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  1. Which Shadow 2 finish holds up best?

    I have holster wear near the tip of the rail, and I wouldn't say I've drawn the gun that much compared to people like ArrDave and rowdyb here. That said, like ArrDave realized, it's a competition gun, and it doesn't really bother me. It's still black underneath the poly. I'm actually looking forward to the day it gets so beat up that I can justify recoating it in something else.
  2. Reloading in a compact space: my setup

    Jealous. That looks factory!
  3. Table start (production)

    Awesome, thanks! Looks like it's just a flick with the weak hand. The table we were lifting off of was pretty short which I think felt awkward to grab (esp with the cold). I think I probably should have taken a lower squat stance to do it.
  4. Barrel Selection Help

    18" proof! I'm jealous. I went with 18" only to get a rifle-length system, but I was recently shown that there are 16" rifle length barrels out there
  5. FYI... Menards sells butcher block "counters"

    Was considering this but decided to go with a 30" depth pine board instead.
  6. Dillon Powder Check

    The lines are part of the camera, not the monitor. So if you bought camera I linked, you can remove the back up lines OR undo the mirror.
  7. Dillon Powder Check

    You just cut the wire and then the back up lines go away. Hmm. I turned off my light, and I can't see into the case. Only when I start to raise the ram then I can see into the case. Hmm, I guess it's possible that the LNL has longer travel with the ram setting the case further from the camera, but that seems a little odd to me. I'll experiment with holding the camera closer, but I believe that didn't work too well either. I honestly got the camera to see if cases tipped over. I've never really had issues seeing the powder level looking over, and it is waaaaay easier with the KMS2 light. It's absolutely incredible how bright this light is.
  8. Which Shadow 2 finish holds up best?

    Woah, that's the first I've heard. That said, I really see no point in paying extra for the nitride version since they're all nitride underneath.
  9. USPSA First Time Reloader Dillon 550 vs 650 etc

    I use a LNL with a Hornady bullet feeder and case feeder. After spending some time tuning it, I really don't have that many problems anymore. The bullet feeder is super loud though so I would recommend against that, but the case feeder works great. Have had zero issues with priming except sometimes they get stuck in the chute, but that might be my fault, not sure yet.
  10. M-lok Hand stop

    http://slrrifleworks.com/index.php?route=product/category&path=97_98 SLR handstops.
  11. Anticipating causing low hits

    Pretty sure it's just jerking the trigger. Not gonna get fixed especially if he doesn't accept that he's jerking the trigger and misdiagnoses it as anticipating recoil.
  12. Clean Glock, greater accuracy?

    I think you also need to realize that accuracy for USPSA purposes is not really that high with shots rarely going past 25 yards (if that). Also, there is one bulls eye competitor who shoots a CZ and pretty much never cleans his gun, and he still gets incredible scores.
  13. Dillon Powder Check

    Hmmmm. I'm really perplexed now. Your picture looks so much better than mine! Maybe just different powder types? I am using a Hornady press so maybe that's different enough, but I just don't see how I can position the camera to look into the case without interfering with the press.
  14. RHT holster play?

    It was to follow RHT's spec. 1/8" gap at the end of the holster.
  15. RHT holster play?

    I tightened mine down so my S2 won't fall out of the holster when held upside down, but it's way too tight now. I've been shaving the kydex like mad, and my draws are slower.