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  1. Australian Shadow 4.925" barrel and CGW 10x bushing

    With accu it is easy. Bushing comes off first. So can do longer barrel no issue. 10x. The barrel needs to tip to remove. So longer barrel can't tip enough to remove.
  2. Australian Shadow 4.925" barrel and CGW 10x bushing

    If I recall , David said the bushing would not work with a threaded barrel, so the longer auz barrel probably would not
  3. CZ P10

    We we are doing RMR and specific dot cuts to the P10. We also have mounting plates available. We are playing with the HBI trigger as well as a couple of other cool parts coming.
  4. Safety check at A3

    CZs have been shot this way for the last decade. So RO is kind of making an interpretation that does not follow precedence established by as many nationals, world shoots, etc.
  5. It doesnt fit USPSA production box, reason US guns do not ship with the Plus 2
  6. SP-01 won't group anymore

    I would check ammo, bullet, etc first. CZ barrels tend last awhile. loose slide to frame fit is pretty meaningless to CZ accuracy.
  7. SP01 Phantom VS P-09 for Carry Optics?

    yes it is.
  8. Accu Shadow or Shadow 2

    ACCU Shadow 2
  9. July 2017 MOM recipient

    Great job!
  10. TS Orange .40 in stock

    we have TSO on order, no estimation. CTS are still probably a couple of months.
  11. TS Orange .40 in stock

    Our last one went out last week. We do have CTS pistols being built 9mm and 40SW
  12. CZ Open

    Very nice work!
  13. Max capacity 140mm

    https://czcustom.com/catalogsearch/result/?q=mecgar+140&cat= they also fit the CZ UB Shadow 2 magwell.
  14. TS mags ok with TSO?

    Good to go
  15. CZC Mulit Optic Sight cut, issues?

    If you wish, CZC can also cut for the specific sight also.