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  1. Best CO Optic

    I've been running the rmr rm07 and really like it.
  2. Zev Glock Basepads for CO?

    No experience with the Zev but loading 23 with the TTI.
  3. Great times and match! Ready for next year.
  4. G10 Grips

    I use the VZ diamondbacks on my 1911's and Shadow. These have a great rough texture. They can be sanded smoother for soft hands, but don't take long to get used to. Then anything smoother feels almost slick.
  5. I like the Wilson ETM's for .45, but prefer Metalform for 9mm. Haven't had any problems and they're easy to unload when full.
  6. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    I keep a bottle in my range bag when shooting a glock and just lightly spray it on a rag and wipe them down each time after reloading.
  7. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    It doesn't seem to. I use pro grip, so I usually wipe them down everytime they're reloaded.
  8. How to help with glock mags hanging up.

    This might sound crazy, but we wipe them down with armor all. Never have dropping problems.
  9. TTI +5/6 included springs too weak?

    I've had good luck with both the TT springs and ISMI GL3 springs using the +5/6 pad in 9mm.
  10. Gen 4 trigger spring issues?

    The new 17 gen 4 that I just did the trigger on had the same return problem. I had put the stock return spring back in it to correct it. I had no idea that it was related to the firing pin spring. I had installed a 4#.
  11. Absolutely. It's one of the best.
  12. Yep, you didn't make it in.
  13. True. You should probably stick to SS
  14. Maybe someone will let him borrow a revolver.