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  1. New Franchi Affinity + Parts vs Used Benelli

    Awesome, thanks! MOA just got my Franchi so should get it done pretty soon. Still need to figure out how to get it to me here in Illinois though
  2. Central Illinois Noob

    I shoot at Bloomington weekly USPSA and then Danville USPSA + outlaw 3 gun which is quite a bit of a drive for you.
  3. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Gotcha. Will buy some primers from the local shop!
  4. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Ah, I have an absolute ton of Fiocchi small pistol primers still. Didn't know you could interchange them. I am considering Prvi bullets as well, but I am really hoping to spend <$0.13 per bullet, and the Hornady 55gr gets great reviews everywhere I read. Luckily Powder Valley has a $150 free shipping promo which is getting me to spend more money right now
  5. Since these are both small rifle + pistol, it looks like the equipment changeover is fairly simple with just changing out the plate. Am I missing anything else? I know I will have to make adjustments with the case feeder itself as well as the drop tube + shuttle. I don't expect to load a ton of .223 so I'm trying to evaluate if it's worth getting the plate to feed .223 cases versus just handloading them into the shell plate. I usually load in mass so I'm not going to be changing constantly between .223 and 9mm.
  6. duplicate

  7. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Oh wow, that is awesome, especially that first group. I was thinking about getting the Hornady 55gr FMJ BT just to learn how to reload on and maybe get some SMKs for matches (though not likely). It would bring down the cost of each .223 round quite a bit. Is there any difference in rifle primers like there is for pistol primers?
  8. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Thanks for all the tips. I haven’t decided what bullet I’m getting yet but I’m leaning heavily towards the Hornady HPBT 55gr or 68gr. I know SMKs are better, but I don’t think I’ll benefit much at the distances I’ll shoot at. Not to mention my Barrel isn’t a premium barrel, just a Ballistic Advantage barrel. I’ve ordered my dies, and I will probably order the decapping die and trimmer some time so I can start prepping the brass. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. TACCOM MG vs Sport Series

    I will test this further this Friday. But one thing I’m noticing is that the shells tend to move out of alignment. I think I may end up picking up some Sport caddies or IPs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. TACCOM MG vs Sport Series

    Got my 12up in. Seems to work well enough. The shells do get knocked loose if the caddy takes a direct impact. Otherwise, jumping up and down and running, the shells seem to stay in place. Not sure if the shells would get knocked loose on direct impact if it’s in say IPs? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    I have absolutely no clue what powder I'm going to use! I've heard great things about CFE223. I can get H335 locally as well. I'm currently using Shooters World Clean Shot for 9mm which I believe is a spherical powder. I'm not planning to make a primer or powder order anytime soon for 9mm stuff so I'll probably just buy rifle powder + primers locally.
  12. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Ahh gotcha. Yes, they make a small base and a full length X-Die, but I'll probably get the full length. You're right though, I am going to be picking up range brass, and it's highly likely that I will get other peoples' brass as well as my own. I guess I'll find myself trimming every piece of brass then and might as well just get the cheaper die set. I'll probably just get the standard RCBS Full Length Die Set. If I am reading this correctly, the full length sizer die should expand the case mouth so I don't need to expand the neck while dropping the powder into the case. I can't decide if I want to get a second powder drop for loading rifle or if I just want to get another Hornady Powder Drop Die. I have a PTX in my current powder drop so I don't want to have to deal with constantly messing around with that when switching back and forth. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/231522/hornady-quick-change-powder-die
  13. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Yup, I usually deprime first then throw it into my ultrasonic cleaner! I could just use the X-Die couldn't I? Or would it probably be a bad idea since the cases would be dirty?
  14. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Oh that's neat. So going along with the lines of what M1A4ME said, you could just use that pocket gauge when sorting .223 into a military crimp vs non-military crimp. Will probably get that since I'm alway sorting my brass then I get range pick ups. Don't think I will sort by headstamp though.
  15. Newbie .223 reloading questions

    Yea, I saw those swaging dies. Hornady had a really nice kit for the LNL for ~$80. This is what I'm looking at right now. I've heard nothing but good things about the Giraud Triway. I'm still unsure what route I want to go with the primer pocket though. Also have no clue what I want to do with bullets. I'll probably just get Hornady since I don't think I'll shoot beyond 200 yards regularly.