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  1. Gentlemen, Seeking advice / tips / general knowledge for loading 3N38 in 9 major. I have ran WAC, HS-6, & AA#7 all with 124 & 115 pills. Gun in question is a full length STI lower with an SV upper, no holes. New infinity barrel, Cheley comp. Loading on a 650 XL. Can go out to 1.170 COAL max. Running 115g MG JHP's. Primary question is loading 3N38. As you know when you get @ 9.5g the case is full. I mean full. Which dies do you use? Currently I'm running all Dillon dies. I have a Lee seat/crimp in one die. Is this a better option? Perhaps a U-die in station 1? Having trouble with such full case capacity. Not to be rude, but I don't need load data, just tips and tricks on working with and loading high case volumes such as this in 9mm. Any input is appreciated. I will dance at your wedding, and yes, I will wear my speedo.
  2. Advantages Limited vs Production?

    Joker, Take Mike and Chalee's advise. Shoot limited initially. I might have missed it but I didn't see you gun & caliber. If your running limited minor, no big deal. Major PF is needed for being competitive once you get started, but initially, learn the game. A bonus to shooting minor is you will learn the importance of drilling alphas. I'm assuming your running a 9mm. Spend your first few months getting acclimated to the environment, work on marksmanship, and observe. Top level limited guns are just as intricate as open guns. Make some friends, and see if some people will let you run a few rounds through their platforms. Basically before you spend any money, do your homework and think the decision over. About production class. The guys in there who finish high every week are bad. I mean bad a$$. Open & limited guns can help to cover flaws in a mid level shooter ( like me, why I shoot open ), but high level production guys have their stuff together. Limited / production - no big deal initially. You still have the same fundamentals you have in any class.
  3. Shooting Shorts

    LOL. Not me. You do have to admit, good range of motion. Plus protection like an armadillo. Also looks like squad I would enjoy shooting with. And yes.................. I wear speedo's
  4. Hello from tupelo

    FYI about Hattiesburg tomorrow. It is a 6 classifier only match. I believe it's posted that way on practiscore but just wanted to put out there.
  5. Shooting Shorts

    The gamer in me likes a speedo. Best range of motion and you never have to worry about foot faults as both RO's are terrified to look down. Seriously, in the market myself and will look over these recommendations. Thanks for the reviews gents.
  6. STI 2011 Magazine Selection

    2 votes for MBX from me and my dead uncle. I have 4 140's & 2 170's. After a little break in they have run 100% out of the box. The 170's will load full with 29 and seat with a Barney with no problems. The 140's can get finicky trying to seat full so I only load 23 in them which isn't a problem. Some guys swear by MBX and some like STI's. I think it's a crapshoot and depends on what your gun likes.
  7. Hello from tupelo

    Ghosty. If you shoot at Magnolia look at Hattiesburg. Brothers in arms range. They usually run very good matches with nice stages. Range is just south of Hattiesburg about a mile off of Hwy 49. I also frequent Magnolia. Last weekend at their steel challenge I spoke with them and they were hoping just a few weeks for the berm work.
  8. Live fire training

    Aussie. I'm sure there are a lot of people who have better ideas but this is just what I do on the occasion I get to live fire practice which is usually once or twice a week at best. During live fire practice I have 3 primary goals. - refine current skills and fundamentals - implement new / lacking skills - match preparation. I break down live fire practice into 3 different intervals covering these aspects in that order. First I just work on 2 or 3 drills. Generally about 3 repetitions of each drill. Like StuckinMS said keep a log. Not only will this help uncover your flaws but helps to give you a sense of accomplishment and boost confidence. I do change up drills from one practice session to the next. After a quick break I work on specific things that are holding me back now. I think back on my latest matches and things that gave me the most trouble. Right now hard weak hand side leans and shooting while ( trying to ) move fast. I'm too round to do anything fast. Finally after another break ( I'm all about the breaks ) I work on match prep. I will set up a very small mock stage. Usually just 3-5 targets with movement. No-shoots, reload, hard leans, no limit to what you can do with only a handful of targets. If you have a friend that can run you as an RO even better. The goal is to simulate match conditions as closely as possible. After running it once, I will change up the stage. I start to a timer beep and glance at the times and splits but that's it. I'm just trying to develop a stage plan and then execute it safely, correctly and efficiently. I use about half my time for the first 2 and the other half for the last. Average @ 50 rounds for each section. Start to finish is about 90 minutes. Time spent / # rounds fired is irrelevant to me, just trying to learn something from every shot fired. For me it's more about quality than quantity. Like I said, there is a lot better advice in here than what I can give. This is just what has helped me. Remember to have fun and be safe.
  9. DQd today and never thought I would be the "one"

    Blizzards are nice but when I got my one DQ, the DQ club wasn't open yet. I make my bad mistakes early. 3rd shooter on stage 1 of 10 stages. Step right, take 3 paper through a port, start moving left. Stumble in sand, clench up, and sent one into the berm. I did have the gun straight down range, just tightened up and finger slipped back into trigger guard. Ultimate A-hole feeling there. However, since then every video I have watched of myself after breaking a shot that finger jumps out and way up on the frame. The hard taught lessons are the ones we remember. Hate it happened to you but I imagine it will be a long time before you let the muzzle get close to the 180. Glad to hear you took responsibility and took it in stride. I've seen guys get DQ'ed and then get pissy when it was clearly their fault. Most RO's hate to DQ anyone but it's their responsibility to ensure safety for everyone. Don't let it get you down.
  10. What to do to a used 2011 before shooting

    Last year I bought a used SV which was my first 2011. Naturally completely stripped it and cleaned everything. Gun has an Aftec extractor which didn't look like it had been out in forever. When I removed it the cover plate over the extractor springs broke. Went back with new cover plate and 1 new extractor spring. Also new springs and screws throughout the gun. Had a 4 MOA dot module which I replaced with an 8. Then checked for the Max OAL I could load and started testing rounds. Ordered spare parts, springs, screws, etc and started shooting. Hope it runs good for you.
  11. Do we need a rule regarding the number of shots on target

    After the beep the rule book & the WSB are the gospel. We all have to act accordingly. Yes they (1 or 3 best) are weird but they do keep us on our toes. The one shot on paper trips me up worse than three. Although a departure from the norm still level playing field for divisions IMO. Personally I like best 2, steel must fall.
  12. Uspsa load...sort by headstamp?

    I do, but hey, I'm a weirdo. Gives me a chance to discard stepped cases and junk and I also separate into major & minor brass. As mentioned above, just my OCD kicking in. My reasoning, it is a variable I can control pre-match so why leave it to chance. As as for the time investment issue, I agree it's not worthwhile. I sort brass when the wife and I are relaxing outside, chatting about the week and having a few cocktails. I have the time so I do, for now at least.
  13. how many times do you reload major brass

    Probably around 2-3 at most. Only reason is after I use brass for practice at my local range it gets recovered, processed again and goes into a separate bin. The next loading is for matches where I leave it. Part of the appeal for 9 major. When testing / chronoing loads I've ran the brass 4-5 times with no problems. However this was using slower stuff like 3N38, AA#7 & HS-6. I've used WAC also but would never attempt major with anything hotter than that. Have a pound of Win 572 I'm going to experiment with today. My inquiring mind just has to know. IMHO if you're shooting a couple of matches a month 9maj brass is abandoned before it can become an issue. Happy loading.
  14. What do you carry in your range bag to shoots

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^. Pretty much all that. I didn't see it mentioned but I probably overlooked. I'm in the south and I keep a can of OFF repelant as well. Sometimes down here the bugs will try to carry you away.
  15. Took my wife shooting for the first time

    A while back I talked my wife into going to a local Steel Challenge with me. I shot open & RFRO. I let her shoot my 22/45. She did great for a first time despite loosing her dot a few times. On the second stage while running open, I had some shrapnel come back and hit me in the shin. Bled pretty badly. Oh well. Band aid and few minutes back at it. On the ride home she asked if she embarrassed me. I replied, " between you and me, your the only one who didn't shoot yourself, so no". She likes to go to our local range and shoot but gets very self conscious at a match. She despises the timer. Work in progress, just not going to rush her.