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  1. Who makes these sights?

    Hard to tell at that angle but its either CZ custom or Cajun gun works ez-40
  2. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    No issues with decocking but i use the pinch method.
  3. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

  4. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

  5. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    cz sku:10098 https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/front-and-rear-sights/cz-rear-sights-all/cz-75-85-p01-rear-sights/cz-75-competition-rear-sight-standard-dovetail.html
  6. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    I ended up getting a CZC competition rear and a dawson .110 wide .250 high black blade that I filed down and drilled out for fiber. I love this setup.
  7. Deciding on Sp01 vs Sp01 Tactical

    I just purchased a standard SP01 manual safety. The sp01 with firing pin block can get very close to a shadow trigger but will require CGW parts and a CZC hammer. CGW hammer is a no go for IDPA. It will need a few hours of polishing and fitting. If you go with a tactical send it out to CGW dont even waste your time on it. The action parts are going to be in the $300 range Other parts that are a must include sights $90+ plus fitting Extended mag release $35 11lb recoil spring. You should plan on $400-$550 in parts for the sp01. The sp01 shadow only needs a good polishing and $30 in springs for a excellent trigger. If I was to do it again I would buy a standard sp01 shadow. The shadows also have a lot more options for rear sights. The accu shadow and czc shop limited runs are not idpa ssp legal. The shadow 2 is a no go for all idpa divisions because of the weight.
  8. Best intentions?

    Keep it for a range toy or sell it. PM me.
  9. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    Thats what concerns me. I hear that the cgw ez40 set is 3" high
  10. New version of Stock I

    I'm not a huge fan of the new grip design. I would have rather it been checkered but there is always grip tape. I hope it is the large frame. Who in Texas imports Tanfoglio?
  11. New version of Stock I

    The front and back straps of the grip are different and the weight. I'm not a 100% but i think they shortened the length too. It may be a small frame. New Stock 1 Stock 3
  12. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    I have the standard SP01 not the shadow.
  13. CZ SP01 Sight Upgrade

    What are the preferred black rear FO front Sights for the SP01? I like point of aim or 6 o clock hold No sight cuts because it needs to stay IDPA ssp legal Has anybody tried the new LPA adjustable that CGW sells?
  14. New version of Stock I

    EAA has the monopoly on the Tanfoglio market just like the cable and utility company's.
  15. New version of Stock I

    A few months back I contacted EAA and they had no idea what I was talking about. I contacted Tanfoglio and they said maybe by the end of 2017 but don't count on it because of EAA. Tanfoglio is making them and shipping world wide except USA. Canada has them. The new stock 1 would be the ultimate IDPA SSP gamer gun.