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  1. Disable grip safety or not.

    I like mine pinned so they don't move. All my guns are pinned.
  2. start at 10:30 - end 2:30/3:00 at SPSA in Spartanburg, SC
  3. Sight-Tracker - 9MM

    looks sic
  4. Thumbrest on Limited SV

    thank for that thread, but it is not very much help. I already run thumbrests on my open guns but the difference here is the cuts on the frame of my limited gun.... cant just use any old bolt pattern because of the cuts.
  5. What are you guys running for thumbrests on limited SVs? I am getting my limited gun set up with a thumbrest but I am unsure of what kind will fit it with the excelrator cuts on the frame? I have an extra wide frame pistol. Pics of your rig would be very helpful if you have some.
  6. No... it's absurd. This match is now a shotgun loading contest. The Newbies and the dinosaurs will time out.
  7. Buy new or convert Limited grip/frame to Open

    I am having a open 9mm shorty built on a backup/lying around gun. I would drill the frame... who cares?
  8. Pondering a dual purpose pistol

    I think building a pistol around the ever changing IDPA rules is foolish.
  9. Changes To The USPSA Classfication System

    I won A class open at A6 and got a whopping 76% score. Three shooters total in open A got a shity classifier score out of the match, but I did earn a plaque for winning. What I took away was...classifiers mean jackshit. I wouldn't trade this $20 A Class A6 open champion plaque for 6 hundos and a GM card. Winning is earned, classes are gamed.... few GMs rip 95% on the reg.
  10. CHA-LEE's Tale

    ^amen to that. Congrats on the new GM card in open.
  11. Old School Open Gun - What did I get?

    I'd toss that POS tasco scope and put a mini dot in that rear dovetail.
  12. USPSA Divisions

    I'm not sure but I think they have the same rules as production here. Stippling is allowed only in certain areas.
  13. I got some 180s you can try.
  14. New STI mag rebuild ??

    Trace, why are the new sti tubes "not compatible" with grams spring kits?