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  1. Open Gun Pictures

    Did you not like the DP and are going back to the Cmore. I'm taking it as all the rest of the gun parts are the same.
  2. 30 round 2011 magazine?

    What followers and springs are you using
  3. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    I did adjust that feed lips they were a little tight and got the follower to slide in tube better. With the old spring it worked all but first round at 26 had to push slide to close. Right now I have the new spring that came with the mag and going to let it sit all week with 26 rounds in it. The last thing I'll try is the current down Grams spring. I did email MBX and they had me check I few things out. I hope they just replace it, I think from doing some measurements that the mag release hole is off, as not the same reading as my other MBX mags.
  4. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    My 2 140s and 170 work good right out of the bag. It's just this 155, I did put a 6 month out 13 coil spring and a new Grams 13 coil and follow it did the same. The slide did not to close. I did check it without spring and follower it was fine, with new spring and follower it was slow, with used spring and/or new Grams spring and follower it was fine. Load the mag up it don't work.
  5. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    Does a 155 take longer to break in the spring. I just got one and put 26 rounds in it and the slide does not close, have to push it close. I tried a old 13 coil spring its better but still does not want to close. I never had this problem with my 140s or 170.
  6. Magazines

    I would look into the 155 and skip the 140's. The springs are the same in the 170 and 155, so when you change springs you can just buy a five pack of 13 coil springs.
  7. Magazines

    Right now I have 1 170 and 2 140 but do have a 155 on order. I will get one more 170 and if I like the 155 I will get one more of those two. Yes it does seem like a lot of 32 round stages, but I know that there doing it in my club to make the open guys do mag changes or if we have a short stage there will be a mandatory mag charge. If I'm dropping a mag I like to drop the 140 if I can.
  8. 38 Super Double Stack Magazine Loader

    Uplula I use it on my 140 and 170 mags to get the last 4 rounds in each mag, saves my thumb. I shoot 2011 38sc, I did use it on my para before also.
  9. Tuning an Aftec Extractor for an Open Gun

    +1 (561) 628-2127 this should be the number.
  10. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Nice, you will enjoy the gun. They are great guns.
  11. MBX 155's what are your thoughts?

    I'm going to be picking up one of these 155 to try it out. Are you changing out the spring and follower to Grams or shooting as it comes before changing if at all. I'm not sure if I like the new black MBX follewer, I liked the green one better.
  12. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    double tap
  13. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    On the Para frame guns the dust cover is very thin. On my old Para they had to add metal to the frame for the mount. I would just leave it alone unless you plan to use it.
  14. I'm thinking about getting a new open gun built.

    All guns need to get broke in. My CK and open gun was very tight when I got it. I have 2000 rounds though the gun, it took close to 1500 rounds for it to feel good. Only did not go boom two times and it was from a primer both times. For price it's a great buy, but it's not a custom build.
  15. I'm thinking about getting a new open gun built.

    I second Atlas. That's my next gun.