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  1. M3k crappy

    When I hand cycle slowly the bolt will not fully closed when I let it go home empty the bolt doesn't fully rotate thst last bit then when I pull trigger hammer pushes bolt fully home that's where I get click and no bang. with full speed it will close fully. Issue happend before and after inertia spring broke but I'm replacing it today with factory stoeger spring with correct coils to see if that eliminates it. Could be the bolt is bouncing open st full speed I eilll have to shoot some rounds to see if that is the case
  2. M3k crappy

    Gun is 8 months old by now have about 1500-2000 thru gun. Mods are as follows light trigger springs by taran tactical there are 2 of them in not sure exactly which 2 there called. I have opened up loading port myself I think I did a good job. Sanded and polished the magazine tube. +9 Moa tube with moa follower . It happens with all ammo I switched to Winchester AA exclusively and thought I cured problem but it's back I can't find any trends that's what's driving me nuts . I normally run the gun very wet with lube but I'm going to try running it dry at match tomorrow and see what happens. Extractor seems smooth no rough edges. I did have the inertia spring break and replaced with benelli spring which is 1 coil longer because no one had stoeger spring in stock I thought this may be problem but not sure how the system really even works. I store gun with bolt closed usually clean every other match about 200 rounds. All my ammo is 3 dram 1 1/8 oz minimum 1200 but like to get 1250-1300 7 1/2 buckshot. Winchester AA and the cheap Walmart winchester federal not good in my gun I have a whole different issue with that crap which is fte but switching to Winchester fixed that problem. This click problem has happend about 15 times at 6-7 matches so far has cost me many matches
  3. M3k crappy

    Using fp10 lube
  4. M3k crappy

    I have m3k been having lots of problems about to get rid of it seems to work only when it doesn't matter at s match it always goes down. #1 problem is I'm getting the benelli click when I pull the trigger . It's like the bolts doesn't close all the way and not fully rotating into battery and I'm using top quality loads no walmart crap. I use to get fte when I used cheap Walmart federal but since I switched to AA Winchester thst problem is gone but I have new problem any advice before I abandon this gun
  5. Bullets key holing

    Ok cool thank you guys I can't use another brand for a while because I just bought a very large supply of these can possibly sell them off. I will check the crimp I just kept same batch I was running with my glock haven't experimented too much with specific load out of my sti. Also those velocities # I gave were what I was getting out of glock 34. I tried to chrono loads today but battery died as soon as I turned it on.
  6. Bullets key holing

    Getting between 850-880 out of these particular loads. Maybe it's the crimp rsmshot competition is very similar to the way n320
  7. Bullets key holing

    I am having some of my 147 grain xtreme bullets tumble it's only about 1 out of every 20 rounds not sure if this is something I should worry about. I am shootingvthem out of 9mm sti edge these were previously my glock 34 loads. 147 grain .356 xtreme bullets loaded with 3.5 ram shot competition loaded to 1.135-1.140.
  8. STI Muzzle Flip

    Update grip video
  9. STI Muzzle Flip

    Awesome thank you yes I notice a huge gap in that video so I went back and watched video of me shooting my old gun with major loads and there was no gap I think the large magwell is causing me to grip differently than my old gun thst has standard Sti magwell or perhaps this is the way I picked up this grip style while shooting glocks either way I now know what to fix thank you
  10. STI Muzzle Flip

    Here is link to me shooting it with 10# recoil spring it actually feels better than the 9# I will try 11# Friday.
  11. STI Muzzle Flip

    Have not changed my stance I did shoot s glock for the past year so maybe not use to gripping the sti again. The recoil itself feels buttery smooth when shooting compared to my glock but video does show glock staying absolutely flat and the sti getting about 1-2 inches of muzzle flip on video. I just put 10# recoil spring in and will take some slow speed videos today
  12. STI Muzzle Flip

    Have a situation that's bugging me. I recently got an STI edge in 9mm and put in 9 pound recoil spring with Dawson tool less guide rods and 15 lb mainspring. I watched a video of me shooting a match and I'm noticing way to much muzzle flip? The reason this is bugging me is because I use to have a Barsto .40 Sti edge and I would shoot major loads and get less muzzle flip with that gun. Wondering if there is something different in the design between the 2 guns or why I'm getting muzzle rise? Thought maybe I'm just not holding tight because I'm not expecting much kick since it's 9mm. Also thought maybe the grip safety was s little different but surely that can't make that much difference. I'm shooting 135 pf loads with 147 grain with ramshot competition soft loads . Any ideas possibly try to go all the way to 7 lb recoil and up to 10 lb recoil spring