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  1. Guide rod hitting the comp

    He wanted to sell a pistol.... made a post, then was educated on the 50 rule.
  2. Mag polishing?

    I throw mine in the dry tumbler with some fresh walnut media and add some polish.... come out shined up like new money.
  3. STI DVC Tactical

    No problem. The gentleman that made that video made another video for reassembley if you need help there too.
  4. STI DVC Tactical

    This should help if you don't know how at all. Your gun comes apart like this except you need to bend a paper clip and there is a hole in the guide rod you need to place it into to hold the recoil spring.
  5. STI DVC Tactical

    Do you know how to take it off? Or is this your first attempt at taking apart the pistol ever? You gunna need to bend a paper clip.
  6. Rationale behind double action first shot

    When the buzzer goes of you *shouldn't* know the difference. OP... if you are "shoot merely for the fun of it" run cocked and locked in open! Open kicks ass
  7. Hiperfire 24C Compatible Safeties

    I have three different rifles with 24c and noveske ambi short throw fire selector.
  8. Advantages Limited vs Production?

    What is Limited doesn't suck as bad as production?
  9. New vs Old brass questions

    I keep my Supercomp in fired batches.... so the old gets shot at matches and the new gets practiced with a bunch before it's makes it to the "old pile." I usually have about 3k pieces in practice ammo rotation and one box of "oldest brass."
  10. Make sure the choke is tight and fire away. I'd recommend shooting them at 50 yds to see POI vs point of aim.
  11. 1st large match (area 4)

    Don't drag IDPA into this trace... The best advice you'll get is shoot and have fun. Grip the pistol hard, aim hard, shoot As and try to minimize penalties. Having fun is number one! If you do well, great! If you do terrible, fine. If you DQ.... a really good GM told me you can't be a top tier shoot until you have been DQed from a major match.Just shoot and have fun! Some will be stressed out, some will be worried about stage plans, some will fall apart.... not you, you are going to shoot and have fun and just power through. I like to go early and look at stages just so I know what they look like.... I don't need to memorize very many. I like to look at the first 3-4 that I'm going to shoot really well. SHOOT AND HAVE FUN!
  12. They already have the black powder division it's called "single barrel." If you can shoot a stage without timing out, then you get a trip to the prize table. no one has ever won.... everyone in single barrel loses.
  13. Heavy metal should have single shot rifles and SxS shotguns.
  14. Clemson, SC USPSA matches?!

    Cherokee Gun Club in GA is the closest to you in the Clemson Area, it's a little ride but it is this weekend. http://www.cherokeegunclub.org/node/1272