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  1. Shooters world clean shot 200 grain records 3

    I'll probably move back to them after I finish these 200 grain bullets I have. I bought 5000 thinking I would like them on a recommendation. Gonna tinker with the oal and maybe bump the charge up a hair
  2. Shooters world clean shot 200 grain records 3

    Unfortunately I built the load around velocity, just trying to squeak over power factor and be soft. I've got 2500 of the 200 grain bullets left so I'll play with the charge. My guess is it's just not stable for the weight at 835 fps.
  3. I'm currently at 4.1 gr of clean shot behind a 200gr blue bullet @ 1.175. I'm not really getting the accuracy I think I should. CK Limited 5" with kkm barrel. Anyone got a recipe?
  4. Live fire training with out a lot of room

    The biggest thing I practice with limited space is distance and speed. I try to spend at least 100 rounds working on becoming more accurate and faster at distances (25-35 yards). The more you do that, the more you'll learn to call your shots. Two targets, draw, two rounds each. Call your misses, count the rounds on paper after each mag. I also throw in Bill drills, and do what I can with target acquisition (moving between targets) even ifthey're not very far apart, or put them at different distances. Work the basics, you don't always need to be running and shooting side to side.
  5. Training to obtain GM times

    This is probably the smartest post in this thread.
  6. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    Also, EGW U Die came in today. Turns out it works. First 100 with it passed wonderfully.
  7. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    I get it. But the FEA in varmint als website is interesting reading
  8. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    I always lube the cases, it's just a million times nicer. On topic with what bigedp51 posted, I stumbled on this the other day which is quite contrary: https://thefiringline.com/forums/showthread.php?t=466502 Post #9, Post #21, and this link contained somewhere within: http://www.varmintal.com/a243zold.htm The FEA contained in the varmintal link is super interesting stuff.
  9. Weak hand and engaging the thumb safety

    Got it. Figured as much, need to train that way.
  10. I have this problem from time to time, and it showed up big time last night. Three times on a string of six shots weak hand I bumped the safety on. Is the solution to just wrap your thumb over the safety on the right side? Is there a specific technique for gripping the gun weak handed that maybe I haven't learned other than thumb placement? My thumb was under the thumb safety with my weak hand, strong hand rests on top when shooting strong hand or freestyle.
  11. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    Well, not the info I came in looking for, but very valuable. Thank you.
  12. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    That second part is a new one to me. And I'm not interested in a bulge buster, the more I have to do to get ammo in my gun the less interested I am. If the U die doesn't fix it, they're going on the practice bin
  13. Getting rid of the Glock bulge without U die

    Ten years, but the brass cleaning thing is because I'm a bit lazy about it. Probably gonna start, but I don't believe it's the issue with not sizing fully down the case
  14. I know it's probably been covered plenty of times, but it's driving me nuts. Using Lee dies with the fcd. Loading on LnL AP. Sizing die is just barely bumping the shell plate as is the fcd. I can see the grease ring around the cases after sizing (I don't clean my brass, and shoot them with lube right before loading) and can see it's not sizing all the way down. Is there something I'm doing wrong, is there a better die set, do I just need to get the egw die? Probably 5% don't pass the gauge at all, with another 10% not dropping totally free in the gauge. It's driving me nuts.
  15. Virginia Count and Mandatory Reload Question

    Interesting way to look at it. The WSB requires the reload after engaging each target, but it could be interpreted to mean 6 shots as well, because it specifies one round per target for six targets. Regardless, he gets a procedural for not following the stage brief. Here is the specific penalty from the WSB: Failure to perform mandatory reload will result in one procedural penalty per shot fired. So if the WSB says one shot at each target, then reload, does that imply 6 shots then reload? Or does the "engage the targets" "then reload" part take precedence? So the answer to this question is 1) he engaged targets incorrectly under rule Since the WSB does not say mandatory reload after 6 shots, but after engaging each target, that would mean the competitor should only be assessed one penalty?