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  1. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    It helped a lot when I was shooting 9 minor. Loaded swc. I was not as proficient at calling shots. Especially when shooting at my indoor range. Lighting was not as great in certain areas so holes were harder to see sometimes. Having the cleaner hole punch was nice. It helped it stand out.
  2. Round Nose or Flat Nose for USPSA?

    +1 on the cleaner holes! Easier to see holes in the target
  3. G34 carry optics which base pads and mags

    Unfortunately I don’t have one of those to try. Tempted to pick one up just to know...unless some one can chime in on it.
  4. G34 carry optics which base pads and mags

    Hummm.... not sure. I haven’t shot my glock in a while but I’ll check them in the gauge and let you guys know. I always shot the glock in local matches and never gauged them. Just got home and gauged them. Wow. They fail horribly. Glad I never went to a major match with them.
  5. SJC Frame weight and thumb rest install

    Have you used a thumb rest before? The first one I had on my glock was the pin style. At first I mainly used it as indexing for the support hand. After while shooting with it. I found that I was starting to use it more and more for recoil management. I actually broke one of the pin style. I’ve since switched to a 2011 and really use the thumb rest for recoil management. I’d still recommend doing an inspection on everything periodically for sanity.
  6. SJC Frame weight and thumb rest install

    Hehe. Possibly. It was a long day of work followed by a late night trip to Walmart for a dremel and they didn’t have a lot of options on sanding bits. And an event the next day. Some could have got mixed in at some point. It was like @jerkeejoe it would have been a lot easier if I had one picture to go off of. I couldn’t find anything either.
  7. SJC Frame weight and thumb rest install

    if you do it yourself I’m sure you can do it a lot better than I did. Just take your time and buy some various sanding bits for a dremel. I was very limited and in a time crunch. Take a little out at a time and check the fitment of the eye.
  8. Getting Grounded...

    That should be good. Let us know how it goes.
  9. SJC Frame weight and thumb rest install

    Yeah. I’ll take a picture of it tonight when I get home. It’s not very pretty. I did it late one night. And I had a competition the next day...
  10. SJC Frame weight and thumb rest install

    I would have the same concern that you have. I haven’t used their thumb rest but I would worry about the frame flex as well. Drilling into the gram was the easy part. I did it to install their micro dot mount. I believe it’s he same hole size and screw in both appplications. The painful part was inletting enough material to fit the eye. This is what the screw threads into. I just went slowly with a dremel until the eye was into the frame enough to clear the guide rod. I have a gen 3 frame. My buddy said his experience was a lot easier than mine but I do think he said that you have to convert to a gen 3 guide rod for it. At least that’s what I think he said.
  11. STI DVC Steel recoil spring

    I haven’t used any of them but if you went with cheely I would have it set back. My thoughts is since you have a shorter pistol keep it as far away from the compensator for any blast. Also having the sight a closer to you makes the glass seem even bigger. When I first found myself doing the dot dance I would bring the pistol in a little closer to me to find the dot quickly then drive back to a normal shooting position.
  12. STI DVC Steel recoil spring

    Not sure if you changed your thumb rest but here is some stuff to think about with pictures. Page 2 has more images.
  13. 9mm Major primers??

    Speaking of S&B were on sale the other day at Cabela’s. 19.99 a box in case anyone needed some. All flavors on sale
  14. STI DVC Steel recoil spring

    I believe what steelix is referring to is the marking at the bottom of the brass. Most of us reload and use once fired brass so it comes from everywhere. Since you’re using factory ammo I don’t think that’s the case unless you are loading a couple from each brand/box and then shooting. Then you would need to track which one is failing. Your latest post only mentioned 115’s. Is that all you are shooting now? I ask since earlier you said the heavier bullets cycled better. Does the 115 that you are shooting allow the slide to fully lock back consistently? If it doesn’t maybe the issue is the slide short stroking and not allowing the brass to properly eject. 7lb spring should be enough but maybe there is something a little tighter that needs to be broken in on your pistol. You wouldn’t happen to be in the Dallas area would you? I’ve got some springs that I keep around for tuning purpose that I would loan you if you are. That way you wouldn’t have to wait for shipping or order more.
  15. STI DVC Steel recoil spring

    Interesting. I haven’t had to do it but I hear one of the options is to look up tuning the ejector. You can change it a little to get it to eject more reliably. One of the things people do when running a cmore. As others have stated you can also change to the 90 degree mount for the cmore. The ejected brass could possibly be hitting the cmore and causing the stovepipe. Those are the cheaper options. You could also change to a micro dot mount but that means you have to buy a microdot.