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  1. open cost

  2. Red dot location

    Frame mounted so it doesn’t reciprocate... other than that, it’s personal preference
  3. Reloading 40 Polly coated bullet help!

    I would recommend getting out the toolhead alignment thingy out and follow the steps to align your tool head. I had the same problem loading blue bullets... this took care of my problem.
  4. Squading with better shooters

    I shoot wih my friends, we are usually the best squad at the match. I am lucky to live in a great area with the best club matches in the nation, great level 2s and 3s, and a group of really good shooters that push one another. Shooting with good shooters doesn’t hurt, but sometimes you need to work on personal shit and leave the usual suspects behind. It depends on you.
  5. First Custom 2011 is coming home

    100 mag dumps and it should be good. Put grease in it, grease stays with it through all the dumps.
  6. Converting 38 Super to 38 Super Comp

    9mm for SC in at least my pistols. They have a few diffrent 9mm sizes too.
  7. New here

    Welcome to the site. You should try your hand at competition shooting... you be an addict after the first match.
  8. Converting 38 Super to 38 Super Comp

    Depends on the gun. SV uses different breechfaces for super and super comp.
  9. Pre or Black Friday Sale

    TTI is ahead of the game 20% off starts today.
  10. New to open

    I agree with @Gooldylocks I run them in non-comp guns with no issue, but in open I prefer a JHP (MontanaGold 124s for me). There are a good amount of shooters in my area running The Blue Bullets in open but I am not one of them.
  11. Sir Walter Gun Club is the first Saturday, Rowan Practical Shooters is second Saturday, and CGGR is this weekend in Franklin, NC. CGGR on practiscore. There is some top tier talent there this weekend. NC is loaded with good shooters.
  12. “That stuff is too easy for a MD/stats to fix.” You those are your words not mine.
  13. Bullshit sarge.... you acted like a 3 year old having a tantrum when I gave my slot at the buckeye blast to @Chris Keen. BUT you’d a joined entire squads at the drop of a hat because it’s easy? Get the f*~k outa here. GA will need to step up their game if they want this match to continue.
  14. Define "Fit" in the production box.

    I am of the opinion that USPSA needs an official box just like we have an official mag gauge. One box, the official ONE... The same ONE everywhere. AND it needs a lid. The idea is crazy right? I don't even shoot production, not one time ever.
  15. I shot sat night. The stages were good.... started late then waited damn near two hours to shoot my second stage, shot my last stage in the dark. Reset all day... 5 man squad, tough as hell. Expected more staff to reset but they didn’t make it. Loved the shoot house, Peter-ish, and the memory stage.