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  1. Single Stack Photo Thread

    From carry to competition, i preferred SINGLE STACK....lol
  2. Single Stack Minor Setup

    i am sure that i will need to work on my grip strength too, in the mean time would like to explore all options. Thanks
  3. Single Stack Minor Setup

    Many thanks for your input, i guess i will take one step at a time to work on the load first, recoil spring before reducing the weight.
  4. Single Stack Minor Setup

    Thanks again, will definitely work on it
  5. Single Stack Minor Setup

    Thanks for the feedback, that sounds much better, what bullet weight do you use?
  6. Single Stack Minor Setup

    Thanks much for the input, definitely will reduce the powder charge and get between 130-135 PF, a friend of mine will bring me a couple 8# and 9# recoil spring to try later this week, would like to stick with Winchester or CCI primers for now, since i can get them easily and cheaper than Federal, so i guess not going to touch the mainspring at the moment. It is a steel guide rod in my setup now, 42.9oz overall weight at the Area 5 Chrono.......the guy said i am living on the edge..lol
  7. Hello Shooters, I just switched from open division to single stack minor division, i would like to know your single stack minor setup. 1. Load data - I am currently using Berry's 147 plated round nose (couple of my shooting buddies don't recommend to use the plated bullets), Winchester SPP, 3.3gr Titegroup - Chrono at Area 5 the past weekend (140.4PF......), definitely need to reduce the powder charge to lower the PF. 2. Recoil spring - it is a wolff 10lb recoil spring in my current setup, people suggest to try the 8lb and 9lb My current setup giving me muzzle rise, i would like to find all the possible ways to reduce the muzzle rise. Your feedback and suggestion are always appreciated. Thanks
  8. Having troubles using the PM system. So hopefully you'll get this message.

    paypal is fine: tim@timbarker.com

    1. Qoo


      Payment sent.

      Kenny Huang

      32700 Capitol St

      Livonia, MI 48150


    2. tbarker13


      Thanks. i will mail the grips tomorrow.

  9. I will take the following -

    3. 1911 Grips. VZ Carbon Fiber Operator II model. Cut for Ambi safety and magwell. $60

    Please PM me with your PayPal info.


  10. Open Load Recipe Wanted

    Thanks for the tips, i think that is the way to test it out. will load up some rounds with different COL and plunk test with the barrel then.
  11. Open Load Recipe Wanted

    That sounds very short on the OAL, i am currently at 1.145" with the Montana Gold 124gr JHP, 7.8gr HS6 and i am getting 172PF
  12. Open Load Recipe Wanted

    Does anyone here shooting a CK Arms Thunder 9mm Open Gun with the following load data? Precision Delta - 124gr JHP HS6 Federal Small Pistol Primer what is your powder charge? what is your OAL? I am switching from Montana Gold 124gr JHP to Precision Delta. Thanks
  13. Open Load Recipe

    1.168" COAL
  14. Open Load Recipe

    Very valuable information. Thanks much!