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  1. Vortex optic for CO?

    I really liked my Razor 6 moa but no matter what I did ejecting brass would hit it. The Venom looks to sit lower and farther back with the MOS system. It comes in both 3/6 moa and has a top loading battery.
  2. Glock 22 and TF Sight Block for Limited

    For those who have run this setup for while now. Any issues with the block or sight coming loose?
  3. Glock 34 S3F Barrel Review

    After talking to S3F I ordered the Jager heavy rod and can confirm that it works perfectly with their barrel.
  4. Slide milling for mini red dot

    I heard back from NROI today that it's legal for CO.
  5. Slide milling for mini red dot

    Is the pic on the left with the iron sight in front of the optic legal for CO?
  6. Glock 34 S3F Barrel Review

    Is anyone running an S3F in a Gen 4? I would like to order a Jager captured guide rod and need to know if the lug is cut for the the larger diameter Gen 4 rod.
  7. Spring Life

    I almost learned this the hard way when my spring broke on the second to last round of live fire practice 2 days before the match.
  8. Grip sizes?

    Degrease and apply blue loctite.
  9. Spring Life

    The PD trigger spring tension stayed very consistent after it initially took set right up until it just broke. It lasted well into the end of the recommended service life at around 8000 trigger pulls.
  10. Gen 4 trigger spring issues?

    I only had issues with a 6lb spring when paired with a 4lb striker. I didn't much care for the feel anyway so I replaced it with a TTI that seems to work perfectly and falls somewhere in between stock and 6lb. I eventually installed a Production legal trigger that removed pre-travel eliminating reset issues regardless of spring combo.
  11. Stock II Xtreme Mod List

    I believe your answer is in the question. I had similar issues and decided to remove it for the time being. For now I just load ammo and shoot.
  12. Silicon carbide on SSI 2.0?

  13. Why no love for the P09?

    Yes the bottom of my fingers makes contact as the guard starts to rise up into the grip. I didn't get pinched the few times I've shot one but just that and dry-firing it a couple times was enough to know it would annoy me.
  14. Why no love for the P09?

    I would have picked up a P09 this year if it wasn't for the fact my trigger finger drags on the guard at the very end of it's travel. I'm curious to see if an original P07 curved trigger would prevent this so I've been scoping out the used sections of my LGS.
  15. Tanfo getting hung up in Bladetech

    While the RHT a great improvement there is still a break in period so give it a couple of dry-fire sessions. Mine had a few hitches at first but then my sharp edged Tanfo quickly ate it's way into a perfect fit.