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  1. Newbie from MD

    Where is this held?? I live in Stafford.. I have a race I'm supposed to be at MDIR.. BUT.. lol
  2. Which Shot Timer?

    This is the route I ended up taking.. Seems to be just fine for wha tI'm looking to do.
  3. CZ Shadows 2 is coming

    I was walking through a gun show tonight.. and low and behold.. a shadow 2. It looked kind of lonely sitting on that table... Sooooooo I had to bring it home. In talking to the guys that were selling them.. The show opened at 3pm, they got a delivery of 5, one ws a bit of a pre order and sold. So they had brought 4 to the show. I saw the gun on display about an hour after opening, and I don't they'd sold one yet.. I talked myself into one, and swung back by a couple hours later after walking through..and I bought #3. So the display pistol was the only one left.. My first CZ.. Having nothing to compare it to, seems just peachy to me! lol
  4. Which Shot Timer?

    So.. I've tried getting apps for my phone, and nothing is really all that great as far as setting par times and getting thing that work well for even dry friing. With that being the case, I'm willing to buy a pocket timer.. but which one? I don't know a whole lot about them. Is there some manner of buyer's guide to those things?
  5. AR Questions comp/brake, trigger, buffer, gb

    Not sure if you were asking me here?? But why I have it, I'm a pretty tall guy (6'4") so my thinking was to be able to get the length of pull, adjusted more closely using one of those.
  6. AR Ejection Port Dust Covers

    For those that aren't running a forward assist in a upper that has a provision for onw.. are you putting something in it's place? Or is it just an open hole?
  7. AR Questions comp/brake, trigger, buffer, gb

    Yes.. this is a strictly 3 gun build.
  8. AR Questions comp/brake, trigger, buffer, gb

    Seems like for the $$$ the Miculek is hands down the best value.. is it lighter than the titan? I do want to try a few triggers.. I think I would be a fan of the 1911 style pieces.. I do have a 2 stage national match in the gun I have now.. but not really sure it's "one" so to speak..
  9. Ammo for shooting limited at Majors

    So is this where those brass roller things com into play, or are the cases just throw away at that point?
  10. Ammo for shooting limited at Majors

    Thanks for the info!!! I had zero idea.. don't reload yet.. but I will have to tuck this away..
  11. Ammo for shooting limited at Majors

    Please excuse my ignorance.. but what is "Glock'd Brass"? Obviously brass shot through a glock.. but what do these pistols do differently to the case than any other pistol?
  12. Do you guys run them?? This is strictly for 3 gun platforms.. If so. why? If not.. why not??
  13. So.. it's pretty much everything.. lol I have a rifle that I can use.. and am piecing together parts for another. As far as comp.brakes go, i have one of those M4-72's and the concussion on that joker does take some getting used to. I was wondering what else might be out there that's effective, BUT doesn't leave you huffing gunpowder as much? Trigger: what's the benefit of the flat? OR single over 2 stage? I have a geissele 2 stage national match in my gun now.. but for the new one? I was think about the geissele 3g, but I'm seeing the hyperfire 24c, and also the ar gold.. has anyone shot all three? Which do you like, and why? Recoil: hydraulic over say the JP SCS? Why or why not?? for the new gun, I've got a luth AR deal.. if that would make a difference.. Gas blocks.. What adjustables are out there that offer great performance for value? in Ti... are thos SL7's worth the cash?? I'm going to be running a stretch 16 barrel, and a faxon lmos bcg for this build. Thanks!!
  14. Downloading For A Dummy

    on closer inspection seeing the shell catch.. ah.. yeah.. I was a bit retarded there.. lol
  15. Ok.. First I feel like a fool asking this.. but.. I'm going to ask anyway. I have a versa max that's all tricked out for 3-gun. I have my dummy loads.. Am I missing something as far as a quick and practical way to download this thing after practicing loading it up?