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  1. STI DVC Steel recoil spring

    I don’t think you will be able to go by length alone. I run a Shorty open pistol as well and I use the govt springs. The springs will develop a little memory after use. And compress a bit. Give it a shot and see if it performs better. The 115 just may not provide enough to work the slide properlywith the comp. May take some breaking in? I’m sure you have, but have you considered reloading? Comped pistols are much more entertaining when reloading.
  2. Zev Glock Slide w/ Zev internals - 40% light strikes HELP

    Man. That is pretty sexy. But I think it’s missing something. https://tbrci.com/product/tbrci-glock-micro-comp-v3/#iLightbox[product-gallery]/3
  3. Recommendations on bullet for 38 super

    Your loadout should be making major. I do it at about 6.8 of cfe and I have a 4.25 barrel with no popples. You should have a lot of flexibility in your loadout with that setup. Cfe and Autocomp is good stuff but if you’re wanting to experiment. I know some guys who use 3n38 and love it in 38sc. One of the flattest pistols I’ve ever shot. Case volume gets up there but it’s a slow powder. Also a bit of a pita to load on a press cause the case is so full. I hear true blue from ramshot is really good too. I haven’t seen our local GM run it but he’s had many good things to say about it. Both of those powders will definitely provide lots of gas to work the comp. be prepared for a blast though. Unfortunately I don’t know they’re specific recipes since I shoot 9.
  4. Recommendations on bullet for 38 super

    Precision delta is some good stuff too. What kind of pistol are you running it through?
  5. Zev Glock Slide w/ Zev internals - 40% light strikes HELP

    That’s a hard one but it don’t think it is that 13lb spring that is causing the issue. I’ve been able to get mine running with an 11lb recoils spring. Used it in open class and it worked reliably. Is the trigger resetting properly as well? You may have to change the extra power trigger return spring back to the original as well. Saw that with my cousin at a competition. He went through an entire cof with a “bolt action” glock. Changed it out between stages and he was good. Let us know what you find to get it reliable. It is possible
  6. Zev Glock Slide w/ Zev internals - 40% light strikes HELP

    I agree with tyrsman. Get some other factory rounds and try them first. Who knows what kind of primers are being used in those loads. If factory works then you can at least have a starting point for tuning. Just another quick question? Is the striker channel dry? You don’t want any lube inside that part cause it will create a seal and not allow the striker to move at its full speed. Just a thought.
  7. bullet weight for 9 minor loads

    It seems like you’re on the right path to figuring out what works for you. @10X really summed it up very well. I’m not as clinical as he is in load development by I enjoy finding the right load for a specific gun. My open pistol is similarly built compared to your Dvc steel. I run major pf in mine though. Currently it’s a toss up between aa7 and silhouette for major. I’ll be working on a minor load as well to run for steel matches. I’ll try to remember to share with you if I finalize on something. I’ll probably try yours as well.
  8. I believe federal have the softest cup compared to the other brands of primers out there. The magnum and small rifle will be harder than the standard but they should still be softer than their counterparts. How long has it been since you rebuilt your glock? You may want to replace your striker spring. You can also get an extended/lightened striker to help with these issues as well.
  9. http://forums.brianenos.com/topic/255752-acceptable-oal-variance/ The thread discusses some similar issues dealing in 9. I made the following comment there that I learned about loading coated lead. I had similar issues when loading the same bullet. Getting the crimp right was a big part of it as most have said. I cant find my oal for that specific round but i want to say it was around 1.130. Loaded it for a glock22 with 9 conversion barrel. I also found that the lyman m expanding die helped a lot with consistency of seating those bullets as well. Using the lee expander i wouldnt be able to press the bullets as straight down as i wanted. With the 147 that youre using it was enough to cause the ogive to kiss the lands and not go to full battery especially at the longer range of your oal. It could also fail the chamber check as well. Switching to the m die pretty much eliminated that issue. I now use the lyman m for all my expansion needs. They are pretty much the same design as the daa powderfunnels (i recently switched to these since i got a bullet feeder and lost a stage) Excellent product that i would highly recommend. good luck and happy loading. Hope you solve your issues soon!
  10. New Delta Point Pro, first thoughts...

    discussed some of this in another thread that I thought I would share. I’m definitely a dpp fan
  11. Grip technique and strength

    The itarget works great as a basic timer so you can get some really good feedback on your basic drills. However you will want to focus on your sights as opposed to where the laser is hitting so you don’t develop any bad habits. Just follow the setup instruction and calibrate it properly. Though the laser will hit off center it will register where your poa/poi hits so you can review accuracy after. Not a bad tool
  12. Syntech in DVC Steel9mm

    I’ve heard of some people spraying Dillon case lube in the comps. Helps prevent stuff from sticking so it is easier to clean. I can’t say I’ve done it. I keep meaning to test it but keep forgetting to get a bottle of it.
  13. New style STI mags

    I preferthe grams as well. They have been good to me. To answer your question yes. Ive ordered both in the same order and compared them side by side. The 9 version would rock back and forth. Shortersince it needs the spacer. i put that in my old tube. The 38/40 is the one you need. The bad part for me is my pistol didnt like the feed lip dimensions of the new sti. Worked flawlessly in my buddies so i just traded him. For one of his that worked in mine. Im sure it could have been tuned but we were approaching a match.
  14. New style STI mags

    Look at the front of the follower. Don’t think they are meant to lock back the slide so they are built without the tab to lift the slide lock. This was also on their website.
  15. strong hand?

    I know this is a bit simple but what are you doing with your off hand? I form a fist and place over the center of my chest. It kind of give something for the off hand to do so it’s not flailing making your whole frame a little unstable. Other than that I think you answered your own question