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  1. P320 X5 Thread

    forgive me lol
  2. P320 X5 Thread

    So the bolt in this M1913 kit can be used on X5? I remember one guy here mentioned the bolt is not compatible?
  3. P320 X5 Thread

    May I ask what model do u use?
  4. P320 X5 Thread

    Less than 3lbs?! How did u do that?? Please do share some hints plz
  5. Hiperfire ECL trigger reset problem

    Update: Shot ~200 rounds today, no malfunctions anymore! So probably something was wrongly installed there? Who knows... Will test again next week
  6. Which Romeo1 for X5?

    Thanks Alma! Actually I'm looking at optical planet as well. So does that mean there is no screws in SOR11000, and we need to find additional screws to put it on X5?
  7. Which Romeo1 for X5?

    Hi, I tried to find descriptions of the differences between models of romeo1, but there seems almost nothing online available. So which model should I choose for X5? SOR11000, SOR11001 or SOR11005? Thanks!
  8. P320 X5 Thread

    Got mine just now from FFL, god it's tight! It almost took my thumb to just twist the disassemble lever, and I have to use the magazine to finish the job after all. The slide and barrel fit each other definitely tighter than my P320F. Can't wait to test it out tomorrow at the range!
  9. Hiperfire ECL trigger reset problem

    Thanks for the info! I did some cleaning in my lower as well, but it didn't contain much trash there after all. If it's still malfunctioning, I'll give those lighter spring a try too
  10. Hiperfire ECL trigger reset problem

    Bolt and bcg are both factory, I didn't change anything in the upper I don't remember anything like I described above when I first installed and tested the trigger. I've reinstalled the trigger and the issue seems to be gone, but I'll keep my finger crossed until the weekend so I can test it on the range again
  11. Hi guys, I have a problem with my Hiperfire ECL installed in MPX 16" carbine. Today I tested it the first time on the range, sometimes I pressed the trigger too fast before it can reset itself, then even with another trigger pull, the next round can't be fired. Is this normal for Hiperfire triggers, or even for all the triggers? And there is another more serious problem. After what happened above, sometimes (not all the times, just sometimes) if I pressed hard on the trigger, then it would reset itself (with a recognizable "click", which can be felt from my finger), and next pull will ignite the round in the chamber! I'm really confused and kinda terrified, cause this definitely should not happen, right? Please help, thanks!
  12. SIG MPX

    wait, you mean it's an 8" barrel in there?
  13. P320 grip size choice

    Nice! I love P226 grip and really looking forward to X5 grip, can't wait to try it out!
  14. New P320 Pase Bad and Grip Tape Options

    Those basepads are good stuff, for the grip tape I will just cut my own, didn't take much effort
  15. Both worked fine in my gen 2 carbine