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  1. Bullet.com going out of business. HS-6 !

    I am now broke, but got enough powder for my Open Pistol for about 2 seasons. This sport is expensive....but man is it fun!
  2. New style STI mags

    So far , the grams follower is working in my Gen 2 170. About 150 Rds Saturday and no issues. Just get the 38super follower.
  3. PCC classifier calculator?

    That works ! Thanks.
  4. Anyone got a link to one? Is the calc the same as Open?
  5. 1911 breach face edge rounding

    Not quite clear on your issue. Is it hitting the magazine? It is what strips the bullet out of a mag, but should clear leading edge of the mag.
  6. New style STI mags

    Caught a break in the rain and ran a mag of the flat points and had one nosedive jam. Ran the 124 truncated cone Berry's and no failures in 4 mag fulls. Thinking bullet profile plays a lot in this. This was in a 170 with TTI basepad and a 38S grams follower.
  7. New style STI mags

    Ok, mine just has 9mm. The Grams spring does not snap over like the factory spring does if that makes since. If you push on the front of a bullet in the factory setup with about 8-10 rounds, you can hear and feel the spring snap to the back of the mag and bullets have less tension in the Front. Not compressing linearaly. Like the spring is to narrow for the mag. The Grams does not do this. I did install the Gram for 38S. Not the 9mm.
  8. New style STI mags

    How do we tell which model of the second gen we have?
  9. New style STI mags

    Ncg34shooter, what bullet profile are you using? My gen 2 170 nosedives and with flatpoint bullets it jams. I had been shooting the flatpoint hollow base Berry's. They are very short and have a wide flat point. I just put in a Grams follower and TTI basepad. Got some sharper poined truncated cone and round nose blue Bullets to try. Hopefully the rain will stop long enough for me to try them out today
  10. Ok, the addiction hit really strong in my first year in USPSA. CO, PCC, and Open... How many do you successfully shoot in? Made B in CO in about 8 months. Just now shot Open and PCC. Open will replace CO for awhile to get muscle memory up to speed be on the Open. PCC is fun, not anymore so than the others, it does feel like cheating though... So.... How do you manage your addiction? I shoot 2-3 matches a month. Leaning towards focusing on Open.
  11. Phoenix Trinity Honcho

    Very interesting. I live the red anodized grip. Interested to see how they married the Glock style Barrel to the frame.
  12. Magazine round count critical?

    I shot my second Open match this past weekend. Two gen 2 STI 140's and 1 Gen 2 170. The mags were all new except 1 of the 140's. It was a disaster the first match. Extraction and feed issues. I got the extraction issues fixed and in practice, all mags ran fine. First stage of the second match I started out with the big stick. Malfunction on the second shot. Actually took the time to look and the round had nosedived and stuck. Shooting the Berry's 124 hollow base thick plate flat point. Shortest widest flatpoint out there. Bigstick went back in the bag. Gun ran great rest of the match. A few stages I really could have used it. So now I have a TTI base and Grams follower and spring on the way with a box of different Bullets as well. Hopefully now the rest will just be on me!
  13. Recoil spring weight

    I run a 16, and grip it tight. Ran 14 for awhile. Try both.
  14. Comp cleaning

    That creates paracetic acid. Just stand the comp up in it as it will eat the bore if left in long....it will attack carbon steel.