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  1. Gun choice for CO

    Just to be clear, I can't use a cover in Production?
  2. Jager Steel Guide Rod is Difficult to Insert G34

    If I grind the back, won't it slide through the front of the slide? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Jager Steel Guide Rod is Difficult to Insert G34

    Good to know, I'm mainly concerned with reliability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. How much do you spend a year on shooting?

    That's including weekly range time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Newby mag pouch question.

    I'm shooting a Glock and I really like the bladetech mag pouches, I was told to go for the CR Speed because I can use STI mags with them but I figure if I am buying an STI then I can probably afford new mag pouches.
  6. first year USPSA results

    Congrats on beating cancer! I'm hoping to advance to be competitive in B class by the end of the year. Getting there feels easy, putting an entire match together is killing me.
  7. 9MM/ .223 match ammo

    I noticed a huge difference when I went from factory 115 to reloaded 147. The 147 feels a lot more like a 45 recoil than the snappy 9 or 40.
  8. Sighting in Pistol

    Would zeroing the pistol differ from person to person. IE: someone shooting with one eye open vs both eyes open?
  9. Want to start reloading soon!

    How many rounds per hour can I realistically get on a SDB?
  10. Is it better to go with a smaller dry fire target or a larger size at a greater distance?
  11. Trouble with classifiers

    I shoot my classifiers much better than the general stages. I am shooting B classifiers but am a low C shooter. Should I intentionally slow them down?
  12. Carry Optics Mag Capacity Change

    Is there a difference in capacity in the ETS and an OEM with a Taran base pad?
  13. I asked my buddies who have shot for a while and asked which division will make me a better shooter, they all agreed on production.
  14. I thought it was expensive until my 3 gun buddies told me what they spend.
  15. I'm planning on 2 per month.