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  1. Case lube leaving moisture

    Might also try tumbling in corn cob/walnut after to remove the lube.
  2. Double Alpha

    I bought my DAA Alpha-X holster last year on Black Friday. I believe the % off was scaled based on how much you spent.
  3. This is a costly solution, but ran across it the other day and thought it was pretty cool. https://lvl10i.com/collections/all-products/products/650xl-primer-assembly-removal-install-socket
  4. I went ahead and bought one with the sale they were running in September. I currently don't have any cases that need swaging, but I did use the decapper on a short ~150 run of 40 brass. It worked well. I think that I will keep using it as my primary decapper until I have a need to use the swage die.
  5. Lead poisoning while hand loading

    I believe he typo'd and meant to put hand loaded as the last word of the sentence.
  6. I believe these dies are just recently produced. I think they have been working on the for the last few months.
  7. Has anyone had any experience with the Mighty Armory decapping or swaging dies? The swaging on a single stage intrigues me rather than the Dillon Swager. Just curious if anyone has used these products.
  8. Need load recipe for wst

    I'm running 1.16 OAL so take that into consideration, but I am using 4.65 gr. of WST and 180 gr. Black Bullets coated bullet. Just went 169.9 PF at a major a few weeks ago.
  9. Dies for 650

    I have Dillon dies for 9mm, but shortly I will be ordering the EGW U-Die as I have a lot that are failing to plunk. They all have a slight bulge on the bottom of the case where it is not getting resized.
  10. spherical bushing self destruct

    I have no clue what would cause that, but I think a lot of responses you will get here is to contact the builder and see what they say.
  11. He is shooting production with a hammer fired gun. He has to drop the hammer on the gun before starting. You can see his left hand lowering the hammer when he pulls the trigger.
  12. Should I Collect My Brass

    Either way, I would say it is worth it. If you ever plan to start reloading save all the brass you can. I am kicking myself because a year ago I thought I would never reload 223 as I didn't have a press I could do it on. A few months pass by and I got a good deal on a 650. Now I am kicking myself for selling 1500 pieces of 223 brass. If nothing else, as others have said, you can always sell it in the classifieds brass section, or send it in to a company that offers a credit program.
  13. Ear pro survey

    I went to a local audiologist and got molded earplugs made. It cost 160 total out the door. They have a filter that deadens loud noises, but still allow you to hear normally otherwise. So far they have been fantastic. I was interested to see how they were going to work as they are not electronic, but I have no complaints.
  14. Uspsa website info

    The range you shot at on 4/15 takes about 2 weeks to get the scores into USPSA. I would bet that the next update (Next Wednesday) will show your scores.
  15. Also, talking to squad mates is a good way to find out of other matches.