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  1. 2018 USPSA Nationals

    Im in
  2. This is shit advice.... if you want to win go shoot against people that suck. We have some very tanlented SS shooters in our area... you want to get smoked in SS show up in NC/SC. L10 is only a real division in mag restrictions states, so not around here.
  3. It has minor scoring because if it were major then it would be a squirtfest. You got a rifle at a pistol match.... shoot As.
  4. No Background check needed?

    Either (a) meet face to face and buy it or (b) don’t buy it. I will assume this is an armslist deal.... armslist is a place to find a gun online and buy it face to face. It is not a place to find a gun and get it shipped. If the deal is too good to be true then it probably is.
  5. You are a good shooter and you are getting better. You will be in limited A in no time. Shooting is like anything else... set some long term and short term goal and do what it takes to make them happen. If all you want to do is make A rip some classifiers (Zero or hero) and do dryfire a lot, see Ben Steogers book. If you want to get better at shooting stages I would recommend some formal training from Bill or Chris in the off season.
  6. Open major loads- placebo or problems?

    Start with 9.4 grains of 3n38 at 1.26 and add more until you are happy. I run 10.0 grains with MG 124 JHP at 1.26 at 175PF. The dot moves, all dots move. Grip it like a grown ass man and practice.... the shit is not an overnight thing. You have to get use to the gun, you need to find the timing on the gun, and you have to become an open division ninja. Put in some work and it will pay dividends.
  7. Open major loads- placebo or problems?

    Buewaaaahahahahahahha. #troof
  8. Open major loads- placebo or problems?

    Dude, if you are gunna pay for VV then get some 3n38.
  9. Open major loads- placebo or problems?

    ^this. Grip the gun HARD. I have owned just a few open guns and all of them like PF around 175ish
  10. Unload and show clear dq

    I get it. That is why I asked if he was done and had shown clear. He said "without making sure the RO was involved." This statement leads the reader (me) to believe that he was not receiving instructions from the RO.
  11. Unload and show clear dq

    @IHAVEGAS were you done? Did you show the RO clear after instructed? I understand it is on you but the timer runs until last shot and if you are shooting you are not done. I once took the mag out, saw a mic and made it up with the round in the chamber. I know I should have ate the mic but that is not the point. I made it up, then showed the RO an empty gun. No DQ. If I'm shooting then I'm not done.
  12. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    ^das da troof
  13. PCC lasers

    So I shoot open... I play with a PCC now and then. My PCC is good to go without a laser but I wanted one to try... you'd think with all the technology out there we could get a really good laser sight under $100. ...but no.
  14. RO talking to shooter after LMR

    Our local matchs do not have a designated RO... everyone on the squad helps out and does their part. The only thing I will say to a shooter other than the standard commands are instructions on the start position.... like hands up, face down range, etc. If you talk about BS then you are not doing anyone any favors. Be courteous to the shooter and allow him the best opportunity to have a good run. ROs are there for safety and nothing else.
  15. What are y'all using or seeing on the range?