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  1. Shoot It or Pull It?

    Shoot it and make sure you don't pick it up again. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  2. "Glocked" 10mm brass - how to deal with it?

    If you shoot much .40 Cal, the Redding GR-X die is a great to have. I run all my .40 brass through it to make sure I get to make sure I do not have any bulge brass. Now if you reload for the .357 SIG, than you REALLY want the GR-X die.
  3. I did like my Lee Pro 1000 compared to the Lee single stage but I switched to a Dillon 550 in 2001 after 12 years with the Lee. I found a good home for the Lee with another new reloader that could not afford a Dillon. That's also when I sold my lead melting pot and stopped casting my own bullets. I did that before kids when I had extra time on my hands. Not much of that now a days. Enjoy!
  4. Range Bag

    I bought this one in 2004 and still going strong but I also bought one of the midway (smaller) bags for the range. Depends on how much stuff you want with you at each stage and how far it is to your car.
  5. 2.0 Flat Faced trigger kit

    Where did you get the kit? I am interested in how you like it compared to the pretty good trigger that comes with the gun. Thanks
  6. Zev triggers (anyone have issues?)

    Did you contact Zev about the issue? I am curious what they have told customers.
  7. 9mm Major primers??

    I use the Frankford as well and I have not had a problem with primers not feeding but I have been using a bump technique that works quite well. I do not check the primers when reloading on my 550 and have had two primers go in backwards out of the last 1400 rounds.
  8. 9mm Major primers??

    OK, that makes sense to me. Is there a difference between Small Pistol and Small Rifle that would affect FPS? Is the Small Rifle between small pistol and small magnum pistol as far as "power" or is it just a hardness? I will sit down and load some side by side comparisons and list them here once I can get the chrono out. Minnesota winter might be a hindrance.
  9. 9mm Major primers??

    Do you know if magnum primers have the same "power" as small rifle primers? I started using small rifle when I could not find small pistol primers and I have noticed an increase in FPS. I have not tested this side by side yet to verify my findings.
  10. Replacement MBX mag springs?

    I am not sure about the springs but the followers and mag bodies are now different.
  11. Primers in magazine shield

    I guess I need to do some research on static electricity, I am always cleaning up with a small 2.5HP wet vac and I am sure I have sucked up one or two live primers and a lot of powder, but I clean that thing often. I will not be using it close to my Dillon's from now on. Thanks for the info!
  12. Clean Shot powder for 40sw

    Thanks for the lead. I am taking a look at them and there is no "exact" match, but I am narrowing it down to a few powder possibilities.
  13. Clean Shot powder for 40sw

    Does anyone have any experience with the Ultimate and/or Heavy powders, I am about to put an order in but now it's 4 pounds. Sent from my SM-N950U using Tapatalk
  14. Tanfoglio Hunter in 10MM

    Thanks for all the information, much appreciated. I will start with some of the simple mods and see where that takes me, I do reload and want to find the brass since that stuff is not cheap. I am not too concerned about a universal lower but will try some of the other mods before changing the ejector.
  15. Tanfoglio Hunter in 10MM

    Thanks for the info. Can you provide details regarding the Master Carr springs, google did not find anything. I was shooting with a friend and we were both like "Where did the brass go?" This is not a competition gun for me, so I will wait until I polish the insides before getting the hammer and sear. Have you measured the trigger pull? Shooting .40 will not come up often, I just wanted to know if what I had heard was not BS before trying it out myself.