor. I keep a spare extractor, set of springs, and firing pin in my kit. recoil spring plug never even occurred to me.... until it sailed off into the distance. A spare has been ordered along with the replacement Good tip on the spare shoes Thanks for all the feedback and advice!
  12. Jeremiah's Ladder

    8/6 Oxford match - Fun match, good stages. Good squad, lots of opportunities to learn. Slight rain throughout the match, kept the gun covered, realized I left my jacket on the bike. Did not do written stage plans like Mburg, wish I had. Did not move anywhere near as fast as I would have liked, was even slow on the draw and reloads. Not sure what happened, whole day was like moving through jello. Shot well, watched the sights (with two notable exceptions) and got my points. 92A, 3B, 14C 3D. 3 penalties: 1 mike where I lost focus on the target, worried more about forgetting a different target, and one jamfest of a stage where I spent more time clearing FTF's than I did shooting and eventually switched to worrying about the gun rather than watching the sights. Went through 7 mags on a 32 round course. (More on that in a moment). Long story short, no matter what happens I need to stay focused. There's no reason to press the bang switch if I'm not seeing exactly where that round will land. Shot the classifier well (11A,1C), but in an 'average' time. Need to continue working on draws, transitioning with the eyes, and snapping the gun. After the jamfest, I went to the safe area to wipe down the rails & feed ramp and swap the standard recoil spring back in (once the gun gets seriously dirty, I dont think the 15# spring has enough strength to overcome the added friction and strip the next round..). While I was there I managed to launch the recoil spring retainer into the berm. Packed up and informed the RO I was out for the final stage. Order has been placed for two replacements: one for the gun and one for the toolkit. Lessons learned: No matter how many times something goes wrong in a stage, keep your focus on what you need to do. Spare parts are good. Need to really work on movement. Written stage plan worked, bring it back, every match. PT- continues as written. should add more core, back needs work and I need to lose the gut. DF- until my parts get in and the guns usable, no DF. Spend the time this week working on movement, specifically short bursts from point to point, chop-stepping into position, launching out from a dead stop, etc. By the time the guns back together, I'll try to put accuracy and movement speed together.
  13. Sigting in Handgun from Bench?

    when I replaced my front sight recently, I used a benchrest to make sure it was properly adjusted simply to remove a variable. When done, I shot freestyle to see how it was working out, no changes needed, no problems. If nothing else, it was peace of mind.
  14. Jeremiah's Ladder

    PT progresses, work on movement. DF is suffering from a lack of focus. No changes to plan, focus on completing each day as planned, giving it 100% attention. Half-assing DF is a sure path to staying in C class. RO class went well, passed the practical just fine. Need to turn in my exam and get my card so I can contribute. was no match sunday, just a single COF. Have a lot more respect for those who take the time to babysit the rest of us as RO's. Either PCSI Saturday or Oxford sunday (or both) on the fence at the moment. I have the opportunity to further my career and return to school weekday evenings from 6-10pm for the next 6 months. this effectively erases any free time I have for anything other than work or school. I am however determined to train and be the best I can be at this and will be up with the sun to do so as its my only time not taken with professional commitments. Will start acclimating myself this week.
  15. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    They charge tax on online orders if they have a store in your state so either way, The Man gets his cut. too bad they wont let you use "ship-to-store" on primers. Just tried, hoping to get the hazmat fee waived