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  1. You faster with your PCC or Pistol?

    Great topic, and my experience here in the Dallas area mirrors Shepards, but without that 2nd place finish on the list. USPSA is VERY competitive here, with 70 shooters showing up to most matches, and there's always 6-7 GMs, and another 10 Masters. I've only seen PCC shoot Master level on a couple of occasions, and the GMs with open pistols blow us away. Note that the stage designers around here absolutely LOVE tight, tricky stages with lots of ports, hard angles, and tons of memory games (many shooting positions covering multiple targets... did I already shoot that one???). Very few shots are all that long. We do have plate racks and the occasional Texas Star, where the PCC really helps, but lots of transitions and tight stage designs make maneuvering the PCC quite a bit more challenging than the pistol. Regarding the classifiers: I absolutely think it needs to be re-thought for PCC. I'm somewhat new to USPSA in general (shooting for 18 months), and very new to PCC (just started in February), but the static classifiers don't reflect stage skills. I've shot 5 classifiers and have a B rating, but I don't have the movement skills of that level, particularly entering shooting positions, that others have. Anyone can stand still and shoot A's all day with a rifle and red dot... the wins and losses come in movement.
  2. Favorite optic for PCC

    Running MRO, but I do like the C-more's wide open sight picture a bit better for rapid transitions.
  3. Great data, thanks for posting that! Two questions: First is the really stupid question. ES stands for what? Second, and this one is pretty subjective: any input into felt recoil among the various rounds?
  4. Scorpion owners?

    If you haven't bought it yet CZ Custom will sell the complete gun to you with the upgraded trigger installed for $1300, IIRC. That makes the trigger upgrade pretty expensive indeed, but you get an impeccable installation job. I've shot the CZ Custom carbine w/trigger installed, and it's every bit as nice as the Geiselle I'm running in my X95, or the JP Fire Control in my JP. Really makes the gun usable for quick, controlled double-taps. Aftermarket support will be an issue if it doesn't shoot how you like. Unlike an AR, it is what it is. Build quality for the price is pretty outstanding, IMHO, though.
  5. Going faster with PCC

    Fairly new to the PCC game. Just started shooting it back in February, where the past year I was only shooting Production (C rating) and a lot of IDPA. I'm trying to figure out how to train to sacrifice accuracy for speed. Here is my problem in a nutshell, taken from this last weekend's USPSA match Practiscore result for the PCC category. Top 5 finishers listed, redacted for names and member numbers: Name % Points Time % possible Div Class A B C D M NPM NS 1 -XXXX 100 670.9166 110.8 95.85 PCC U 109 3 25 2 1 0 0 2-XXXX 88.89 596.3491 110.72 85.19 PCC C 93 2 35 7 3 0 0 3-XXXX 88.43 593.2599 110.45 84.75 PCC C 89 1 42 7 1 0 1 4-Me 80.71 541.522 147.47 77.36 PCC U 123 11 4 2 0 0 0 5-XXXX 76.96 516.3681 153.95 73.77 PCC U 122 4 13 0 1 0 0 As you can see, I'm getting killed in the overall time department, but shooting very accurately. That accuracy and $.50 will get me a cup of mediocre coffee. There are a couple of good threads on this first page about transitions that I'm sure I'm slow at, but is there any recommended drills to get my mind off of accuracy and into getting in and out of positions faster with a PCC? The sad thing is that all three ahead of me bunched up at 110 seconds are all Super Senior category folks and I run faster than they do. There's a ton of books / vids / classes on getting faster with a pistol, but not much yet for speed with a carbine. Every rifle training class is for prepping, not gaming.
  6. Tavor X95 9mm. 115, 124, 147... subsonic, supersonic... can't find anything it doesn't run. Just did my 4th USPSA PCC match with it yesterday, and along with 2 outlaw defensive carbine matches and a couple hundred rounds of range shots testing / sighting in I've got nearly 2 cases of ammo down the barrel in a little under 2 months. I've reached for the charging handle *once*, and that was in the last stage of a 7 stage match right after I got it. No other PCCs at any of the matches have ran as well. Even the GMR-13s have had multiple FTEs, and the MPXs have been a reliability joke. Won't even comment on the two folks who keep showing up with Keltecs. I'm amazed I haven't seen more of them in competition. They're expensive, but even with an aftermarket trigger (Geissele SS) they're not as pricy as the Wilson, and it's getting beat on badly in reviews for reliability as well. Haven't seen a Wilson in person at any of the matches I've been to, however, so that's pure secondhand on my part. I just need to figure out how to get faster. In a way it would be better if it jammed more often... I could blame my mid-pack showings on the gun. Unfortunately it's all on me... sacrificing too much speed for accuracy, and that loses stages time after time.
  7. 9mm 1/2x36 Miculek style comp

    On a related note... I thought I saw either here or on the PCC FB group that someone was doing a technical review of PCC brakes to see if they actually did anything, and if so which ones were most effective. I can't find anything on it now. Has any sort of review like that taken place? There was a great review of AR comps with .223 rounds done not long ago with a rifle mounted to a sled to objectively judge comp performance. I'd love to see something similar done with PCC comps to see if they really are anything other than aesthetics.
  8. No love for the Tavor X95 in 9mm?

    Not hard at all, and I'm in the same poultry camp as you are when it comes to taking apart new, unfamiliar, and expensive toys. I know ARs very well, so dealing with a totally new design was intimidating. There's an excellent 15 minute or so video on youtube (can't get to it at work or I'd link it... I'll look it up at home tonight) that perfectly details how to put it in. He gives tons of commentary and details on how the parts work together while he talks, and he says, repeatedly, that all his commentary makes it sound way harder than it is. He is not kidding. It's a very simple trigger blade mechanism, and it'll be intuitively obvious how to replace it the instant you lay eyes on it. Literally takes seconds. Don't forget to take the little pin it comes with off and re-seat it through the hole in the pivot pin after the trigger is in to keep it from moving off-center... he goes over this multiple times. The only issue is adjusting it, as you can't get much of a feel for how much travel is left with the gun sitting in pieces on your bench. You've got to re-assemble it, test it, and possibly break it down again to continue fiddling with the set screw if you don't like the travel you left it with. Make sure you get the barrel wrench, or devise a solid alternative. I'd rank the LB mod way above the much more expensive SS trigger pack in terms of impact on feel. Taking out all the creep with the LB really shows the 5lb pull of the stock trigger. The SS pack takes that down to a super-crisp 3.5#, but it's subtle compared to installing the LB. I'm not good enough with it for that 1.5# difference to have any accuracy or split time impact.
  9. No love for the Tavor X95 in 9mm?

    I ordered 4 IWI mags with the gun, so I haven't tried any non-factory magazines. I'd bet money IWI is just OEM'ing them from Metalform, though, as they're identical right down to the same color follower. Just the IWI stamp in the base. The Taylor Freelance extension has worked perfectly, and I just ordered two more so I can spread the usage load around. Much better and heavier than the TT extenders I use for my Glock mags, which tend to come apart about a third of the time I drop the mag if it's on a hard surface. The whole exercise is expensive, as you wind up with about a $2K gun if you put the Geissele trigger components and curved buttplate in, sans optic. Several hundred more than the GMR-15, though still a bit cheaper than the Wilson. Building your own way cheaper still, of course. But the bullpup shape and very tight center of gravity make it way easier (IMHO) to run a tight, portal-filled course of fire with, and I'll keep praising the reliability till the gun stops being reliable. Ran another 200 round steel match last night with it, and not a single issue. And until there's more left AR9 lower options out there it's still way better (IMHO again) for a lefty.
  10. Was all set to go until I saw that there wasn't a PCC division. The carbine has taken over my soul... not paying major match fees to shoot pistol. Cowtown and Area 4 both have PCC divisions. Oh well.
  11. No love for the Tavor X95 in 9mm?

    One month comp report: I've played three straight weekend USPSA matches and two weeknight defensive carbine matches with the X95, and I can't get enough. I've only shot my G34 in weeknight IDPA matches, and I've switched my Cowtown registration from Production to PCC. The fun factor is just off the scale. I love this game in all it's iterations, don't get me wrong, but I'm almost giddy on match days when I know I can shoot the bullpup. In the month I've played I've put right at 1200 rounds downrange, mostly comp shots but also a bit of range time sighting in and testing new components as they went on. Positives: - Reliability. This is the main reason I wanted to make this post. PCC is getting more popular in the gaming scene here, and every match has a collection of AR9s, Scorps, and MPXs showing up, and even a few poor souls with Keltecs.. AR9s tend to be mostly JP GMR-13s, with a few hand built models. Haven't seen the Wilson yet, though one guy I shoot with a lot has one on order. EVERY ONE OF THESE GUNS HAS JAMMED IN EVERY MATCH. *All of them.* Some more than others, but I've either watched or asked every shooter I've seen at the matches how many times they've reached for their charging handles. The GMRs and MPX's have had (by my very subjective observation) the most reaches for the handles. Scorps seem to fair better. Best not to talk about the Keltec. In 5 matches and over a case downrange (cheap factory Speer subsonic 147) I've reached for the handle exactly *ONCE*. If I was a better / faster shooter (I run slow), that fact alone would be decisive in terms of placement. I simply can't say enough about the reliability of the X95. - Geissele trigger. There seems to be a lot of experimentation and issues with AR triggers with a blowback bolt. The Geissele SS and LB components, while pricey, put the feel almost identical to my JP-15 with the 3.5 lb JPFC trigger. Reliability has been perfect. At last week's USPSA match, a GMR 13 went down with a broken JPFC trigger. I'm a big JP fan and this shocked me. - Maneuverability. This depends on the stage designer. One match was wide-open and it didn't matter much, but the other two had a bunch of portal stages, and the bullpup shined here. - Reload speed. With a 42 round TF extended mag, this is only an issue on classifier stages with a mandatory reload. The flared magwell the gun comes with helps a TON, and the mags seat cleanly as long as you use a good bit of force. After about 100 reps, the movement feels fast and simple. I was never all that fast with an AR pattern reload, so I didn't have much muscle memory to unlearn. Negatives: - Optic height over bore. This is something you really have to note with tight shots, as it's more extreme than any of the other platforms. One of the stages in the first USPSA match I did had a barrel you had to crouch to shoot three poppers through, with one being a very tight angle. Took the first two down, flicked the dot (MRO) to the third, fired, and nothing happened. Fired again... nothing. Then I noticed I'd just put two neat holes through the lower end curve of the barrel. Rotated the gun and all was well. Shooters experience with dealing with height over bore are probably rolling their eyes at this, and it was certainly a learning moment. Cost me a good 6-7 seconds trying to figure out what was going on. - Recoil not as nice as MPX. It's easily managed, of course, but I can fire faster and stay in the A zone at a 20 yard target with the MPX due to dot bounce. This is something practice will likely improve, but you also can't argue with the physics. Innovations in AR9 buffer design may leave the X95 behind in terms of shot split times. I'm not a good enough shooter to really take advantage of that in a match stage, but I can feel the difference. - Rifle racks. Most of them at the bays are too damn tall. :-( Just hard to overstate how much fun I'm having with it, and with PCC games in general. Not having to plan out production mag changes and having the stage plan go to hell when I have to do make up shots and forget the round count is liberating all on it's own. Just run around the stage, hosing everything down and laughing maniacally while doing it (well... mentally, maybe.)
  12. Blowbacks and LH shooters

    Lefty shooting X95. Converted the gun to left hand. No problems with any blowback operations. OTOH, plenty of confused RO's who realize they're standing on the wrong side when trying to verify chamber empty at the end of a stage...
  13. PCC Training

    On a slight tangent, but close enough I didn't want to post a new thread: Any individuals / groups doing PCC specific USPSA courses? We've got several options here in DFW for game pistol training (though we could always use more), but all of the rifle courses are military slanted, not gaming, and emphasize things I don't personally care about - shooting from cover, tactical concealment, etc. Not interested in any course where a plate carrier is optional equipment. PCC interest is surging here, and any competent instructor who puts together a course (perhaps similar to Stoeger's 2 day fundamentals course) will get plenty of interest. Is there already something out there that I just can't find? I'm not flying to one, but anything in the Texas / OK area is good to go. Learning 30 seconds at a time on match day is a slow way to do it.
  14. Let's see some pcc's

    Having a total blast with this. 2 USPSA comps, one steel comp, and range sight-in time means nearly a case of 9mm down range in the month I've owned it. It just runs and runs. Geissele Lightning Bow, Geissele SS sear pack, Manticore curved butt plate, Magpul angle, AP-Man comp, MRO.