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  2. I don't think it's the sear spring..1912 help

    do you have access to a stoning jig?
  3. Some guys shoot featureless... others shoot not so featureless.... depends on the match and whos shooting it.
  4. Our gun laws do suck but since I shoot single stack, production, and carry optics they don't affect me very much in terms of laws in cali
  5. 5 hours to drive for a local match.... I must be spoiled living in southern california where there are 5-10 matches a week that are within a 2 1/2 hour drive with the closest being 30 min.
  6. Anyone using HPA plumbed off the pistol may?

    I use compressed air for my airsoft hicapa, I tapped and threaded my extended magazine to accept a npt fitting that would directly hook up with the fittng on my hose. Set the regulator on the compressor to 80PSI and keep the magazine attached to the hose when shooting. When it gets low the compressor kicks on and refills itself.
  7. Turtle necking

    How do you break the habit of turtle necking? I happen to have a bad bad case of the turtles. I dry fire normal and then as soon as I get to a match it comes back.
  8. Need help building two caliber 2011 .22and9mm

    my favorites go: svi trigger cylinder & slide/egw hammer/sear/disconnector thats what most people run and you can get the trigger pull down to very little
  9. Accurate #5

    Does anyone use accurate #5 to make 9mm major with a 124gn bullet? I have access to purchasing 5 or so lbs and want to know if its worthwhile. I could only find one thread on here that shows that its been done and they liked it but wanting to hear other opinions.
  10. Pls delete

    Does anyone know if there's a 2011 that is acceptable for carry optics division? Currently building a 5" 2011 with a bull barrel and wanted to try something different Ill have it cut for an optic so that's not a problem. Wanting something slide mounted.
  11. 11/16 X 40 Threaded barrels

    Where can I find 11/16 X 40 government .355 chamber bull barrels at besides KKM?
  12. RTS 2

    Mine died on me as well but I got a replacement from vortex, should have gone with a railway from the beginning
  13. RTS 2

    no sorry, using it on an ar-9
  14. RTS 2

    had an rts-2, swapped it our for a vortex venom after it died a month into its life
  15. Cracked comp on DVC

    how did that happen...