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  1. Full Size Thumb Safety Removal

    Emailed S&W Customer Service. They're shipping me frame plugs at no cost. I'll be removing the safety as soon as I see the plugs in the mail.
  2. This has probably been covered, so forgive me if that's the case. I'll be shooting my first 3 gun season this year, and going with the 'shoot what you've got' mentality, I'll be shooting my M&P .40 that my dad gave me for my 21st birthday a few years ago until I can afford a 9 Pro. I shot a few mock stages with a local sponsored shooter a month or so ago, and upon my first 'Unload and show clear' he told me that if I intended to use it for 3 gun that most RO's would suggest I remove the paddle safety. He said that most RO's prefer to hear the 'click' of the dry fire after showing clear and that my safety wouldn't allow my gun to produce said click. My question is: Is this an issue? if so will ditching my safety solve it? Also, I heard that S&W will send you plugs to fill the holes for free if you contact them, is that accurate?
  3. New from Middle TN

    Thank you guys. Looking forward to joining the community
  4. I appreciate that. I've had a couple people offer to borrow me one if I'm still lacking one. Part of what's drawn me in is the camaraderie of the community. Hopefully I'll have one by the time the ProAm rolls around, but I'll be borrowing one for the 3Man in June
  5. I got in on the AM side, luckily. It'll be my first major so I'm a little nervous, but my ultimate goal is to have fun! Gotta buy a shotgun between now and then! haha
  6. New from Middle TN

    Starting out I've got a Full Size M&P.40, a bare bones PSA AR that my dad put together, and a Saiga12 (but I'll be buying a tube fed shotgun shortly) I plan to invest in some more practical guns, like a M&P 9mm Pro Series instead of throwing money at .40 all the time, but for now, I'll use what I've got handy. Other than those 3, I've got a Full size M&P 22, a M&P 9c for my carry set up, an old Mosin, and a GSG5 22 I plink around with once a year.
  7. New from Middle TN

    Hey guys, I'm Chase, from Northern Middle TN. Been around guns my whole life but really started to really appreciate them within the last couple of years. Looking to get into some USPSA/3Gun Competition this year, and have been making trips up to Rockcastle Shooting Center to get some practice in. I've got some gear to buy still, but I'm on my way. All of my googling keeps pointing me back in this direction so I figured I'd sign up.