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  1. 1st Major Match in Open

    Thanks guys. To answer a few of the questions. Jack: Forgot to answer. I am shooting a G17 Open w/ minor PF Memphis: Total the match I only had 3M and 0 N/S. I shot 91.06% of available points. And appx 80% of my shots were A. Am I just going way too slow or what?
  2. Glock 19 Open.

    I shoot a G17 in open and run it minor PF. Yes I know I am giving up points by shooting minor, but it forces me to be more accurate. I have had a few issues out of it, but it runs 99% + every day now. I will continue to shoot it until 1 of 2 things happen. 1. I get to a point in my shooting ability where the gun not the shooter is keeping me from winning. Or 2. A smoking deal on a 2011 platform crosses my path
  3. 1st Major Match in Open

    Thanks guys. To answer a few of the questions. Jack: Stage 10 was 4 paper, mandatory reload, 4 steel. Memphis: Stage 2 was mandatory reload between paper and steel. Everyone had to do a standing reload there. Stage 9 - my plan was to shoot all the round steel from the rear, but between one FTF and a few M's on the steel on the right, my brain shut down on me. I know I need to get lower and wider, and have been working one it. Unfortunately, as you can tell, it hasn't clicked in my mind just yet.
  4. This is the video from the 2017 CK Arms Ms State Sectional Championship that was held in Biloxi, Ms this weekend. Ended up 1st D and 54/87 overall with 49% of Max Jr's score. Give me some Ideas of where the lowest hanging fruit is that will make for the quickest improvement. Thanks in advance, and don't worry, I have thick skin.
  5. Powder Scale

    Recommendations for a new powder scale?
  6. G17 Open troubles

    I had the Zev lightened striker and 4.5lb striker spring, but changed them out to factory when all the problems started Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-N910A using Tapatalk
  7. G17 Open troubles

    Still having some issues with my G17 open gun. Thought I had it right but guess I was wrong. At our monthly steel match Saturday I think I had one Light strike per stage, which is unacceptable. From the best I could tell it only happened with my hand loads, which is a 125 grain BBI over 3.7 grains of Bullseye powder and a CCI primer.( open Minor BTW) I didn't notice any when using factory WWB 115s. I have put the stock striker and striker spring back in as well as changed the trigger and trigger bar out. The issues dropped by 90% when I changed the trigger bar. Any ideas here? I have a major in 2 weeks and can't afford these kind of problems at that match.
  8. Magpul question

    Been thinking about grabbing some additional mags for my open Glock. Wondering if the magpul one will magnetize on my belt? Also, thoughts on the ETS mags?
  9. South Louisiana

    Welcome aboard from the Mississippi Gulf Coast
  10. I may have to check out the area 59... if I end up going room and board won't cost anything
  11. Let me know if you get any big matches out in your area, I have a friend in Katy that I need to come see.
  12. Ok guys. I just got my press returned today. I haven't even made it home to reinstall it, but I have attached a photo of what was on the invoice. I do know they said they had to do some machine work on the block as well. I think it was worth the time sending it back with everything that was done and replaced.
  13. 9mm brass inside cleaning

    I have a friend that puts a used dryer sheet in his tumbler with each load... when he pulls it out the dryer sheet is black as hell from all the crap it collects... e says it helps keep the media clean as well. Ever heard of this?
  14. Open G17 FTF

    I'll try the over travel screw...I'm also wondering if when the gun was cleaned and lubed right before I bought it some of the oil got in the striker channel and behind the channel sleeve? Could that be a possibility?
  15. Open G17 FTF

    I'm running open Minor right now with a carver guide rod and 12lb spring. The striker is a zev with their firing pin safety. Right now I have the stock striker spring in it. It also has a DEM trigger and extra power trigger return spring. I did disassemble the upper and cleaned the striker assembly and the striker channel with some hoppes. Tested it again and no improvement. Called ghost today and they recommended going back with the stock striker. I even thought about upping the striker spring weight, but that should not need to be done. At least not in my mind. Not sure what I am missing here