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  1. STI DVC Limited

    What a shame. I guess the good news is you can at least get them at a premium.
  2. STI DVC Limited

    Well that's just crazy. Is that because of pre-ban or just general craziness in CA?
  3. STI DVC Limited

    I'd recommend browsing through the classifieds to see what people are asking and if they are having to drop prices to complete the sale. Generally speaking you won't get back out of a gun what you pay for it. YMMV but that's my experience with all of the buying and selling I've done.
  4. Interested in Reloading

    +1 for wet tumbling. Honestly even if dust weren't a concern I'd say go that route if you are starting from scratch. Maybe it's my OCD but seeing the brass come out perfectly clean inside and out and shinier than factory new really does it for me. For my precision rifle loads it also helps that the primer pocket comes out clean. To each their own, but it would eliminate the dust concern.
  5. One or both eyes open while shooting?

    I can only speak for me personally, but with both my irons and RMR pistols I shoot with both eyes open. I feel like I have a better sight picture and can track targets faster. I also shoot my carbines with red dots the same way. When I shoot long range with magnified optics I shoot with one closed. Full disclosure I don't shoot long range competitively, just target shooting and hunting, so take that with a grain of salt.
  6. .07¢ Hornady .223 55gr FMJ and SP

    I know Nick and have ordered from him before. Shipping is SUPER fast, he ships the orders out same day Monday through Saturday and customer service is a priority for them. Buy with confidence!
  7. Quick changes are definitely the way to go to make swapping calibers faster and more convenient. You want to be able to set up your dies once and go, not have to dial them in every time you switch calibers. If you are going to wet tumble you need stainless pins, not corncob and brass polish. I wet tumble with lemishine and car wash wax. I mostly do this so my rifle primer pockets get clean but to each their own, dry tumbling works fine as well. I agree with Sarge on the dies, no need to spend twice as much just to have Dillon dies. I've used Hornady, Lee, and RCBS on my 650 without issue. You can never have enough primer pickup tubes, take the money you're saving on non-Dillon dies and buy more. I personally don't use the powder check system, and eventually you'll want a Mr. Bullet feeder and will need that station anyway. I say skip it and do a visual check as you go.
  8. For large batch runs the roller handle is much more comfortable for me. In smaller batches, I can live with the ball handle, but to me it is well worth the upgrade.
  9. Glock Mag Well for Duty Use

    You're probably aware of it already since you mentioned Zev, but I think the Zev Pro is the perfect duty magwell. Lo-profile but still gives you the advantages of having a magwell. I have one on my 23 and couldn't be happier.
  10. Links in posts don't work?

    I just noticed it on a Classified ad. I went to click on the link to take me to another website and it just reloaded the listing. I'm on Chrome on a PC.
  11. Since the new Face Lift of the site

    On the top left of the page go to Activity > My Activity Streams > Content I Posted In. It's not exactly the same as the old site, but that's where I go to see if any other replies were posted in topics I commented in.
  12. Classified replies

    Works for me as well. Thanks for all the had work, Brian.
  13. Iron sights

    The drill I've been using is setting up a white target with six 2" or 3" neon green dots on it at 7 or so yards. Set a par time of 5 seconds on my timer and draw and fire 5 shots on target within the 5 seconds. I've been doing it at every training session for the past 10 or so months and have only ever made every shot in all 6 dots once. You can of course increase or decrease the dot size, change the distance, or change the par time to fit your skill level and based on how much you want to challenge yourself. I think this is a good way to practice both accuracy and speed. I didn't come up with this drill but heard about it from another member here on enos.
  14. Classified replies

    I'm in the same boat as the others. Logged out, cleared cache, logged back in and still no reply box.
  15. Classified replies

    I still don't see the Post a Reply box. Not sure if others are having the same issue.