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  1. AR triggers (2018)

    Love my Hiperfire, but I have no experience with others.
  2. CZ mag pouches question

    Racer pouches fit my CZs no problem. Bullets out as well. I think most people I've seen are running Racers too.
  3. My Shadow 2 modifications

    Hmm, never heard of anyone doing that before. They work fine with the extended FP??
  4. Holster for Shadow 2

    You need to select two colors. If you want the same color then pick the same color for both. I'd definitely go doulbe layer though since it's stiffer.
  5. CZ Tight Chamber and where to have it reemed

    9mm barrel reaming is pretty cheap. Not a bad option if you don't want to work up a new load. https://patriotdefense.com/product/9mm-barrel-reaming-service/
  6. CZ Custom BULL Shadow Review!

    Isn't this going to change it entirely because you lose the bushing. That's a pretty big modification, no?
  7. My Shadow 2 modifications

    11.5 in my S2 shoots pretty much all ammos no problem!
  8. CZ Custom BULL Shadow Review!

    I have a feeling it will take a long time for it to qualify for Production since it's a custom shop gun with the bull barrel.
  9. Holosun 503G Red dot for 200 yards and less??

    Ah, well a 200 yard zero will get you pretty much the same hold as a 50 yard shot so those extra hold overs won't really be that necessary IMO. Whether you prefer the triangle over the standard dot is personal preference. I like the circle dot reticle for fast acquisition.
  10. Holosun 503G Red dot for 200 yards and less??

    Uhh triangle? 503G should have a circle dot reticle?
  11. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    I'm an idiot. *headdesk* I THOUGHT I installed the barrel correctly... Nope. flipped it around. Works great now.
  12. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    I'm an idiot. Works.
  13. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    Awesome, thanks! I was about to buy the Armaspec, but the Ascend came in a bit cheaper. Plus, no tax since I'm in Illinois
  14. Flying with Guns

    MTM or Plano. Otherwise use factory cardboard. Or just load up your mags if you fly Southwest.
  15. Flying with Guns

    Just wanted to say that my pelican case did set off their alarm. Granted I was shooting a comped AR in a tiny indoor range. I don’t think you need to clean your guns but clean the case. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk