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  1. I’ll shoot as your proxy if you need me to.
  2. Carry Optics forum

    It’s raining, matches are canceled. So I thought I’d vote again
  3. Carry Optics forum

    1. Maybe in the technical section. 2. Carry Optics thanks
  4. TTI Grand Master 3.5 Gen2/3- No break

    I’ve done this also. Not a bad idea to check the angle when installing a new connector.
  5. Carry Optics forum

    That is correct, but it gets watered down as the topics are spread out in several places. Just thinking it would be better and easier to browse and find information on the subject.
  6. Carry Optics forum

    As the popularity seems to be increasing, I was thinking that it might be nice if Carry Optics had its own sub forum in the techinal section like factory, 1911, open, and pcc. Or just call me crazy!
  7. Which Optic

    I have astigmatism also. Using the 6.5 RMR07. No problems and it actually looks round for a change.
  8. Carry Optic

    Same experience with my RMR
  9. G19 vs G17 Dot Movement In Carry Optics?

    I'd be interested in hearing others experiences also. I'm currently shooting a 17, and have been thinking of getting a 19 to set up similar.
  10. Glock 17/34 140mm Ext what's BEST???

  11. Best CO Optic

    I believe the same thing lacivilian.
  12. Best CO Optic

    I've been running the rmr rm07 and really like it.
  13. Zev Glock Basepads for CO?

    No experience with the Zev but loading 23 with the TTI.