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  1. This is only my 3rd year of competition, so I have lots of room for shirts haha
  2. Personally, I like to collect match shirts for the matches I go to. I don't have a desire for participation awards, I'd just stick them in a box somewhere and forget about them.
  3. Top 3 pistol powders

    some of the ones I know are silhouette and Winchester auto comp
  4. Need a new Netflix addiction...

    It's a good series, very trippy! Definitely worth watching!
  5. Hello from Wa

    Nice. We may have met at some point. I do renton uspsa, pb, Marysville, and custer once in a while. I work in Issaquah, so can't get down to the Tuesday match (except for the sectional).
  6. Need a new Netflix addiction...

    not Netflix originals, but all on Netflix. Into the Badlands The 100 Penny Dreadful
  7. Need a new Netflix addiction...

    What is that? I couldn't find it on Netflix. Are you talking about this one? http://www.imdb.com/title/tt5114356/ If so, it was a good series, and I think there will be a second season.
  8. Hello from Wa

    Welcome! What matches do you usually go to? PB and renton?
  9. I think the front serrations are standard. I have a loaded stainless, and it also has them. I use a sig max in 45, very nice. I had a 9mm RO, that was a very good gun too. I gave it to my nephew for a graduation present Now I have a DW pointman 9, excellent pistol!
  10. Disable grip safety or not.

    I don't pin any of my guns, I've never had issues with the GS. I have a lot of meat between thumb and index finger
  11. Columbia Cascade Sectional 2017 Match Video

    What was the rental fee Gooldylocks? Are more pics going to be posted for that match? It was a very fun match!
  12. best lenses to pick up red fo

    I use the transitional lenses from the Rudy Project. I tried green FO in one of my guns, just couldn't pick it up as fast or as well as the red.
  13. Hindsight is 20/20

    I did 45 for just the first year. I'm only in my third year now I know exactly what you mean about .40, same here.
  14. Hindsight is 20/20

    Just before I got into uspsa, I got an edge in 45 because I wanted a nice double stack 45. I hadn't gotten into 40 at that time, so limited was the best place to start. It just grew from there 45 didn't hold enough so now I have 40's.
  15. Hindsight is 20/20

    I jumped right in limited and have no regrets. I have done a few others just for change up and practice, lim10 twice, and i'll be doing more SS later this year and next.