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  1. Anyone handle an Atibal XP8?

    i just got one from the Black Firday sale from Rainer arms. I was actually impressed with the clarity. This scope was bought to replace a Burris Tac 30 1-4power. I think this scope is a little clearer than the burris. Also the filed of view on 1 power is a little bit more on the Atibal than on the Burris. I also checked it on the 8x power and the picture was still semi clear. It was clearer than I thought it would be. I don't have any other 8power scope to compare it to but for the money it seems good for now. now I will not compare it to a high end vortex or nything like that. I have seen through those scopes and those are very clear and the field of view are awesome on those. I have not shot it yet so I don't know how it will perform. once I shoot it next week, I will post an update on how the scope performs.
  2. PCC loads

    Thank you for that info.
  3. PCC loads

    Anybody try any 115 grain for PCC? I may it shoot open but just got a cheap PCC built. I have a bunch of 115 and 124 Precison deltas that I use on my 38SC. I also have autocomp, HS6 that I use. What is recommended for a 115gr in either of these two powders? Thanks in advance.
  4. HS6 with 38 SC

    I use 9.7 of HS6 on my Akai V8 with 115 PD. Shoots good. it is running at about 175PF. Now what do people use for minor loads to shoot steel, any recommendations?
  5. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    Rumor has it that JHP are more accurate than FMJ. I don't know because I have never shot FMJ out of my open gun so I can't really tell you but I just went off of what the rumor stated.
  6. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    11.3 grains of aa#7. Very flat but kinda violent on the hand. I liked it a lot. Now that I am shooting an Akai V8 stroked, I switched over to 9.7 of HS6 with 115gr precision delta jhp. It's even flatter than what I used with aa#7 and isn't as violent in the hand. I seriously think it's because of the gun and how it works. My old gun was an sti Frankenstein with a Brazos Thunder comp 2 with no popple holes.
  7. 115? 124? 147? JHP?

    i have tried both the 124 and 115 precision deltas. I personally like the 115 with HS 6 and also AA#7. Both will get you good results and what I like is that the gun returns back to its original state fast so you can shoot your follow up shot. The only problem with AA#7 is that is very dirty. You will probably be needing to clean your gun more often. So the way I can explain it for both bullets is that the 124 might be a little softer on the hand but might have a little more muzzle rise. The 115 feel a little more aggressive on the hand but with the amount of powder that I am putting in, it makes the gun shoot flatter and some back to its original state quicker.
  8. Has anyone seen any stage setups yet for area 4?
  9. STI DVC Open gun ejection advice needed 9mm Major

    i know you said you are running 7 and 8 lb springs, but what brand of springs are you running? I have an open gun that I can run major and minor with an 8lb ISMI spring. one time I put an 8lb Wolf spring and it did not want to work with minor. I didn't know why it wasn't working anymore. I figured the spring is new and has a lot of tension. I had to up my minor load a little to make it work. After I spoke to a friend of mine on it, he asked me what recoil spring I had. I told him the Wolf and he told me to change it to ISMI. He claimed the Wolf are a little longer and have more tension. So I did the change and everything worked as normal. Just something you can try and see if it works. I know changing the mount will work as well.
  10. AA#7

    Benny Hill gave me a load for AA#7 for 38 super using 115gr. He told me to load 11.3-11.5 I tried it and it worked great. It was a little too dirty for me but I never shot more than 8 stages at a time with that powder. Once I saw how dirty it got my gun, I don't know if it would last a long match like 12-14 stages all at once. You might need to clean it in between. My gun has a Brazos Thunder comp 2 on it with no popple holes. Now I am using an Akai V8 with HS6 and of course that feels awesome
  11. Holster for EVO grip

    I have an DAA with the PT insert but I still feel it's a little tight when I put the gun in or try to take it out. Any recommendations on what I need to do so it won't be that tight?
  12. Dillon XL650 switch from 9mm to 38SC

    You will also need to change the station 1 locator. for 9mm and 38 super its the same but for 38 SC its a little different. It's a little smaller and will the hold the brass better. This will also help in case a 38 super case gets in the mix of your super comp. The 38 super will not fit on the Super comp locator so you will know that something is wrong when it gets stuck.
  13. MBX Mag

    I did try putting in the mag because I was told that it might be tight but if I load anything less than 23 rounds the mag slides in and out with no problem. It's just for some reason when I load 23 or more rounds that the mad starts getting really hard to click into the gun.
  14. MBX Mag

    I have an mbx 170 for 38 super. I noticed since I bought it that if I load more then 23 rounds in it, it is extremely hard for the mag to click in place in my gun. I have to really slam it hard to get it to stay. I was told from mbx that I had to wait for the spring to settle in a bit so I won't have that problem. I have used that mag for the past 5 months and still have the same problem. I even switched to a grams spring and follower and still the same problem. Does anyone else have this issue with mbx mags? As for my sti mags I don't have that problem and I can load them to about 28 or 29.
  15. 38 super issue

    I had the same issue when I used a lee 38 super resizing die. I had to go with the U die that fixed everything.