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  1. Shooting cart???

    Ok thats what I was looking at. I try and be a bare necessities guy and have 2 bags, one for the range and one for uspsa (which consists of nearly nothing) but then I have to transfer stuff from one to the next which is just calling for me to forget something so I'd rather just have it all together and throw it in a cart and call it a day
  2. Shooting cart???

    I'm looking for a "wagon" not really a "shooting cart". Are you guys just getting them on Amazon? I like my bag but its big and fullll of crap, I am sick of hauling it around... I'm only30 but I'm ready for a pull cart already
  3. Thanks for all the answers, hadn't been back to check on this. This (post) is my thoughts exactly, and as far as the person cut, I was told about it (which was probably an exaggerated story). The amount of matches shot at semi-close range are astronomical and you never hear about it, but those one or two "stories" always have me wondering. But the reason for asking was because the difference in several steel targets on a few stages and me renting a bay and shooting 500+ rounds at steel, just weighing my odds hah. I love shooting steel, even if its just mixed in a match or practice and the place I practice charges $20 to rent steel which isn't bad, but its not terribly expensive to buy and you get more variety than they have and I can just throw it in the truck bed. I park in my "bay" at the practice club so it wouldn't be much of a pain to bring my own. Looks like I will carry on with my shooting, as long as you have good glasses it seems to be safer than some make it out to be.
  4. I would think it would be better, but then thought maybe higher velocity ammo just turns to shrapnel and ends up being safer. This coming after a club member getting cut open from a ricochet. I've been shooting a lot of steel recently but am semi concerned about the safety of it, especially from USPSA distances (all my steel is in perfect shape aka no pitting or I get rid of it) I put this in the reloading section cause I just assume everyone here has a better ballistic brain from tinkering with these kinds of things
  5. My club uses steel that is welded from the back to the stand so the front is completely flat (no screw holes or mounting devices) but I can get the AR500 steel with the hole in the front for fairly cheap, which is probably what most people use... My question is, what one of these "mounting" ways do you think is safer for ricochet? The one obviously mounts angling slightly forward (hopefully directing the bullets at the ground) and the other hangs the target dead flat but will have some give since its not screwed in and secure.
  6. I dont plan on interchanging them, but I grabbed a box last night on accident from my stash when going for my #500's for 9mm (I use Remington for rifle, so impossible to mix the pistol/rifle boxes up usually). Anyway, just curious if in a drought people use small rifle primers, specifically CCI#450 sm. rifle for CCI#500 sm. pistol (I think I've read this multiple times) since I have 5000 of them that ill probably never use unless times get tough again
  7. I dont know how I could go shoot with a bunch of friends and be doubled up with non-electronic earmuffs, do you just not talk to anyone the whole time? Haha
  8. I got it on the spot when my club has the class for $50, if it weren't for that I probably never would have (the class was actually pretty fun and learned stuff I probably never would have). I RO our practice matches only if I even do, we usually have people already doing it.
  9. Thanks for the answers. I drove there the other day and the USPSA login info section was not "sufficient" apparently. I called USPSA and they printed me a new one and scanned it and sent it to me, very helpful
  10. Alright thanks, ill get a pair of those, I was looking at these ones called Decibullz but ill give the radians a try
  11. Sometimes, not always in USPSA/Production though which is 90+% of my shooting and if I am shooting rifle with people I usually have a silencer. To be honest I haven't done a lot of rifle shooting since I got into USPSA a year ago. While were on the topic of plugs though, is there a go-to set of plugs people like? I don't mind plugs but if I have plugs until muffs you cant just reach up and adjust them like if you had only plugs in, which is why I dont always double up
  12. I've shot plenty of AR's including some of mine at times that had a brake, but always ended up going back (other than on bolt action) to a less annoying solution and learning to deal with it just for the sake of my ears. Now that I am getting into 3-gun, having some sort of compensator is necessary, but I dont see how I can go shoot 3-400rds practicing like that. Is there some hardcore muffs you guys are using? Or a comp that is slightly less deadly? I cant even imagine the misery of being an RO for 3-gun... There has to be a secret
  13. Went to rent a bay at a new place hoping the printout from the USPSA site showing the RO section was fine, but apparently not... Has anyone had one reissued through email (PDF)? I would like to go back this week to shoot (hopefully with a PDF RO cert) rather than wait for a new paper copy
  14. Got my ESS glasses today.. they indeed hold fine, even without muffs on they are technically fine (unless you have a super small head lol). Just posting for anyone wondering
  15. I like the idea of the slim/short frames on the ESS crossbows but I dont want to have to use a strap cause I take them on and off if I am shooting in the day to wipe my face in blazing hot south Florida. Do you use the strap? Or maybe there is a model with different size frames?