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  1. Based upon my experience with the nice CS people in Florida, I sold everything I had that might have required further conversation with them. Life is too short to go through that again.
  2. 9 minor N320 load

    3.4 N320 with a Bayou 147 coated, 3.7 N320 with a 147 Montana Gold CMJ. 1.145 OAL. Makes 130-135 pf in 9 different guns. Never tried it with a 115 or 124.
  3. Troubleshooting a Glock. At a loss...

    For some reason the trigger bar is not engaging the striker as the slide goes forward. I've seen it do this from weak disconnector, too much grease on the trigger bar/disconnector, a poorly modified striker hook, and a sloppy fit between the slide and frame rails. Put a cutaway rear plate on the slide and watch what's going on.
  4. Powder for loading .45ACP in Revolver IDPA?

    It chrono'd around 172 PF, so 185 gr bullet at 930 fps.
  5. Powder for loading .45ACP in Revolver IDPA?

    Another "not what you asked for" My load for a 5" 625 USPSA Major 5.7 gr Red Dot 185 gr Berry's HBRN plated. Clean, accurate, soft.
  6. Yes---you want to see two sight pictures. One for each shot. and Yes---you want to tune the recoil spring to your gun/grip/ammo etc. You are not tuning so you can slam an un-aimed second shot, you are tuning so the gun returns out of recoil to the first shot aim point. Not above it so you have to force the gun down for a second aimed shot, and not below it so you have to raise the gun up for a second aimed shot. Doing a quick double is one way of determining if you need a lighter or heavier spring, watching where the sights settle after the first shot is another method.
  7. Steel framed striker fired pistol

    Arsenal Firearms makes a striker fired pistol called the Strike One that comes in Polymer and "Ergal" frames. Ergal seems to be an 7075 family aluminum alloy. Anybody ever shot one? They seem to be a bit of a Unicorn.
  8. Are these overpressure?

    7.0 of AC at 1.160? Should be fine. Chrono it to be sure. Those WSP primers? Personally I prefer HS6--but plenty of AC users out there for Major 9.
  9. how to extract damaged Gogun screw

    One more method. Using a center drill or 1/8 drill bit, slowly drill the head until it is drilled through (it will start spinning). remove all other screws. Slide thumbrest/mount off of gun. Put a little heat on the remainder of the screw, turn it out. I use a little set of vise-grips.
  10. What kind of primer is this?

    cr is Magtech Clean Range primer.
  11. Stepped brass. Several threads on it---bottom line is don't use it.
  12. The "Lookup by Name" function on the website was restored this morning, so they are moving right through the list. Near as I can figure the match filled sometime around noon on the 1st.
  13. OK--went and did a little measuring. Set a c-more on top of a G17 slide. With it set so both mount screws had something to screw into, it hung over the rear of the ejection port about 3/16" and had 1.6" hanging off the rear of the slide. Could be done---not sure why anybody would want to.
  14. Popple Hole Addition

    What powder? Looking at the intermittent fireballs-----3N38?
  15. Interesting. WSF has a reputation of being REVERSE temperature sensitive----faster at lower temperatures. My own experience seems to bear that out, a 172 PF open load at 45° went 165.1 PF at Area 2 where the temperature was 85°.