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  1. pcc options

    TGibe- That is a good deal. Let us know what you think of the upprt after you have shot it some.
  2. Glen Campbell

    Dang, that is a bummer. I saw the documentary about his last tour and his battle with Alzheimer's, it was pretty sad at times. He was a heck of a performer and an incredible musician - a most awesome guitar player. Hope he is now part of the great Wrecking Crew in the sky.
  3. POF Revolution 308

    ^^^ Same here, have POF triggers in PCCs and an AR. Never had any trigger issues with them at all, very high bang for the buck. FYI - Joebobs has them on sale now for a good price and they include anti-rotation pins. The Revolution 308 looks interesting. Time will tell how robust it is.
  4. PCC specific load

    My main PCC load is a SNS 135 coated over 2.8gr of American Select for about a 132 pf load. Nice balance between a soft/snappy feel, accurate out to 50 yards, and very clean (hardly anything but a light gray soot, no chunks or junk). I found that all my gamer pistol rounds are about 15+ pf higher out of my 16" barreled PCC. Winchester white box almost make major out of mine. So, yes download accordingly.
  5. Powder Scale

    Some vendors include a free "anti vibration pad" with their scales and I also had bad experiences with them. I use a 3/4" thick piece of marble window sill that the scale is placed on and that seems to help a lot with consistency. Works good for both the digital and balance scales.
  6. Powder Scale

    I have an old RCBS 5-10 I keep as a backup in case of massive EMP. Very good scales. Once I got used to digital they became my go-to, but they can be kind of finicky compared to a balance.
  7. It's up to you, but here is some info on dezincification of brass from a previous post. You can do some testing to see if it is just on the surface, but if it is more than just surface deep I'd load them to a light major load a and let them lay on the ground. I toss any pink 38 super range brass i pick up.
  8. Powder Scale

    For general reloading I use one of these from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/American-Weigh-GEMINI-20-Portable-MilliGram/dp/B0012TDNAM/ with an RCBS brass pan: https://ads.midwayusa.com/product/177229/rcbs-scale-pan-for-rcbs-scales-502-505-510-1010 That little Gemini scale works very well without a lot of fuss. Also have a jennings pocket scale that works well, but that model is no longer made. For a little more precision I have a Minipro-50 scale that works well, but is sensitive to drafts, vibration, etc. and can be frustrating for general pistol/blaster rifle loading, so I use that mainly for precision rifle.
  9. 38 sc vs 9mm open major

    Yeah, I remember it being something like 109 from starline about 5 (?) years ago. Starline sells Supercomp for 150 shipped, or Super for 140 shipped.
  10. PSA Opinions

    I have a PSA Colt lower with a Kaw Valley Precision upper. the PSA lower has been very good and at a price that is hard to beat, put an aftermarket trigger group and ambi safety in it and it is good to go. My Kaw Valley upper has been good, but at the last match had extractor issues on every stage (had about 3500 round through it). I had never removed and cleaned the extractor and tunnel and the tunnel was full of junk, so I'm hoping that was it.
  11. How did I do for $900?

    Get yourself a couple mags from MBX and shoot the snot out if it. Those old 19 rounders are typically pretty reliable, but without an extended basepad are hard on the hand to reload into a magwell equipped gun. Caspians are good shooting guns (I have a couple myself). Enjoy!
  12. Tuning an Aftec Extractor for an Open Gun

    EGW makes a fine extractor and should work great for you. Not hard to tune at all, may need to blend in the behind if it protrudes which takes me longer than the actual tuning.
  13. who makes PC lever guns?

    Had a beat up Marlin lever gun .41 mag for a truck gun in my youth. Loved that rife and caliber, but sold it when I was getting out of loading for .41 mag/special revolvers. I have regretted that off and on over the years. The .41 is a great reloader's cartridge and the marlin was a great lever rifle for it.
  14. Comp Cleaning

    The dremel engraver works well for me, too. I tried an old Burgess vibra etch and it didn't work nearly as well. The dremel on high is like a little jackhammer. I used brass rod at first, but now use a nail, also.
  15. Dies for 38super

    A lee or EGW U-die sizing die will probably help.