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  1. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    Ha! Think you nailed it!! ...and let's not talk about cars. I had a 1999 35th anniversary Mustang GT convertible when we found out my wife was pregnant. In a bold move to avoid a mini-van, traded the car in for an Expedition. Got the last laugh though. Had Lowe's match the Mustang brochure - yes the nursery was painted Ford Chrome Yellow!! Fast forward through 14 years of whining, stewing, begging, scrimping and saving and with a little hook-n-crook and sheer dumb luck - I got one of the first 50 M4 convertibles imported into the US (that's her in my avatar). Full deal too - used frequent flyer miles to do European delivery... in late September... in Munich... during Oktoberfest. Have a friend that lives in Munich. Best - trip - ever!! Car is gone now though. Hell I was getting into to much trouble with it much less what a 16-year old would do. Gone 180-degrees now. Like showing up at the local range in an I3 (aka the Toaster - because if Apple ever made a toaster that's what it would look like) with Gadston plates and an NRA life sticker in the window. Keep threatening to get a decal made for the back too: "Not a liberal, finds animals tasty and proudly fueled by coal!" M PS on the train back to Virginia - yeah I got the shirt on! Should send a selfie to my son just to torment him a bit more.
  2. Mark 7 1050 Autodrive

    I have the primer sense, simply because it was out well before the swage sense. Have to agree with the other comments, there is no need for both and the swage sense gives you more bang for the buck. That having been said, the primer sense is off, but still mounted on my press. I just turned over 20k rounds and have never had a problem with it breaking. Cheesey looking printed plastic yes, but it works. Wonder if there was something unique to the OP's 1050 base casting that was causing the failure. As far as MarkVII product support, I've always found it to be prompt and helpful. Marketing and staying in touch with customers, not so much. Still haven't completely forgiven them for the Swage Sense and Bullet Sense release debacles... growing pains. M
  3. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    Kids... LOL It gets easier (or not!) as they get older. I'm sitting in a hotel in New Haven at the moment. Came up on the train from Virginia yesterday with my 16-year old son to drop him off for a two week program at Yale. We're checking him in this afternoon and this cute young woman from Mississippi is helping him telling which table he needs to go to to get his room assignment, agenda etc. Super nice and when she's done, my son turns to me and says "well, Dad", at which point Shelby (Miss Mississippi) breaks in and tells me "oh you can go with him." My son's response? "He's OK. I've got this..." ...jaw drop. I'm on the cell phone with his mother walking back to the hotel "I think he's grown-up!" Straights A's, just starting his Eagle project and when he gets home - at 16 years and 3 months - his drivers license becomes valid. How did this happen? Did I mention he can field strip an AR-15 AND a 1911? Look on the bright side; I got the t-shirt at the bookstore! Ha ha much to his dismay!! M - a proud father at the moment
  4. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    The best place to get one was right here from Brian Enos, but unfortunately he's retired! When I bought my second press I ordered it from Brian with a couple of caliber conversions. He actually bothered to read through the order and made a bunch of suggestion that saved some real coin (i.e. .308 and 45 ACP use the same #1 shell plate, and you can buy just one powder check and buy separate dies and rods for each head/caliber, etc.). Krakenpoop has been recommended, but I've noticed a few posts lately where folks have had problems. Prices are generally the same from most. My first press came bundled with the MkVII, but the press itself was drop shipped from Grafs. If you are not looking for anything exotic and they have it in stock, Grafs has flat rate $7.95 shipping which applies. Otherwise, go direct to Dillon. I've ordered from both without issue and can recommend either without reservation. Presses? They are like routers and guns, you can never have two many right? Five, 2 progressives, 2 single stage and 1 turret. Hello. My name is (insert name here) and I have a problem... :-) I ran two LNL's and had them pretty well dialed in, but I couldn't get through a thousand rounds without some problem with the priming system. Saturday, I ran 4,000 rounds of 9mm with only three stoppages that all came in the first 1,000 because the MBF didn't flip a bullet which allowed a double drop the MkVII sensed. Once I cleared the dust and floatsam from the MBF (who knew you ever needed to do that!?!), everything else went along without a hitch. M
  5. Tap a talk

    ...and thanks for your help in tracking it down Brian. M
  6. Tap a talk

    I'm being asked if my e-mail matches my user account. When I click yes, I'm asked if I want to be logged in. When clicking yes I am then told a user account with that e-mail address cannot be found and to manually log in. Put in my user name and password and I get an unformatted error message there was a problem logging me in with a bunch of gibberish afterwards. All of this started with the last tapatalk upgrade and this so far appears to be the only forum I'm having a problem with... Hope the the detail helps track down a solution. M
  7. Try it first. I was a bit skeptical when assembling it, but it actually works pretty well. I just rolled past 20k rounds on an automated 1050 and it's hung in (no pun intended) like a champ. The only problems I ever encountered with the MBF were dropping double bullets and a plain old rubber band solved that. M
  8. Tap a talk

    Tagging along for a solution... Thanks for looking into it Brian. Mike
  9. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    That's a good suggestion. You could also continue to use your Lee turret for 308. I load a lot of oddball calibers and do load developement on a Redding T7. The Lee will serve you well if your only shooting a couple hundred rounds a month. Stopping to load cases, primers and bullets? A well setup 1050 can crank out 2k rounds in less than an hour and 10 minutes... in one pass and making more consistent ammunition because of the priming system. Yes it is more expensive upfront, however there are tangible benefits.
  10. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    No, I would (and do) do it all on a 1050. You asked for the most efficient way. If price is a concern then your needs may be better served with a 650 or 550 because there is a substantial difference in the price of caliber conversions. Given the volumes you mentioned and the likelihood of needing to swage primer pockets, I would still lean towards a 1050. If I don't need to change between small or large primers and the dies are already setup; it takes less than 5 minutes to change calibers. - disconnect the powder bar return rod - loosen and raise the primer arm - remove the ram bolt and pull the head - loosen four screws, unthread the lock ring and remove the shell plate - reverse to put the new caliber on i tend to take the opportunity to clean and regrease everything while it's apart, so add maybe another 5 to 10 minutes max. Changing the primer system over is a little more involved, maybe 20 to 30 minutes with the same cleaning and lubrication routine. The MkVII is dedicated to loading 9mm. On the second 1050 I load .308, 10mm, 300BLK, 223 and 357 magnum, so the priming system and toolheads get swapped fairly regularly. M
  11. Most efficient setup for 9mm/5.56/308

    If you are shooting 2,000 rounds a month a 1050 is the way to go. You will long have made your money back in ammo savings before you start replacing wear items on the 1050. I'm ~17K rounds in on a Mark VII driven 1050 loading 9mm and the only wear part I've replaced is an indexing pawl at $3.95. The primer pocket swaging, adjustable primer seating depth and priming on the down stroke are worth the price of admission alone. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. Just a suggestion if you are remounting presses. Look at In-LineFabrications quick change mounts. My main reloading bench is fairly narrow (~4'), and it's been rather nice to swap out one of the presses for something else, say a single stage press, priming station, swager, etc. They even have wall mounts where you can store everything while not being used. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Reloading Bench Table Top

    Bench and cabinets were built entirely of scraps in the shop. The bench is two layers of 3/4" b/c plywood covered with a 3/4" layer of MDF resting on a 2x6 frame bolted to the walls. Everything was edged with 1x Sapele left over from a boat building project and then given several coats of Shellac (I'm old school). Seriously solid and wickedly heavy! M PS ignore the LNL. It's since been replaced by a MkVII driven 1050. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Super 1050 Indexing. The Last Hurdle

    It might very well be the best product In-Line Fabrication has made to date. I've always used a dummy 9mm round jammed in the slot for the case shuttle in the past. I purchased one of the Reloading Innovation clips. I really like their lights, but I see the clip getting lost. With the In-Line lock, you can just flick it in place with your thumb and Bob's your uncle. Pretty slick piece of kit. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. Wet tumbling without decapping first?

    True. It's a pretty filthy process running dirty brass through the case feeder and press as well. I decap on a single stage (aka "the dirty press"). In-Line Fabrications makes a bin mount that includes a case ejector that's perfect for this job. Glove on the left hand to feed brass on the up stroke on a universal decapping die, you can move through a pile of cases pretty quickly (and stay clean!). Kind of a zen thing once you get into a rhythm, although it's not particularly practical at higher volumes on an automated machine. M Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk