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  1. What holster for a TS?

    I have a modified SP-01 insert on mine, buddy as the Czechmate insert on his TS and it's perfect. I think it's a great holster, I started with a Racemaster because I love the versatility of the inserts, and the Alpha-X is a big improvement on the mounting and adjustment system.
  2. What holster for a TS?

  3. Grips for CZ Custom magwell

    Lokgrips for sure.
  4. Extraction issue on CTS .40

    Who would coat the extractor....
  5. New TS .357 Mods

    I'll get the embedded pics working later; didn't realize img tags weren't a go here.
  6. New TS .357 Mods

    Alright, some CZ stuff. Got a CZUB order last week. Got some basepads, a new hammer, shorter front sight, and a pile of spare parts and springs (all for my TS). Concealed hammer - polished up the sides because.. I thought it looked cool. Will give it a final buff when I pull this thing apart to cerakote it . Dropped trigger pull down to 1.6lb-ish, bit cleaner break - but really, the TS trigger is GTG out of the box. Then my buddy brought his TS Orange around, and we swapped frames to see what mine would look like with black frame/grips. Needless to say, that's happening sooner rather than later. I figured since I was committed to cerakoting this now anyway, I may as well do the triggerguard undercut that Ive been talking about for a while. Playing with the Orange frame may have pushed me over the line. Just roughing it out for now, but its a WIP. All my sandpaper and drums are packed away for moving house, so Ill have to pick up some odds and ends to work this up to mirror smooth (only to sandblast it for coating anyway). Very happy with how its coming along so far, just got to decide how much more, if any, I want to take off. I could go deeper into the grip itself like the Czechmate - just not sure if it'd be worth the effort. Anyway, just thought you guys might find some of this interesting Danny
  7. P320 X5 Thread

    Do we know the weight of the gun with the frame weight installed? 46 ounce Shadow 2 makes everything else feel light.
  8. P10C arrival date

    Damn it's ugly though. Especially with the P09 being pretty damn handsome.
  9. TS slide design cuts

    Full length ball cuts and one holes on mine:
  10. Glock 31 (357 Sig) in Limited?

    I run 168s in my .357Sig CZ75 TS and make major. Lot spongier feeling than the 125 loads.
  11. CZ75 Tactical Sport .357Sig Project

    The bumblebee is done! Even fits in the box (the lid even shuts!)
  12. CZ75 Tactical Sport .357Sig Project

    Long story short, we can have .40s on a high cal license, but can't use them for ipsc. I have high cal endorsement, so could have bought this as a .40 and got a sig barrel, but was fortunate enough to come across one already done.
  13. CZ75 Tactical Sport .357Sig Project

    Heya fellas, Just thought Id share the latest project - just got back from the smith a few days ago. Id been shooting a 9mm TS for a while now, loved it to bits. After competing with it for a while, I decided I wanted to move up to Major PF in STD, so set about acquiring a .357Sig TS (Im in Aus, so no .40 for me). I eventually tracked one down for a good price. Prior to going to the smith it had: -CZUB Grips -CZUB Magwell - CZUB Front Sight - LPA Adjustable rear I figured I may as well get it dolled up from the get go, so sent it off to the smith for: - Drilled and tapped frame, CMORE pattern, for the DAA Adjustable STD Thumbrest - Docked frame - Ball cuts the length of the slide. - Slide lightening cuts. - Cut dovetail for the Zigracker Standard Racker - Beadblasted This is what I got back: While the fixed TS rear sight is a perfectly serviceable racker, the new gun had a LPA adjustable rear, so I figured this was the perfect excuse to get a dedicated racker installed. Thumbrest is pretty nice, the adjustablity is nice - although for feel Id almost prefer the Advance Ratio Xcel thumbrest I had on the black gun. Because the DAA is designed for 19/2011s, it steps out to allow for the slide, which isnt needed in the CZ. I need to take maybe 3mm off the racker, and it will fit in the standard box. The RHS safety has been ground flat and recoated to allow for the racker and CZCustom Extended safety on the LHS. In the interim I also acquired a spare 9mm barrel, which has been fitted as well. I do all my own cerakote work, so I figured Id jump in and go with a custom gold blend (factory gold is a bit too yellow for my taste), and I love how it came out. This week Ill do the grips in black, and the magwell in gold. One of the boys from TFR did a quick photoshop. Will likely do the thumbrest and racker in black too. All ready for the match tomorrow - trial by fire!
  14. Yep! I've been running .357Sig in a P320 for a while now, love the cartridge (especially over here where we cant really have .40 and larger). I guess I figured that since he sold the gun with 4 mags that they were the right ones for the job (hence my confusion trying to figure this out). Mystery solved - its always the simple things that get you!
  15. Awesome, that's exactly what I wanted to hear. I was sure that would be the case, but wanted to hear it from some that are smarter than me before I pulled the trigger (so to speak). Obviously the mags that the previous owner was using with the gun didnt make their way to me... Thanks fellas!