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  1. IWB at tier 2 - 4 matches?

    I'm pretty sure it's only faster for me at this moment because it's how I've been dry firing and competing with for the past several months. I doubt I'll shoot the tier 4 match IWB, but I was curious if anyone has seen other shooters compete IWB at high levels. I've only seen one person at the 3 matches I've done, but a lot at the local club matches Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  2. IWB at tier 2 - 4 matches?

    Ah. So it's the re-holstering that could be the issue. I was thinking it was the drawand people were getting called out for sweeping their body, for these who carry behind the hip. Was curious if that's an issue has there are lots shapes and sizes of people. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  3. IWB at tier 2 - 4 matches?

    I've been shooting my local matches with an iwb and t-shirt for no reason other than to just do it and not wearing a vest or jacket. I've been thinking about shooting my next higher tier match with the same setup. Has anyone here done this? I saw a discussion on Facebook about this and a couple of guys did not recommend it due to "overkill SOs" constantly warning you about muzzling yourself. Given that a shooter is just as fast, or possibly faster, using an IWB and t-shirt rig versus OWB and vest rig do you see any issues with this? Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  4. P09 safety - Homebrewed enlarged safety

    Did you post this on the CZ Facebook group? Somebody did a few months ago and they did a really good job at it too Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
  5. lee powder measure with titegroup..needing 3.2g??

    I did this. Drilled a hole in the side of the smaller disk then put in a screw. I consitently get 3.0gr of titegroup for the past 1,500ish rounds
  6. Anyone shooting Beretta's in IDPA.

    Does the safety need to be activated in IDPA SSP and USPSA Production? Or is decocked, safety off allowed?
  7. CCW Opinon - P-01 Omega, P-07 Omega or 75 D

    I shoot and carry a P07 and P09. I handled a P01 a couple weeks ago and I liked it a lot.. was a little thinner than the P07 and I think that would make a big different when carrying IWB
  8. How to beat the heat?

    Do those sun slevees work well? I feel like the tight sleeves would be worse in the heat, but I guess I will give them a shot
  9. P09 open Minor

    Now I want a comp ?
  10. Which gun(s) rule CCP?

    Used mine at an IDPA match a couple weeks ago with cz competition rear sight installed and all the usual trigger goodies. There are a lot of nice ccp options to choose from, but I'm very happy where I am at. 9mm loaded hot enough to make 125 pf from a short barreled gun has just enough snap to be entertaining. Nice. I have the CZ sights and wrapped the stock grips in some grip tape. I'm thinking about an extended firing pin with a new hammer spring next. What do you have in yours?
  11. Using different capacity mags to start with on different stages

    That is what I thought. Thanks everyone ?
  12. Let's say you're shooting CDP or CCP. Are you allowed to start one stage with an 8 round mag loaded with 8+1, but on another stage use a 7 round mag loaded with 7+1? I have seen this done before to make it more convenient to slide lock reload, but I never remember to ask at the time.
  13. how much handgun ammo did you shoot last year?

    Last year was probably 1,500 ish ?
  14. and I think the 2011 RIA use para mags.. There's a big thread in the RIA high capacity in the 1911 style subsection
  15. Glock 34 MOS SSP legal

    It is legal