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  1. New Carry Optics Rules

    I don’t care about carry optics changing these rules... it’s not production. They already have 25 rounds starts with the 140mm mags. Cool. Okay. Slide lighting? cool. Thumb rests? Check. Cool They have to make it a real division. They have had a national championship in it a few times. Hopefully this will bring some sick ass customized cooler guns. Why not? Okay. Figured. Check.
  2. You have to have a ambi for and action shooting sports.... uspsa, IDPA, IPSC, 3gun and any local bullshit match. It doesn’t matter in any situation you want to be able to disengage with both hands.
  3. Thanks for all you do Brain! Please read Brian’s post above and go throw some money in the hat.
  4. Strongest 40 brass

    This data is dependent on one gun and chamber. OP... why do you ask? For me 40 is 40, pick some up... load it and case gauge it. If it passes he gauge it goes in the pile of 40.
  5. 2018 USPSA Nationals

    Registration is open for people with invitations and section slots.
  6. Cleaning crushed walnut?

    I use a squirt of dawn, a 38supercomp case full. quick google search: https://www.partsips.com/summit-brands-dishwasher-glisten-detergent-booster-part-dm0616n It is also available in stores, most up north. Menards has it I, I think.
  7. Yeah. Major. #majorforever and I agree above... The amount of powder in a case shouldn’t play a role in a broken platform.
  8. Cleaning crushed walnut?

    It is better. The gentlemen in the ownership and leadership of this company are hunters and 2a people. I meet them in a high class duck hunt in AR and they told me about their products... I mentioned lemmishine to them and what I use it for. When I got home I had a case of that stuff “sample” deliverered for “testing.” It works excellently.
  9. I broke mine. Dillion, the best company on earth, replaced it free of charge. They did request I send mine back to them so they could look at it. They shipped me the new one FREE and provided a shipping label to send the other one back. I told them if they find that the platform was broken by my own fault I would gladly pay them for the new one, never said anything, no charge, no BS. I will I’ll always support Dillion Precision. I will always buy their products. I am a customer for life.
  10. Cleaning crushed walnut?

    @Nimitz The booster I use Glisten. Great stuff. I only use about a supercomp case full in a 500 round batch. I did make a custom tube for the tumbler out or PVC and use a Gripper plug for the other end. The tumbler I purchased from harbor freight was the dual can one... the two cans sucked so I built a custom tube with some teasers in it.
  11. Cleaning crushed walnut?

    Dude... get a wet tumbler. I didn’t know anyone in my area that did it years ago, so I went to harbor freight and bought the cheapest wet tumbler I could find. It cost $35. I have used it now for four years, hundreds of thousands of rounds. 50 minutes with dawn and booster... 10 minutes with just water to rinse. Same as dry tumbling for 6-8 hours.
  12. Use of Metal grips at the top level?

    Buwaaaahhahahhahaha. I am a fan of the metal grip in the IMM/Mid/shorty set up. I like the weight, but I’m not a bitch man with a purse or skinny jeans so the couple of extra ounces goes unoticed. Once I went metal grip I couldn’t got back.
  13. Magazine round count critical?

  14. Magazine round count critical?

    Ben is M class dog. He would smoke you with the ten round mags to dude, believe it.