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  1. The 1050 is so easy to work on, that the only reason to use a single shell plate for 40 and 9 is to save money. It takes a minute or two to pull the toolhead and another couple minutes to pull the shell plunger, move the shell ejector and take off the nut that holds the shell plate. That is great if you only need a single shell plate. Also, it doesn't hurt to clean under the plate and lube where needed. Heck, I just tore my machine down to the frame to clean, relube, and switch from 9 to 40. It has been a relaxing couple hours moving at a slow pace. There is cat hair all over mine and this is the first time I pulled the crank and bearings out, so it has taken longer than it will in the future. It wasn't even necessary to look at any schematics. These machines are simple and built like a tank. I would rather tear down the 1050 than my 550. My machine gets changed over once or twice a year on average and I just finished a nice run of 9mm, so it won't need changed over until that batch is about used up.
  2. Dillon Case lube

    One shot is great for pistol brass, and I don't clean the lube off the ammo when done. Dillon lube is great for rifle brass, which I tumble after sizing. I use large Folgers coffee cans for lube buckets. Spray the lube on, shake and dump into case feeders, then put the lid on the can to keep the cat hair and dust out of it. I bought some DIY Dillon lube for my brother and I. His half was a Christmas gift. I even made up an ad to go with his gift. I hate advertising as much of it is made up BS. I regurgitated some of that BS into the case lube ad.
  3. The 1050 only takes me 20 minutes to change calibers from 9mm to 40 cal, or visa versa. It is more fun to change out than my 550. The only real downside, is the cost of the machine and conversion parts and toolheads. My brother just got a 650, which is really nice, but it is very odd to use after running a 550 and 1050. The 1050 is a beast and is built like a small block Chevy. The parts are simple and tough and not that hard to work on. Priming on the downstroke is priceless. I forget to prime on the 650, because the auto indexing makes me think I am using the 1050 that I am used to. When I do prime on the 650, I try to index the machine afterward and find that it is already done. The 650 priming system is also different than the 550 and 1050. The adjustable priming depth on the 1050 is also great, as I don't have to push hard on the handle to make sure I fully seated the primer. I load 40 and 9mm the most, but I would load the others on the 1050 in a heartbeat if I had the extras for it. Swaging by hand sucks and I would like to do 223 ammo on the 1050, but I can't quite justify the expense.
  4. I load 223, 30-30, 30-06, and 460 S&W Mag on my 550 and I run all of that brass through the casefeeder. It doesn't work perfect, but it beats switching the press back to manual feed. I have photos and a description on Calguns. Look at post 12 at this link: http://www.calguns.net/calgunforum/showthread.php?t=853844 Pistol brass runs great and I use the stock cam for that. I use my own cam for rifle brass.
  5. I had the same problem with the primer housing developing high spots next to the screws. I had dillon send a new primer housing in the past, and I made sure not to tighten the screws more than needed. My primer bars had a black coating and most of it wore off. I bought the press used. I finally sent the press in to be rebuilt. It works great now. They changed the entire priming system and bars. They also replaced the old powder thrower that I sent in. I am happy that the press works well, but I am wondering how long the new priming system will last. Maybe the housing should be steel so that it doesn't deform where the screws thread in. I didn't watch the video yet, but the extended bearing might help. I shouldn't have waited so long to contact dillon about the priming problem, but it just got slowly worse until it didn't work at all. My press had some slop in the linkage and I had already replaced a couple parts myself, so it was time for Dillon to work their magic.
  6. The dillons work great for 9,40,45 and 223. I use the hinged MTM boxes with the clear green lids for my 460 Mag ammo. They are great and midway has great prices on them vs. the local stores like bass pro. My other boxes are various ones that my dad or grandfather bought. The dillon boxes do stack nicely.
  7. I already have a 1050 (from Brian Enos)and a mr. bulletfeeder for 9mm. I load everything else on my 550 with a case feeder. I run my 223 on the 550 and use the case feeder, but it is not foolproof. I thought about converting the 1050, but the cost is holding me back as well. The 1050 is a beast and I love the swager and priming on the down stroke. If you have the money, go for it. How much 223 ammo do you use? I shoot 3 gun twice a month so I can get away with as little as 200 rounds per month, if I don't practice or play around. I feed 3 9mm guns and we used to eat up 600-1200 rounds per pistol match between the three of us. Sometimes we did this 3 times per month. The 550, and I, couldn't keep up. I use the dillon bench mounted swager and a CTS case trimmer from ebay, which I made a motorized base for. The casefeeder on the 550 isn't perfect with 223, but I can still load pretty dang quick. I just have to pay attention to how it feels when I load. The 1050 would really shine for the swage and trimming on 223. The second run through a 550 or 650 with a casefeeder, to load primers, powder, and bullets, goes pretty easy.
  8. Dillob 550B ?'s

    The 550 case feeder doesn't fee rifle brass.............well not from the factory, it doesn't. I fixed that little problem. Now I can run 30-06 in the 550 without taking it apart to remove the case feed assembly. I still need to get the large rifle plate for the colator. It would be neat to be able to make the 550 auto index, but I haven't put any thought into it. I bought the 550 used and without a casefeeder. I got such a great deal on it and the 15 toolheads to go with it, that I can't justify going to a 650. I did move 9mm over to a dedicated 1050 and mr. bullet feeder. I should really use the 1050 for 223 also, but it is 200 bucks just for an empty tool head. I can't blame people for trying to make do with some mods to what they have. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. I have read that Dillon came up with his presses because he was trying to improve what was currently on the market. For me, it was worth the small cost to make the 550 run rifle brass.
  9. First DQ

    Update to my DQ with my AR: Yesterday I had an accidental discharge....................4 times......................accidental discharge of my MAGAZINE, that is. After my previouse DQ, I taught myself to index my trigger finger on the bullet button when not shooting. This has worked well, that is untill I picked up an AR without a bullet button. My indexing was actually pushing the mag release, but I didn't realize it at first. The whole Komnifornia bullet button and asault rifle stuff is BS. If I had been trying to defend myself with a featureless, rimfire, or out of state gun (no bullet button needed) I would have been dead, due to being used to how a Komnifornia approved gun works. I now know I addressed the problem of my accidental discharge, but I have a new problem to watch for. At least I didn't get DQed for discharging magazines
  10. AR COMP load data

    I load my 223 on a Dillon 550 with dillon's powder measure. AR comp seems to meter well, but did get a tad inconsistent when the hopper got below 3" or so. Load data wasn't readily available for bullets under 50 grains, as my brother found out when he bought the bullets he could get his hands on, and they happened to be light. I plan to shoot only 55-68 grain bullets, with most being 55 grain. This powder is on my short list of to buy powders. I did run some H-335 after the AR Comp, and for some reason had less spillage, but it is still messy. AR comp didn't spill at all. I am willing to use either 335 or AR comp. I also have a bunch of imr 4895 that I can use, but I have not yet used it in 223. It seems to be a bit longer grain than ar comp. I have also considered surplus powder, but haven't tried it. I like cheap powder, so who knows what I will end up with next time.
  11. First DQ

    I got my first DQ today. Stage 5 of 5 for a local 3 gun match. I had a primer fail to ignite and when I racked the handle on the AR, I must have had my finger on the trigger. I had half decent times today and won a $50 gift certificate last match for Kalifornia Kompliant winner. I was glad I got to shoot all the stages. This was only my 4th or 5th 3 gun and only my third month of owning an AR. I have shot pistol competitions for 3 years. I hear that some ranges give you a DQ gift certificate to cover a ice cream shake to finish your day off with something sweet. I just finished the day off with me kicking myself in the butt. Oh well. It just goes to show that I was going as quick as posible, but also need to watch the controls and hands while doing it.
  12. AR COMP load data

    I just loaded up some Hornady 55 fmjbt over 24.0 grains of AR-Comp. This gave me 2953.7 pfs from an 18" AR barrel with a 1.5 battle comp. Primers looked a little flattened. SD was 11.5 and ES was 40.0 and my test group for the chrono was less than 10 rounds. I loaded up 150 of these to try at a 3 gun match tomorrow. Alliant lists a max load of 24.7 for this bullet. Some of the loads are compressed. I might go a bit lower next time. Start at 90% of the max load and work up, while looking for issues with the fired cases. That is what I did. Alliant lists loads on their web site. AR Comp meters very well. h-335 actually is messy from my dillon press, beacuse the granuels are so small. I could really see the gas blow out of the comp as I was firing the loads with AR Comp powder.
  13. XD round counts

    I have 30k+ through my 2005 xd service bi-tone 40 cal. It now wears a barsto 9mm barrel, bomar cut FO dawson sights, awesome trigger job, extended controls, magwell, etc. I haven't even had to change the recoil spring yet. I do know a couple who compete across the US. They managed to wear out at least one XD. I was told that the frame cracked. I thought I heard that they had something like 75k rounds through it. I am not really worried about wearing mine out. I also only run light loads through it. My 9mm load is 120 pf.
  14. texas star

    Stars were a pain when I started shooting competitiveley three years ago. The club I have been shooting with, has 5 or 6 stars with 5-7 plates each. They have 6, 8, and 10 inch plates, and a few have holes cut out of the middle so that you are just shooting a donut shape. Last weekend we had a stage with 4 stars. Started in box a surrender position, engaged star on left and then star on right that were about 10 yards out. Double tapped two statics that were at 25 yards, moved to box B (downrange) and engaged two more starts set on left and right at 10 yards, then double tap statics that were now about 15 yards out. It was my favorite stage of 6 for the day. I ran it with my tricked out limited XD chambered for 9mm and mags that hold 15 rounds each. My run was 40.xx seconds. I shoot top to bottom and work side to side to prevent the star from moving. The bad part to that plan is if I happen to miss. I did on that run, so I had to chase a couple plates. I just can't seem to make myself let the star start to spin and wait for the plates to come to me. I tell new shooters to wait for the star to pause before it changes direction and to take the plates then. I can now get plates while they are moving, but it is hopeless for new shooters to try and chase them. P.S. Does the BE forum not have a spell check?
  15. New 1050 gripes

    I have heard that the desire to exercise your gun rights is not curable. Wouldn't that make it a disease? I say its a disease. That way I can justify not having any control over the disease. That's my story and I'm stickin to it! My biggest gripe is that I don't have a second or third 1050. We are lucky to have the ability to buy such a great machine at a cost that a number of us can afford. It would have been much harder to support my habbit.....I mean disease, 30, 50, or 100 years ago.