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  1. Ammo Catching @ match

    You really read all of this? Wow.
  2. PCC in USPSA

    There are entirely different skill sets involved between a pistol and a rifle. That is pretty obvious. To combine the classification process in any way does nothing but a disservice to the sport. Rifles do not belong here. I'm sure it is fun, but rifles really need to go to a completly separate match. The experiment is a failure.
  3. Scoring Procedure

    I said the timer is pointed at the scorekeeper, and that is all. There is no verbal announcement of the time. I am also a CRO, and I also point the timer to the scorekeeper while clearing the shooter. However, the shooter shouldn't have to ask for the time. I'm fully aware of the rules. They are not at all being followed in the scenario I described.
  4. Scoring Procedure

    I have noticed scoring procedures changing at local matches, and wonder if others have any input. My experience has been that after the RO calls "range is clear", they would immediately call out the time for all to hear. They would then go to each target and call out the hits. The scorekeeper would repeat back the call so that there was no misunderstanding. The rest of the squad would be following the RO taping and resetting. What I have noticed on an increasing basis is that the scorekeeper is scoring targets as the stage is being shot. The RO may become involved on a few targets. Often, other shooters are scoring targets. The scorekeeper has paid no attention to the shooter during shooting. Often, and this is really annoying, the RO doesn't call out the time, they simply point the timer towards the scorekeeper. Really? I have to ask for the time? The shooter has no clue as to the hits on each target as it has mostly been done quietly. Seems like the scoring is an important part of the game. I guess the reason for all of this haste is to make the stage go faster, but the time is in resetting, not scoring. Besides, the scorekeeper really is ignoring their safety and scoring responsibilities while the stage is being shot. So is this just non trained RO's, or is this the way scoring is done now?
  5. Don Elms

    Don has been with his son near Houston for the last year or so. Donald W. Elms, of, The Woodlands, passed away March 26, 2017. He was born in Evanston, Illinois on December 25, 1930. Donald graduated from Todd School of Boys Woodstock, Illinois in 1949. He was married to Hideko Tanizawa on November 15, 1955 until her passing on March 8, 1971, Donald then married Jean Tewksbury on September 15, 1972 until she passed on June 29, 2016. Donald served 30 years in the United States Army as a Combat Engineer. During his distinguished career, he served one tour in Korea and two tours in Vietnam. Donald received many awards and medals including the Purple Heart. Command Sergeant Major Elms retired in 1979 and lived in Rio Rancho, New Mexico, until the passing of his second wife, Jean. In July 2016, Donald moved to The Woodlands, TX to be close to his son, granddaughter and great-grandchildren. He was a lifetime member of NRA and had a passion for competitive rifle/pistol shooting, stamps, and hunting. He was preceded in death by his parents; Willard F. Elms and Dorothy M. Leber Elms and sister; Adrienne Swenson. He is survived by one son; Richard W. Elms, daughter; Nancy M. Warren, grandchildren; Ashley Elms Hayden, Kyle Warren, great-grandchildren; Bryce, Brynley, Brooke, Britton Hayden, and Valerie Warren. The family will have a private service at a later date. In lieu of flowers, a memorial gift can be made to the Alzheimer’s Association to: Donald Elms, 54 E. Wedgemere Circle, The Woodlands, TX 77381
  6. Don Elms

    Don Elms of Albuquerque has passed away this last Sunday. Don was a long time leader in the Albuquerque shooting sports, and a mentor to many. He will be missed. He was known for, among other things, his one-liners. My favorite has always been "This is America, you can do what you want."
  7. MidwayUSA 165gr 40 clearance

    Rainier, Good price! https://www.midwayusa.com/product/1050337508/rainier-leadsafe-bullets-40-s-and-w-10mm-auto-400-diameter-165-grain-plated-round-nose-flat-point
  8. I know the new owner (management). He has not announced anything formally yet, so I won't either. I do know he knows how to make it work, and I have no doubt he will.
  9. Extended firing pin for SVI

    I use small rifle primers, so the extended firing pin gets a more consistant stike. I understand the rifle primers are a little tougher?
  10. When did this happen? I can't find anything about it.
  11. Production Unloaded Start

    No, I did not. Saw it happen to someone I don't even know.
  12. Production Unloaded Start

    The course specifies an unloaded start and the shooter has 11 rounds in his mag. Many do to begin a loaded start, but it is easy to forget. So that calls for a bump to Open: However, if a competitor fails to satisfy the equipment or other requirements of a declared Division during a course of fire, the competitor will be placed in Open Division, if available, otherwise the competitor will shoot the match for no score. Appendix D4, 9: Yes, maximum 10 rounds loaded in any magazine after the start signal So, my question is: Isn't that a bit harsh? To ruin an entire match because of 1 extra round? Perhaps just a procedural would be appropriate?
  13. Yet another failure to load

    All i could get last night...
  14. Foot Fault Procedurals

  15. I hate hashtags

    When did a number sign become a hashtag?