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  1. SPS Vista 38SC Review

    Hi Sporky I am new to Open too. So I pick SPS because it is at a reasonable price level. I also hope I don't need to work the gun. I do find the gun are "too tight". Not sure what the issue is. I am a CZ guy before I get the SPS. With CZ shadow and CZ TSO, I don't need to work the gun at all. Just pew pew pew. I hope the SPS will just work like CZ. No need to be the best of the best. Just need to go bang every-time I pull the trigger.
  2. SPS Vista 38SC Review

    Okay, my SPS long Vista is finally here in my hand. Shoot it last week. The gun eats both 38 S and 38 SC. Work well with SPS mag. Not that good with tuned STI mag. That may because SPS is a clone of SVI and mag sits differently. For a little more than 2K USD, I can't complain too much. Very good thing about the gun, it run out of the box with my 7.2 CFE load out of the box.
  3. Pressure signs ?

    Thanks Trent.
  4. Pressure signs ?

  5. SPS Vista 38SC Review

    How is Auto Comp working for you? I have hear lots of good thing about Auto Comp, but not seen too many shooter use it in my area. Can you share some info with using Auto Comp? Is it easy to clean? I do not really into getting the gun shoot flat at this time. Just want to make sure it go bang every time and meet PF. Recoil should not be worse than standard gun. :-) Thanks in advance.
  6. SPS Vista 38SC Review

    Campro plated is all we have here in Canada. So far other shooters have no complaints with STI or CZ open platform. Hope SPS will be okay with Campro. VV power is all other open shooter use in my area. But I have 4 lbs of CFE-P, I better use up those CFE before I get into the VV expensive stuff. Planning to load 7.3 gr CFE-P, 124 gr Campro plated, 1.235 OAL.
  7. SPS Vista 38SC Review

    Just purchased one of this SPS long 38 Super. Have not got it in yet. Will see how it work. I am going to load 38 SC, 124 gr plated. Any suggestion? OAL? I am planning to load with CFE. New to open and from Canada