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  1. "Graduating" to an open gun?

    Open is we’re the fun is at. U said u are new to sport so Do you have reloading machine yet. Shoot open major me personally want to load my own.u could just get a dove tail mount take out rear sight on your cz an put red dot on. Play in carry optics. Just to see if u like the dot, some don’t. That’s what I did before getting 4 to 5 k open gun.
  2. fiber optic

    No it blows
  3. reloading dies

    I’m same have self full of dillon dies. But all my pistol tool heads have lee. I like dillons seater die.
  4. lub type

    Slip 2000 is great.
  5. What got you into Open?

    Got deal couldn’t pass up. I’m new only 2 matches in but it’s a blast. I still like limited but open we’re it at
  6. What got you into Open?

    Damn right
  7. PT grip - 2011 CK frame

    Pt classic an Sti an ck went on no fitting. Ck was tight
  8. Width of mags are no more than 1.370
  9. Once yr on springs. Never changed followers yet
  10. Extractor problems

    What caliber an what mount u have. I also have a ck with dpp with Everglades Mount. With 9 an 38 barrel. In 9 runs perfect. In super Comp I’m getting Stove pipes also.
  11. Coated bullets

    I tried some in super Comp an it was everywhere wouldn’t even call it a group. I was having Bullet set back an tried extra crimp. Think it was the problem not blue Bullets
  12. Coated bullets

    If I can get that group I’ll be happy. 9 maj or super Comp?
  13. Best mags for CK 2011 9mm open

    In 40 nothing but Sti tubes grams guts tti pads. Bought one mbx mag in 40 an I got from shooters connection. It was out of spec an mbx made good on it. But mbx didn’t work in either of my limited guns. In 9 I have 5 mbx an 4 Sti with steel spacers an grams 9 mm follower works great.
  14. Trubor light strikes?

    U can try a matt mclean I think it’s m1 firing pin. They are longer than Dawson I just ordered one. Now I did pull my primer push rod out on my dillon an it had went bad wasn’t flush anymore. U could check that. I seen someone post one time that they had rust in msh an it was the cause