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  1. Carry Optics forum

    I was looking for the carry optics discussion and found this thread. I too am in favor of a separate section. I want to find comparisons of the various "ready to mount" guns that folks are currently using. This would be far easier in a dedicated section.
  2. New to red dot. Help please

    MM is quite right! On the upside, once you get dialed in, it is quick! You really only need to see red intersect your aim point and with good grip you won't miss. Then you will get going so fast that you shoot as the dot crosses your point of aim and will have to learn to slow down again, but that will be a few matches down the road. It is awesome for us with older eyes.
  3. Do you wet tumble your pistol brass?

    My dry tumbler died, so I decided to try a Franklin Arsenal wet tumbler. It works amazing. Inside and out the cases are spotless. Yeah I know, the shine is not required, but it does look great. I don't decap anymore since I bought the brass dryer (relabeled food dehydrator I'm sure) after two hours the brass is really dry and ready to go. I dump the brass from the dryer into a plastic tote and give the top layer a quick blast of one shot and into the redding pass through it goes. I use Lemishine and Armor all wash and wax with SS pins, though after reading the above, I'll give it a try without the pins to see how that works. You can fit a LOT of .40 and .45 brass into the FART! It might take a little bit more time, but I'm really happy with the results. @CrashDodson How full do you fill the drum with brass? What is your recipe without the pins? Do you change it up if the brass is really dirty/muddy? Thanks!
  4. Push Thru Die

    Like many I use a redding on a single stage Lee then on to the Dillon. I did notice that when I switched to wet tumbling I had to use a little one shot to make the cases go through the grx with a reasonable push.
  5. Titegroup vs VV-N320 for 40 cal Limited

    Another STI shooter here that has lost two light tubes to TG. Made the switch to 320 and wow is it clean! The difference in feel is pretty remarkable as well. I switched mags in practice from VV to TG and the TG was considerably harsher to shoot. For me? Worth the price.
  6. Definitely up to the MD. Most would allow you to use the LEO exemption for work gear including the light. If you start winning matches though... :-)
  7. New to red dot. Help please

    I'm Shooting a venom for steel and plates. Follow HPJ's advice or you will spend a lot of time "fishing" for the dot during a match. You can't even imagine how slow that is. With open sights, even a bad sight picture is reasonably close, with a dot, you can see it on the target or not at all. Set your grip on the gun then look at your dryfire target, raise the gun to the target. Slowly move the gun until you place the dot on the target. Remember that feel. Drop your arms down and raise them to the target. Rinse and repeat as often as you can. Once you can look at the target and raise the gun with the dot where you expect it to be, start again with the gun in the holster. Do that every day for as long as you can. Don't stop doing it. Stop for a week and you will loose much of what you gained. You will see, everyone does :-)
  8. So, I shot a friend's tanfo...

    According to posts on a different forum, the grip fitted and all the bits and bobs, runs about $1000. So I can buy a Tanfo elite for very little more than the cost of changing my 2011. Well, except for mags, holster, and parts for the tanfo... Does it still make sense to you Tanfo guys to change the grip?
  9. Very slick, and no scratches from the plastic!
  10. So, I shot a friend's tanfo...

    Thanks everyone! Nice breakdown tt350z. I expected the Xtreme was how everyone describes, but I want to be sure that I wouldn't be missing anything if I go with the elite and polish/kit it up. @v1911 I didn't know that SVI grips were like the Tanfos. I don't know anyone with an SVI, but I'll keep my eyes open at matches. If it feels like the gun I shot, it would be an easy fix. Of course I always like the excuse to buy a new gun, so I may have to do both! Nice gun zx9rt1! What thumb rest are you using? I just had a custom one made for my 2011. I love it! I also like Berry's, I shoot the .40 in 180gn. Intel6: I didn't know there was a Tanfo like grip out there for the 2011, I'll check it out. I'm aware that it would be some work either way, but the feel of that grip felt so very right it may well be worth it. If not, then I'll just keep shooting the STI :-)
  11. So, I shot a friend's tanfo...

    Thanks Johnbu, What magazines/pads are recommended to get the round count up?
  12. So, I shot a friend's tanfo...

    It looks like the Limited Custom is not available here in the states. Bummer.
  13. I shot a friend's Tanfo at the range the other day, and I can't get the feeling of the grip out of my head! I have never, ever, had a gun fit my (large-ish) hands so well. I currently shoot a 2011 in USPSA limited and for steel. But, um... I really want a tanfo now. Not that it will make me a better shooter, but the look and more importantly the FEEL of the gun is really compelling. I have read a bunch of posts on here and elsewhere to try to familiarize myself with the various models, but I'm still a little confused. I think I want a Witness Elite limited. Or should it be the Witness Limited Custom, or the Witness Limited Custom Xtreme? I dunno, EAA has so little info on their website. It also seems reasonably difficult to find these guns. If I find a Limited Custom, what should I expect to have to add to the gun to have a great trigger? Should I buy the gun new, or wait for a used gun? I have read a fair bit about magazine issues, they were older posts. Is there "the magazine" that I need to buy? On the EAA site, the Custom looks like it has a fiber front sight (missing the fiber in the photo), and the Elite looks like a standard fixed sight. How hard to change the front sight on the Elite? EAA seems universally hated for customer support, big deal or does everyone just rely on Henning to sort out issues? Am I crazy for considering this as a possible replacement for my current STI? Thanks for any help or suggestions!
  14. Dry fire. A complete newbe needs tips

    You will want a timer at some point. I used the practice timer IOS free, and it walks you through some drills and malfunctions. Not great, but worth a free download. I printed some targets I found online that are scaled for distance and then cut them from melamine, stuck bases on them and put them around my shop. It gives me targets that I can vary and move for practice. I have the Ben Stoeger dry fire book and it is really well done with lots of drills to practice. You will find all of your questions answered there for sure. You can do a quick search for dry fire and find all the basics, but setting up a daily routine is the way to go for sure. You will notice results just from practicing trigger pulls without moving the sights.