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  1. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    WOOHOOO..... wait..... shit.
  2. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    I found the pin @ speedshooters international.... but 18 bucks for shipping sucks.... I ordered the full stop from PD along with a couple other things. As for my existing slide stop.... way ahead ya!!!
  3. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    unknown round count prior to my acquisition... I got it in December and have appx 1000-1500 through it. It needs to be noted that this was just the pin that broke. Previous owner had a Pin only vs the Slidestop. I had a full slidestop as a back up... but then with my grip, it stops the slide after every shot... so yea.. I had a single shot gun for a whole stage last night.
  4. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Thanks Grumpy!!!
  5. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Was planning on that... but I want a few backups. There's got to be a stronger one out there.
  6. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    LIGHT PRIMER STRIKES RESOLVED!!!!! Gun ran against the Freedom Ammo with the Hennein Pin and 15# hammer spring perfectly. but then....... Disaster All of a sudden the hammer wouldn't drop!!!! Yep... Broke the slide stop pin. Luckily I had another slide stop, but I continuously ride up on it to lock the slide back.... Where can I buy another Pin without the slide stop part??????
  7. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Well.... it did have 2 punches in the 28-29 range.... then when it settled @ appx 2 feet I looked at the eraser and a giant hole. Almost need to get a new pencil and retest.... but i think I got the data I was looking for. Side note... my daughter (7) asked what I was doing.... rather than bore her with details about springs, firing pins and primers... i talked to her about the scientific process and having a theory, testing, data and conclusion!!!!
  8. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Ok everyone.. I got a chance to play around with the different hammer springs and firing pins and here are the results of my own pencil test. The baseline is what was in the gun and is listed first. Unknown Hammer Spring Henning Firing Pin 2.5# Trigger Pull Pencil launch average appx 16-17" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unknown Hammer Spring Stock Firing Pin 2.5# Trigger Pull Pencil launch average appx 16-17" 15# Hammer Spring Stock Firing Pin 2.8# Trigger Pull Pencil launch average appx 18-19" 15# Hammer Spring Henning Firing Pin 2.8# Trigger Pull Pencil launch average appx 19-20" I also found a hammer spring in the package with the stock firing pin that was REALLY stiff... I can only assume it's the stock hammer spring because of these numbers... Suspect Stock Hammer Spring Stock Firing Pin 3# Trigger Pull Pencil launch average appx 23-24" Suspect Stock Hammer Spring Henning Firing Pin 3# Trigger Pull Pencil launch average appx 24-25" The henning and stock firing pin are really close with lower poundage springs... The henning only has an advantage on length as it's slightly longer. So.. without buying any other parts... I'm going to see how the 15# spring and Henning pin do with lighting off the Freedom Munitions... if I have any hiccups on the primers with that, then I can put the stock hammer spring back in the gun between stages. Thank you for the help everyone and I will let everyone know how the match goes this Sunday. Hopefully I'm done with misfire/clearing jam practice!!!
  9. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Ok..... thank you all for the info everyone!!! I just need to find some time to apply and test it. I do have another question/theory for you all, but I will save that for post testing if I'm still experiencing the problem.
  10. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Yea... I thought that too... but it is an unknown spring to me. It might be another 13# for all I know. Anyway... I'm going to do some of my own pencil testing when I get a chance this week just to see what the trigger pull/hammer spring/firing pin gives me the best combo.
  11. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    Well coming from an M&P I was able to get my trigger pull down to 3.5. I've had this thing as low as 2 (with a damaged trigger return spring. Right now it's at appx 3.2 with a stock trigger return spring. I didn't have an increase going from a 13# hammer spring to the spring that came installed. As long as I'm around the 3# and can feed it anything, I will be happy. But right now... when I have a 16 round stage and have 3 LPS's... It doesn't matter how light the trigger is, my HF sucks.
  12. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    What hammer spring do you use?
  13. Light Primer Strike Diagnosis....... (SORRY)

    I have a love hate relationship with troubleshooting.... I like changing 1 thing at a time, as I know for sure what the problem was... but then I want it fixed now.... LOL Good thing is I can strip this thing down at a match and replace just about anything I need on the fly. Single sided safety is awesome to allow access to everything at the rear of the gun without too much trouble!!! Oh... it's the Henning Pin... EGD Trigger. Heaviest known spring I have is the 15#. I think I'll pencil test them each... I know it won't match against the "official" test, but I'll at least be able to see the difference. Thanks for all the help guys... now to just apply it!!!!