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  1. 150 gr 9mm. Blue Bullet Load for 5.25 XDM

    That's exactly what I use too
  2. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    So I got 3 old style STI mags, and one new style one. Along with a Para to STI conversion mag catch from Canyon Creek Problem is, the STI mags are too tall. There is a fair amount of up and down play for the mag due to the mag catch slot, and if fully inserted the slide smashes into the feed lips. If I apply downward pressure on the mag as I drop the slide, the mag falls out of the gun. If I load a few dummy rounds and hand cycle the gun, it works half the time, and falls out of the gun half the time. To remedy this, I took some material off of the tops of the feed lips of the new style STI tube I got, and that mag feeds reliably now and stays locked in the gun. I ran about 120 rounds through it without issue. I'm just a bit hesitant to do it to all three without getting some feedback first, because the old style tubes have a slightly different feed lip profile than the new ones.
  3. Titegroup vs N320 for 45ACP w/ 230gr HiTek coated

    Finally got around to chronoing the TG loads yesterday, For interested parties: 4.2 4.4 4.6 801.8 803.6 823.4 808.5 811.4 840 810.5 792.1 838.7 795.6 820.3 823.2 808.6 794.7 816.8 810.4 800.1 820.3 806.5 805.1 836.6 801.7 806.1 836.9 831.6 787.8 839.1 796.1 831.5 804.9 835.5 807.2 828 793.9 850 820.9 813.6 AVG 807.45 802.36 832.31 SD 9.81 10.05 9.47 ES 37.70 32.50 33.20 PF 185.71 184.54 191.43 Wish I had a better explanation for you as to why the 4.2 load was hotter than the 4.4 One thing I will say, is that the brass looks odd after firing. I'll try and get a picture up. When using TG in 9mm, I found the cases to be very sooty on lighter loads. With all three of these 45ACP loads, I'm finding that the brass takes on a silvery coloring in one location -- almost looks like the area of the brass that rides along the feed ramp?
  4. Zombie green bullets?

    I used EM bullets (yes, the Zombie green ones!) in 9mm and 45ACP without issue. They aren't the prettiest looking things or the cheapest, but they shot fine. I didn't really work up a load with them (I bought a ton of sample packs from different vendors and settled on a winner before getting to the EMs) but they still grouped as accurately as I could shoot them.
  5. Softest 9mm Minor Powder?

    I'm a big fan of N320 and Blue Bullet 147gr RN.Yeah, N320 is expensive (I paid $32/lb shipped price for 8lb in the fall) but it's still only 1.5 cents worth of powder per round, so who cares. The bullet cost is the driver, not the powder.
  6. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    I ended up finding a guy that had a Para to STI conversion mag catch, so I ordered that and a few STI mags to try out. I'll update you guys once everything comes in, and I get it fitted and to the range.
  7. Rock Island Hi Cap pistols

    What's everyone's experience with 140mm tubes in the 40SW widebodies? I assume the MBX ones work great, but how about the cheaper options, such as the SPS 21rd ones? Has anyone had luck with STI tubes? From what I understand the notch is not in the correct place -- is anyone making a Para to STI conversion mag catch these days? I couldn't seem to find one on Google. I've had too many issues lately with the MecGar P16 mags + Dawson basepads, that I want to go in a more reliable direction -- MBX is just not in my budget right now.
  8. RIA Pro Ultra Match (wide body 1911) FTE

    Thanks for the info -- which Arredondo inserts did you use? I'm only seeing them offered in 9/38 and 45 on the website (https://www.arredondoaccessories.com/collections/inserts/products/magazine-inserts?variant=30586014541) EDIT nevermind, I now see that they are labeled as P16 & 38 super
  9. RIA Pro Ultra Match (wide body 1911) FTE

    Any issues shoving 20 into the mags? I use MG Para mags with the Arredondo springs/followers and Dawson toolless pads and I had all sorts of issues this weekend when I loaded to 20. Followers getting stuck and mags turning into shakers, etc. I stuck to 18rd in each after that as a precaution.
  10. RIA Pro Ultra Match (wide body 1911) FTE

    Good to hear you fixed it. I have the 51782 (widebody .40, with the rail) that I bought used, and it runs really well. I will say though, the extractor tension on this is a lot higher than any other 1911 I've personally detail stripped (which isn't a ton, maybe 5?)
  11. Titegroup vs N320 for 45ACP w/ 230gr HiTek coated

    I tried 4.2, 4.4, and 4.6gr TG at 1.251" today. All shot well. I didn't have my chrono, so I'll need to check the 4.2gr load to make sure I'm making velocity and then load some more up.
  12. 45ACP / 45GAP dies

    Also, just a heads up, rangebrass.us is a pretty reliable source for 45GAP brass. You can also try Paul at K&D (http://www.kdcartridgeandsupply.com/) but I remember him telling me about a year ago that he believed his source was drying up, because that department was getting rid of their G37s. Ultimately, that's the only reason I got rid of mine, I got sick of having to chase brass everywhere. I always liked the caliber and I think it does .45 better than .45ACP does, but the world is so entrenched in 45ACP (and understandably so) that it was never going to catch on in the mainstream.
  13. Titegroup vs N320 for 45ACP w/ 230gr HiTek coated

    SNS I presume, based on your handle, haha What are you loading them to? Absolute max length for my barrel with those is 1.255" to plunk and spin.
  14. 45ACP / 45GAP dies

    I used to have a G37. I never ran into "Glocked" brass in that caliber. 45GAP is only like 23k max PSI, compared to the 37.5k of 40SW and 10mm. I do push through sizing on all of my 10mm and 40SW brass. I used Dillon dies (which I still use in 45ACP). Titegroup worked pretty well for me in 45GAP, with 185gr and 200gr. I never tried 230gr bullets.
  15. Titegroup vs N320 for 45ACP w/ 230gr HiTek coated

    Looks like 4.6gr of TG loaded to 1.251" will be a similar load to my RMR Thundercast 230 lead Bullseye load (4.7gr at 1.225") in terms of velocity and recoil, according to Quickload. I'll try and load some up this week to test next weekend.