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  1. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    If you have the safety already, the best thing to do is to try. Neither of those safeties are on the list of selectors that don't work so I would imagine they will work. The issue seems to be a combination of out of spec lowers as well as the cuts on the safety levers.
  2. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    Haha. We're too distracted by the SiC. I just placed the order for the P07 though, I don't think I will find anything else similar at $400+15 FFL for a new gun. I really considered the P10C, but I just prefer DA first pull I think. What kind of tape did you lay the SiC on? Is it just SiC on normal grip tape?
  3. Magazine Catch Spring Screw is Loose

    How'd the match go? Everything good? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    Thanks! Post updated with pics + links. I've heard the Armaspec works as well? Anyone confirm?
  5. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    Oh awesome, I haven't come across Hera yet. Are those all in 90* or 45*?
  6. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    Ahh. I like those a lot. Wait so you made that tape yourself? Or is it epoxied directly to the gun. That looks professional!
  7. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    Oh man.. I really want an FDE P07 but those aren't on sale I only see one pic?
  8. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    I didn't think about the grip aggressiveness. Though to be honest, I'm rarely going to carry as I cannot carry here. I keep flip flopping between the P07 and P10C Just can't make up my mind. I'm worried about grip because if I ever do have to use it for its intended purpose, I know my hands will be super sweaty, and I want to make sure I can pull off the shot I need. Another reason why I am hesitant to go with the P07 since I know my DA shooting isn't the best (I'm working on it).
  9. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    Strike Industries Switch? They have a few.
  10. For those of you with Hiperfire 24C safeties, what safeties have you found to work? I've asked Hiperfire and Strike Industries, and I get conflicting information. Hiperfire says a Strike Industry safety works, and Strike Industry said none of the safeties work. Can we crowd source real tested safeties to generate our own list? Trigger: 24C or 24ECL Safety: Throw: 45, 60, 90 Thanks! 90 Deg Throw CMMG Ambi-Safety ($30) - Flatland Shooter - PCC and .223 Hera Arms ($30) - Intenselmage KE Arms ($35) - Intenselmage Radian Talons ($57) - Intenselmage Short Throw Hera Arms - Intenselmage KE Arms - Intenselmage Radian Talons - Intenselmage Seekins Precision ($38) - alma Noveske Ambi Short Throw ($38) - 3gunDQ
  11. USPA Resistance

    The slowdown with PCC is a little absurd IMO. They usually shoot so much faster than the pistol shooters that any time spent at the start or end, it's a wash.
  12. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    Thank you! I have Grip Enhancer, but since this would be a carry or home defense gun, I don't want to rely on it.
  13. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    I completely forgot about the silicon carbide option. Dang, I'm really thinking about getting the P07 now!!
  14. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    Dang. That's not what I want to hear. My hands get ridiuclously sweaty even if it's winter. Do you know if stippling will make a big difference? I don't want to get the P07 at a discount only to find it won't work for me and end up getting a P01 just so I can get grips.
  15. CZ P07 Grip Aggressiveness

    I hvae my eye on the $390 P07 from iAmmo right now, but I'm worried about the grip. Can anyone compare the aggressiveness to a pair of LOK Bogies? Or if stipling can accomplish a similar effect? I have super sweaty hands unfortunately.