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  1. Limited to open. Costa comp carry

    thx to all for their opinions
  2. Limited to open. Costa comp carry

    I may consider a 40 cal open gun. Any thoughts there? Should shoot factory at major right? A friend of mine does. SWitch to 9 when i retire
  3. Limited to open. Costa comp carry

    right , the major/minor power factor thing really screws it up for me. I have thought of fixing a co gun for home defense but not that excited about that division for me in competetion.
  4. Limited to open. Costa comp carry

    I do dry fire but I don't have an open gun to dry fire with. I have extra limited guns and i could convert one. I don't currently have time to devote to reloading so factory ammo will have to do for now. At factory loading do the comps do much? Not really interested in optic carry as I like the single action trigger. I have a hand injury in my off hand were my pinky, ring finger , and next finger do't have much strength in them so recoil is a bigger deal to me than most..
  5. I am a limited/3 gun shooter. I been thinking of trying open (i am 51 and I know the day is coming when I can not see the sights) and have tried just a few. Because of shooting limiting so long when I throw up a open gun I can not see the dot -- it is too high. I would like a lower sight pic if you will and I would not see me giving up tac ops 3 gun any time soon. So here are my main questions 1 Slide mounted red dots seem to allow a lower option. Does the slide movement ready make big difference vs frame mounted dots? experienced people with both please reply. 2 I am intrigued with the new Sti Costa carry comp. I could put a slide mounted dot on it and all my equipment (Ie holsters mags etc) would be interchangable Do you think the comp would be effective? it is small. Barrel is also short, 4.15 in I think. ANd i do not reload currently so it would take factory ammo. Thx
  6. low ready

    When starting at the low ready do you think it is better to look at the target and snap the long gun up to line of sight OR do you look at your sights and snap up your eyes and gun together. Thanks, Drbruce
  7. Off Hand Rifle

    thanks i will look at that
  8. Off Hand Rifle

    Looking for tips to improve off hand rifle shooting. Thanks, Drbruce
  9. Best Practice Drills

    I am new to Enos. I am looking for your best, most helpful/useful drills for uspsa. And why they are the best. Thanks, Dr bruce