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  1. Shadow 2 Fiber Optic Rear Sight?

    My dad is looking for a fiber optic rear sight for his shadow 2, but I didn't see this in a quick Google search. Does anyone make one? Thanks.
  2. 08-06 - Area 4 Standards

    All I have to say is we shot this today. I just shot at it mainly.
  3. Thanks Craig. More of a pondering than anything. I'm sitting 0.45% off of A. But I realize that its going to take a lot more than making A to win in A. I just want to win, not necessarily go up in class. Going up in class is more of a by product of wanting to win.
  4. My goal is to perform better, period. The point of the post wasn't intended to be " can I get a higher class in a different division". The question of "are certain divisions easier to advance in" was merely a by product of contemplating another division, not a goal. Would I like to be able to say I'm a xyz class shooter, sure. I just want to get better and be competitive though. If that brings an A or M class in the process, great. It's not the end goal, but more of a side effect I guess.
  5. I'm aware of the difference in percentages, my times are usually on the faster side of all the limited shooters, I just tend to sacrifice accuracy for that. I guess the question becomes, is open easier to progress in if you're already decently fast. I agree pcc has that opportunity currently due to using open classifications. I imagine co would be similar.
  6. Driving home from the Tennessee Atomic Blast, and I got to wondering. I currently float around 74% and tend to compete well in Limited B. I'm not fixated on getting to a certain classification, just want to improve and see where that takes me. I've always had the inclination that I would like to be solid in A or possibly M class in whatever division before switching to something else. So, while driving I began to wonder, if I was shooting Open, would I see quicker progress into higher classifications? What about any other division? Is there anything inherent to a particular division that makes progress easier/ faster than others? Just curious really. Thoughts?
  7. Mr Bullet Feeder with 200gr bullets

    I just bought 10k at the NC state match 10 minutes ago at 12% off. 😁
  8. Pretty simple, thinking about getting a MBF, but I load 200 gr blue bullets and I'm worried the profile may not work well. Anyone have any experience with 200gr 40 cal bullets and the MBF?
  9. Perfect, thank you. I'll start at 1.125.
  10. Easier said than done when he's a two states away. Fortunately I'll see him soon and can do that, but yea I agree it's best to plunk them
  11. I'm following this for a little advice as my dad just bought a shadow 2 and I'll likely be loading for it. I have 2000 124gr berry and some left over cfe pistol to burn. Mainly interested in what overall length works for that bullet so I can get a load up quickly for his gun. Any advice would be welcome, I mostly turn out 40 and don't mess with 9mm much
  12. I ordered the gs funnel off eBay until i get a bullet feeder
  13. My expander on the powder funnel measures 0.395, is that correct for the W funnel
  14. That's not acceptable for me. The bullet should be held by the slightly expanded case firm enough to make it into the seating die without falling over.
  15. Quite the opposite experience I'm having with the stock powder funnel. There's a lot of hoping and praying going that the bullet doesn't lean over and hit the mouth of the seating die.