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  1. But the rules do not appear to be the same. At least not the rules on USPSA>Steel Challenge> Rules A.3 Center Fire Pistol: Any pistol firing (9mm/.38 Special) or larger ammunition (see “ammunition” rule 4.1.1). This event has multiple equipment divisions as follows. A.3.1 Open: This is the race division! All legal firearms are allowed. Optics, Compensators, and any safe holster/position are specifically allowed. I'm not seeing anything in the SCSA rules that would not allow braced AR9 pistol.
  2. It's a 9mm centerfire pistol. Why would you have to take the brace off to shoot SCSA Open division? Cite the rule. Holster would get interesting--
  3. Unload and show clear dq

    Well--maybe. Could be a DQ. 10.4.3 A shot which occurs while loading, reloading or unloading a handgun.
  4. Shipping reloaded ammo.

    Mail= USPS? U.S. Postal Service (USPS): Shipping of Ammunition is ProhibitedAmmunition (Cartridges, small arms) is a nonmailable hazardous material. "Under no circumstances may any nonmailable hazardous material, restricted matter, or perishable matter be deposited for mailing."Publication 52 - Hazardous, Restricted and Perishable MailCartridges, small arms - Appendix A - Hazardous Materials
  5. Shipping reloaded ammo.

    You can not mail ammunition. You CAN mail cases and bullets, just no loaded ammo. If you have primers and powder, it gets really difficult and expensive. You can ship loaded ammo by common carrier. Must be labeled ORMD, pretty sure it must be shipped from a hub. Not bad as far as expense--it doesn't have to go overnight or anything. How much ammo are we talking about? Might even be cheaper to palletize it and ship truck?
  6. I've had good luck with Loctite 603.
  7. CZ75 SP01 140mm mag basepads--which one?

    Interesting. Didn't see a +pad for the 18 rd factory mag on the Springer site, just + pads for the 17 rd Mec-Gar. I emailed Springer about it.
  8. Currently running CZ factory SP01 18 rd tubes, stock follower, Wolff +10% springs and Springer +0 pads. Would like to bump up the capacity on a couple of them for Carry Optic. There are a PILE of basepads out there---what's the current basepad wisdom for max capacity at a legal length? Springs? Followers?
  9. Magazine guide/brake on Shadow

    ^^^^^^ That^^^^^^. Really creative way to zero a stage and provide some entertainment for the rest of the squad. Especially if you try to hammer a mag in and pry it out TWICE on the clock before you figure out there is a problem. (slow learner). CZC shows different part numbers for Shadow and SP-01.
  10. Dropping mag

    Where in the OP's post does it say how many "positions or views" there were to shoot from?
  11. Top 3 pistol powders

    N320 Solo 1000 HS6
  12. how many times do you reload major brass

    As long as the case will hold a primer and it isn't split. Toss the stepped crap, maybe run a magnet through the brass to pick out the steel cases. Major nine has been around long enough that if you shoot range brass there is no way to tell how many times it has been reloaded. Currently running a pile of HS6 under a 115 PD JHP at 1.175. I do pick up a few thousand nickel plated cases each year for lost brass major matches--most of it is police brass, and there is a fair chance that it is actually "once fired". Just seems to run a touch smoother--or it could just be my imagination.
  13. Is the .45 dead in USPSA?

    Single Stack.
  14. Pretty sure the latest flip-flop from ATF (as of 4-24-17) is that it's OK to shoulder a brace.
  15. Howard Leights in the winter. Relatively cheap, uses standard batteries. If you "outgrow" them and head for some MSA Sordins or such, keep them around for spouse/kids/whoever. Summertime for me it's a pair of House of Hearing custom fit in the ear electronic plugs. Pile of money--I resisted for 10 years before I took the plunge. Now i kick myself for waiting so long.