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  1. Brass for 9 major

    Well all this is definitely some great news and saves me a bunch of money I can use on other components! If a thorough inspection is used throughout the reloading process, why not range brass??? Again I'm new to reloading so be gentle!! Haha
  2. Brass for 9 major

    I'm new to reloading and new to 9 major. I have a quick question, how specific is 9mm brass needed in reloading for 9 major? I think I've read somewhere that you can't reuse 9 major brass as often and some say because of the pressure the wouldn't reuse it at all. I've also just stumbled across +P brass which I didn't even know was a thing. Should I stick with only new brass, once fired brass, processed range brass or +P brass?
  3. One Pistol for USPSA and Steel Challenge

    Thank y'all so much!! I greatly appreciate it!! Other than making things go bang the help that revolves around this sport is one of the best things, especially for the new guys like me!!
  4. One Pistol for USPSA and Steel Challenge

    I guess since USPSA matches are easier to find around here that it would be better to shoot the same gun for SC so I don't have to worry about learning two guns. Better to be good with one gun them so so with two! Is it really that much of an advantage to shoot softer ammo for open guns that shoot flat anyway??
  5. One Pistol for USPSA and Steel Challenge

    No that was right! I was thinking since steel challenge doesn't require the major power factor I would change out the components to shoot softer rounds.
  6. I was contemplating the idea of getting an open gun! Although I may not compete this year I was thinking I can get an open gun and start getting familiar with it! I would like to try and find one pistol to shoot open in USPSA and also shoot steel challenge with the same pistol. Is that not a thing? I don't know much about pistols and what makes them run smoother, flatter or more reliable! Open guns seem really technical! I found a gun on the forums that came with a 38 platform and 9 platform. Would it take a lot of adjusting to shoot major in open and then switch to shoot 9 that doesn't need major power factor for steel or should I just get a 9mm platform and shoot major for uspsa and then tweak the springs for lighter loads for steel challenge? I guess I'm not really asking "can I" since technically I could go to a match with a Hi-Point and say I want to shoot open! It's more could I run one pistol and it be as simple as just changing springs to shoot two different types of shooting sports or would the balance be off? I think the only thing I've noticed in open guns and steel challenge guns where shorter slides in steel guns. Maybe I'm over thinking this! Thanks for the help!!
  7. Interested in Reloading

    Sounds great!!!! Thanks for the help fellas! I appreciate it!!
  8. Interested in Reloading

    Shop vac, check!! I'll make sure and pay attention to my housekeeping skills!
  9. Interested in Reloading

    Awesome!! Thank you!
  10. So I want to start reloading, concern of mine is I live in an apartment. I read somewhere that it's a good idea to be in a well ventilated/open area when you send your brass through the tumbler, figured I could do that outside or at my girlfriends house. I was wondering if it's ok to do the reloading process in my bedroom? I have plenty room for a workbench, actually just built and set up a 5 1/2 foot workbench that's two feet deep for workspace. Should I be reload somewhere else other than the room I sleep in?