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  1. Dillon prices

    Dillon prices are pretty much consistent across the board. Best you will find is shipping deals or credits on their site but its like a weber grill doesn't matter where you get it as far as the price goes. Kracken pop is almost exactly the same price as dillon.
  2. DAA holster insert block

    I've see a bunch of guys including myself have trouble with the PT grip in the STI block. I ended up getting the PT block and the problem was solved. Mine hung up a couple times at a match and that was it for me. You shouldn't have much trouble selling the STI block if you switched.
  3. Compensator effective?

    My fault read that too fast and misunderstood. Gotcha now.
  4. Compensator effective?

    Couldn't that be the result of a 40 something point reduction in power factor and not the comp working the gas. My understanding was that minor guns required a smaller compensator to effectively use the available gas. What I'm getting at is if you fitted a different comp, one more geared towards minor loads on that gun with factory minor ammo you would be significantly flatter than your major loads. Not just about the same.
  5. I could see that skewing the hit factors for divisions if it was that easy. At a certain point you could just shoot single stack and have it count for 3 divisions or production for 4 divisions. I do wish limited and limited 10 were lumped into one tho. Thats the only instance it kind of makes sense to me. There is the ocassional classifier that requires a mag change for L10 and not Limited. So there is that.
  6. What did I buy? A 2011 story.

    Def looks like its been shot a bit but if its running who cares. Doesnt matter. One question tho, whats up with you mag release button?
  7. Recent DNROI Letter (Front Line)

    I was in the same position. Got scolded for doing the same thing. The RO's on that stage were a little intense if you ask me. I didn't think much of the blanket procedural for pre pasting either. I mean really its an accident 99.9 percent of the time or more. You know when something fishy is going on.
  8. help identifying belt in very short video

    Would be fine. Looks plenty secure just doubt it would be ideal for what were doing in competition.
  9. KrakenPop - unresponsive?

    I had similar issues with them taking forever to ship stuff. It always came but it was insanely slow. I think they drop ship a lot of their stuff so I don't think its always in their control. Annoying either way.
  10. P320 X5 Thread

    Am I the only one that prefers the curved trigger over the flat x5 trigger. I keep going back and forth and prefer the curved.
  11. Same thing in limited you get a couple extra shots for the lack of recoil. And yes this has been beaten to death and then some in the same thread several guys have mentioned already.
  12. WSM2 vs DAA Race Master

    Yes they offer a muzzle support. Its not included but double alpha does make one.
  13. Open or limited holster question

    Alpha X. I have had both and I found the alpha x is much easier to set up. You can also remove the alpha x from the hanger and not lose any settings. This is nice if you travel and don't want it to get beat up. You cant do that with the regular race master. They both use the exact same retention device and they are interchangeable. So as far as the draw feel they are the same.
  14. P320 Safety question

    Yes similar to a Glock just no visible trigger safety. I wouldn't say DA only though. Striker fired guns are very different from DA only guns.
  15. WSM2 vs DAA Race Master

    I have had both and I'm 100% recommending the race master holster. Really nice set up and if you need to keep it locked in the beginning of a stage for some strange reason its way easier to unlock on the draw. Thats not something I would recommend but if the need arises its much better. I would recommend the alpha x even more. It has the exact same retention device/guts as the race master but a much better adjustment system. The WSM2 is cheaper to switch between platforms as it is just shims that can be added or removed but the DAA holster is just a better product all around.