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  1. I looked and didn't see pre loaded Kodi sticks
  2. The edge is a nice gun, but I have shot the hex a bit as well and it really is a good gun. You can't go wrong either way. The Hex lets you play in IDPA.
  3. In the mkt for a chrono, how accurate is this? Do you have any exp with Magnetospeed Sporter Barrel Mount Chronograph?
  4. Brass Storage Container Ideas?

    I bought three 18 gal bins for my common calibers. These are filled with clean brass. I have a 30 gal tub for lose brass. The plan it to sort range brass that I have collected out and scrap all rifle brass and sell excess 9mm
  5. How did wax & shine work?
  6. FART is fine but there is always media clean-up issue. I Wet tumble w/o pins and use lemi shine, vinegar, and dish soap and comes out plenty clean. I rinse twice and tumble in hot water for 15 min to remove all residue.
  7. 9MM - Lee Classic Turret VS. Pro1000

    Please buy the Dillon:) I had 2 of each and the primer system is not consistent over the long haul. I spent a year learning the hard way.
  8. How to blacken brass?

    I use a fair amount of vinegar and get a purple hue.
  9. Unis Ginex primers

    I second that! Price can't be beat.

    Shot in both .40 and 9mm.

    I have used Acme, S&S, Blue and Bayou and find S&S seat the best hands down, with Bayou giving the best accuracy. I think for this game price is the main issue.
  12. Training advice (SIRT?)

    That thing is tight, but I will let him know about this thanks!
  13. Training advice (SIRT?)

    I borrowed a buddies and one thing I found was that the trigger was very heavy and lead to fatigue very quickly. Is there a way to adjust the trigger pull?
  14. Dry Fire Training Regimen?

    Agreed, its just a pain to keep a log, but it is necessary to show progress.
  15. I WHOLLY AGREE!! I have used the Lee extensively to avoid paying for the Dillon, but I finally came around and have nothing but positives. I find the Lee is more for tinkerers (no offense intended). The Lee is a fine machine overall, but until they find a better primer system loading can really be inconsistent.