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  1. Best Grip for PCC rifle

    Im also a fan of the K2 on my PCC. It is a little grippier than my BCM mod 0 which I also like. Basically any of the more vertical grips I like nowadays. But there is no "best".
  2. why are S&B primers so cheap ?

    I would agree that the squarish corner profile is a little harder to get when you are chicken-pecking with Dillon tubes, but I've never had an issue when seating them. I've shot about 3-4K of them in Glocks and PCC, all went bang. Local Cabelas has them occasionally.
  3. Buffer weight vs. Bolt carrier weight.

    Adjustable gas system is eye opening. Once you have that, you'll have a baseline amount of gas that it takes for your rifle to cycle. As you lighten/upgrade parts in the reciprocating system, you'll notice that you can close your gas system a little more. This generally amounts to less sight movement too. You can even see things like worn gas rings. Changing to fresh ones for me allowed me to close my gas block another click or two.
  4. Optic magnification

    I also use intermediate magnification a lot. Somewhere around 2.5X is good for finding mini-poppers in grass at 75-100 yards.
  5. Optic magnification

    I would be fine not having 1x only if I had a really good set of fast offset irons. I am definitely slower with magnification >1X in bay style stages. If there aren't any targets under 50 yards, then not an issue. I can't see a situation in most 3G events where you'd need more than 6x though.
  6. Brownell's Colt 32rd Mags

    At 12.99, I don't care if there is a little surface rust. I haven't experienced that in mine, in AL where it can be pretty humid.
  7. getting it to run

    Colt style mags are a beast to load. I've been meaning to get a lula, but for now I find it easiest to stand the mag on a table and force rounds in with both thumbs. Definitely limits your ammo consumption. Good luck.
  8. Lubrication for an AR 15

    May be from using pistol length gas system on 300 blk? 100% of my 300 blk is suppressed, which makes a mess, so I couldn't compare apples to apples.
  9. Some brakes are worse than others. I was shooting the AAC 51 tooth mount/brake in 3 gun since it worked with my can. Doubling up on ear pro worked fine for my ears, but the overpressure would often blurr my vision, I guess because it was messing with my retinas. I switched to a Lantac dragon for 3 gun and it is much better for the shooter. Shooting a brake, plugs under muffs seems mandatory. My ears will ring if the plugs aren't in. Electronic muffs on top of plugs are great, you can crank up the volume to a comfortable level to where you can hear conversation and range commands, and you're still double protected.
  10. getting it to run

    I've noticed that my PSA/metalforms will pop out several rounds if dropped on the ground. Maybe the spring tension is high enough for two to slip out when your bolt slams back? I would try leaving your mags fully loaded for a couple days before trying again.
  11. getting it to run

    The PSA metalforms are all I run. In my PCC I am running 147s short (1.09) and haven't had any issues with them. I have 10 of these mags but I'm only really using 4 of them.
  12. Spinta bolt Anderson lower -SBR'ed Ballistic advantage 5.5" barrel Milspec LPK Lower conversion block - KAK MFT stock Magpul K2 grip Aero upper Aero quantum 12" handguard, tucked Octane 45 can KVP 7.5 oz buffer 308 buffer spring Vortex Spitfire Been 100% with for hundreds of rounds with the crappy milspec trigger, not so with other triggers. Still working on that.
  13. How do they compare to the ETS group 140mm mags? Any reason to by magpul over them?
  14. I run a KAK mag block and it has been 100% with metalform mags. Only reason I choose to us the block is because I already had an SBR lower. I really like the stick mags and they're cheap, 12.99 from PSA.
  15. Spinta Glock 17 barrel

    I'm considering trying their Glock barrels. I am impressed with the PCC parts I have bought from them- barrel and bcg are great.