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  1. How long does your local USPSA match last?

    Im trying to figure out how this would work can you explain how you would get say 90 shooters through a 6 stage match with a half day format like you describe?
  2. The future of IPSC

    Proportionate voting would be a good start, either based on membership numbers, or even better based on mission count. Either way it would better represent the shooters not just the regions.
  3. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    Yes But unfortunatly there is no penalty prescribed so if they do it we loose more time telling them they can't and arguing over the non existent penalty. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G935A using Tapatalk
  4. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    I don't agree with your logic, But I also don't agree with Troys logic. The only penalty I could see being applied to leaving wherever you were given the Make Ready command would be a 10.5.1 DQ and that would only be if the competitor drew their gun and ran "away" from the RO far enough for the RO to feel the shooter was no longer under his direct supervision.
  5. Where is the "Make Ready Location"

    how would 10.2.2 come into effect? that addresses not following the WSB and Make ready is not part of the WSB.
  6. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    Just out of curiosity other than berating the shooter for doing it what is the penalty for breaking and taking a couple steps after being given Make Ready?
  7. No there is no penalty in fixed time stages for not shooting enough shots or having enough hits. ( Even in Virginia count there is no additional penalty for not shooting enough shots beyond the miss penalties that will be earned. ( addresses no penalty for not following the wsb in regards to number of shots fired)
  8. 929 trigger pull weight

    I'm just surprised it was that low to begin with :-)
  9. Single Stack firearm question.

    well depending on the match you are attending you may want a 9mm minor gun or a 40 or 45 major gun, Both would probably be best. Other than that sighs, grips, and a magwell you like, oh and one that runs 100%
  10. Revolver in production

    Hadn't thought about that, but although the geometry is different and it doesn't feel right, I can pull my apex hammer back and have it catch in single action mode. no its not on a regular SA notch and the trigger feels like crap, it still functions, and I would argue that per the description in the ruling it "function identically to the internals on the OFM hammer" per the example given in the ruling it hasn't changed the mode of operation of the trigger, and the CZ hammers the ruling targeted have different internal geometry.
  11. Revolver in production

    Yes per a recent ruling, that has caused a bit of commotion with the production crowd. (4/12/17 effective date) "As long as the internal parts of the hammer used as a replacement function identically to the internals on the OFM hammer, replacing the hammer is allowed, despite the outward appearance. For example, an OFM hammer that functions as part of a decocking system can be replaced with an aftermarket hammer that looks externally different as long as it continues to function as a decocker hammer. Changing the function to a manually decocked hammer is not allowed, as this essentially changes the model of firearm."
  12. Revolver in production

    Well not "NO" external mods, but only approved external mods like you can use any grip you would like. or change the sights ect. and now just recently it became OK to use any hammer you would like. The new hammer ruling removes the main reason I have never shot any of my revo's in production.
  13. NPA, Stance, and Wide Transitions

    It doesn't mater, Left, Right, Both, whatever You have to try things and see what will get your eyes and gun from one target to another the fastest. each array will present differently how you are approaching and leaving that array will also have an impact on how you turn and where it is best for your feet to be. Do practice the ideas given in this thread, but don't get stuck thinking one answer is the right one and will always work best, try a couple different ways ways during your walk through on the stage to have a better idea what will work best in that instance.
  14. Area 5 match - Production GM

    After reading this yesterday I watched a video of Ben shooting a stage in Norway? on FB today, and the fist thing I noticed was his almost frantic movement between positions but the comparatively calm shooting once at the position. Charlies excellent breakdown highlighted that "do everything but shoot faster" example.
  15. new 9mm ss rock

    I used the directions HERE to get a pretty darn good trigger on a RIA 9mm for my wife. I didn't have a sear jig at the time so I skipped that part, the trigger is pretty clean at 2.5lb now. not a glass break uber awesome trigger but worlds better than stock.